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This work has content which is NSFW in nature and features sexually explicit themes intended for readers above the age of 18.
If you are below that age please step away.

Just Like Old Times

Spamton x Swatch - 6.7k Words - February 2022


Spamton infiltrates the mansion in order to try and get to the basement but is caught by Swatch before he can proceed. Since he's getting kicked out, he might as well have some fun taunting his favourite butler.

FTM Spamton, They/Them pronouns for Swatch, I'm sorry I keep putting smut in the Swatchton tag, Hate Sex, Hate sex written by someone who doesn't know how to write hate sex, Angst, Porn with Feelings, Are they good feelings though??, Swatch and Spamton are exes who still have feelings for each other but refuse to admit it, Sad ending I'm sorry :(, Knotting, Size Difference

Just Like Old Times

"C0ME ON ! ONE OF TH3SE HAS TO [[Please Work!]] !" Spamton groaned to himself, the lock protecting the basement giving him a loud beep in disapproval after yet another failed password attempt. "[[$@!&]] ! COME ON !"

He had done it. For once, he had managed to successfully infiltrate the mansion and make his way to the basement. But as soon as he arrived, rather than an impenetrable wall of swatchlings waiting to warn their boss of his presence, Spamton was met with this new security lock, clearly added to spite him specifically.

And with every password he attempted to put in, the buzzer rang louder and louder.


[ Wrong. ]


[ WRONG. ]


[ WRONG! ]

If the buzzers hadn't alerted others of his presence, the loud groan he let out after that continuous insufferable noise certainly did.

He wasn't even thinking clearly anymore, just desperately trying to insert whatever words he could think of, but his hope was quickly fading.


Spamton ignored them, the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him not deterring him from rushing to try as many words as he could. They put this here, didn't they?

Spamton sighed loudly and sat defeated, glaring back at the one who had interrupted him.

Swatch. Of course it was Swatch.

The bird simply stood there, arms crossed behind their back with a stoic look on their face, their expression unreadable. Spamton had become a thorn in their side ever since he had been evicted, but he'd argue that it wasn't his fault that Swatch refused to let him into the basement! His demands were reasonable but the butler seemed to think otherwise.

The two had developed a cat and mouse routine for these past months, Spamton would come into the mansion, try to get into the basement, and be caught by Swatch before he could advance further, only to be promptly kicked out like the nuisance he was.

He heard the large bird walk towards him, but although their steps weren't rushed to capture him, they still reeked of smugness.

"There is no point in attempting to open the lock, it has very advanced encryption as you can tell."

"OH, Y0U'RE JUST [[Lovin' It]], AR3N'T YOU ?!" The puppet snarled "H0W'S [[ THIS ]] FOR A [Secret Code] ?!"

Swatch watched with a stoic expression as the very eloquent words "GoFuckYou'reselfSWATCH!!!" appeared on the screen. Spamton pressed enter on the hologram keyboard, and as the loud buzzer played again, he groaned loudly, grabbed the keyboard and threw it on the ground, causing it to dissolve in pixels as a new one quickly regenerated in its place.

"I think it's time for you to leave." Swatch spoke sternly, their voice empty of any emotion. Spamton was panting and sat down again, glaring back at them.

"DID Y0U PUT THIS [[Here]] ?!" He grinned spitefully "VERY SM4RT, [[Big Bird]]."

Spamton smirked when he saw the way they furrowed their brows at him "I told you to stop calling me that." They spoke, grabbing him by the collar of his jacket and lifting him up like he was no more than a small tasque.

"AHA ! I [[SAW]] THAT !" Spamton grinned, already used to being grabbed in such a demeaning manner "A [[Repressed emotions]] RIGHT THERE !"

"Shut up." Swatch said sharply, their grip on his jacket tightening as the Addison felt the fabric pull at his arms when they began to walk through the corridors.

"Hah… WOW YOU R3ALLY [[Hate]] ME TH4T MUCH, HUH?" He snorted obnoxiously, his loud voice echoing throughout the mansion "DON'T W0RRY, MY [[Friend Request Rejected]] ! THE F33LING'S [[Mutual]] !" He claimed, though his voice lacked the sharpness of Swatch's words.

"How you feel makes no difference to me. I'm doing my job." They glared at him "You should have done the same."

"AAH, REMIN1SCING AB0UT THE [[Good Ol' Days]] AG4IN, HUH ?" He laughed loudly "[[Easels]] ! YOU HAVE TO ST0P LIV1NG IN A [[Lonely dump]] AND [[Crying your eyes out]] ABOUT WH4T YOU L0ST ! Y0U'RE [[Never]] G0ING TO G3T IT B4CK !”

"Your words mean nothing to me, Spamton." Swatch snarled, spitting his name like it was poison, with such disgust that the small Addison couldn't help but flinch.

"S-STILL ! YOU C4N'T HIDE FROM THE [[TRUTH]] !" He smirked "YOU MISS M3 S0 MUCH IT MAKES YOU W4NT TO [[Die]] ! YOU [[Wishlist]] THAT YOU COULD T4KE [[Everything back]] !"

"Miss you?" They scoffed sarcastically "I see you every week and it has yet to be pleasant."

"Y-YEAH, W3LL-" Spamton stretched his arms to grasp Swatch's wrist, wiggling his small legs as if trying to gather the lower body strength to climb up their arm "YOU'RE- Uff... THE 0NLY ON3 WHO [[Strikes up a conversation]] WITH M3 !"

"Because no one else will, right?" They said mockingly, but Spamton wasn't phased by their jab at him.

"[[Bingo!]] WAY TO GO, [[Big Bird]] !" He grunted as he kept trying to wrap his legs around their arm, which got Swatch to look unamused.

"What are you doing?"

"WH4T DO3S IT [[Look!]] LIKE I,M D0IN G ?! [[Get a grip!]]" He laughed, finally managing to lock his legs around their arm, and looking back at Swatch who was now upside down in his eyes, he grinned and suddenly bit them hard, causing the bird to let out a loud yelp and instinctively letting him go as he fell on his back and grunted in pain. "0W!"

"YOU-!" They protested, shaking off the saliva that Spamton so lovingly left on their arm "DISGUSTING!"

"HEAHEAHEAHEAHEA !!” He laughed full-heartedly, kicking his legs like it was the best laugh he had had in years.

Swatch groaned, and as they saw him getting up, wiping his suit and looking back at them with a taunting look, they scowled. "Oh no, you don't."

"SWATCH ?!" Spamton looked back at them, preparing to make a run for it, but what he wasn't expecting was for the bird to tackle him to the floor, giving Spamton no time to escape before the swatchling who was nearly three times his size landed their weight on him. Spamton yelped and tried to squirm from under them, but he already struggled to leave their grasp when he was his normal size, so he stood no chance now that he was significantly smaller. Even if the context of them being on top of him was vastly different now.

He panted, lying on his stomach as he looked back at them with a shit-eating grin on his face "WOW! TH1NGS SUR3 H4VE [[Changed]], UH?" He whimpered as he felt their hand pressing him down "Y-YOU US3D TO [[Love Love Love!]] MY SPIT 0N YOUR [[Hot Bod]] !"

"S-STOP. TALKING!" Swatch flushed with his implications, but surprisingly the puppet had gone quiet, only his soft panting to be heard.

Partly it was because all that weight made it hard for him to breathe, but yet, it also felt… Nice? After all that time living in the garbage, was he really that touch starved that someone aggressively tackling him to the floor felt pleasant ?

He had no time to further indulge in these thoughts when he suddenly felt Swatch's heavy hand grab his collar again as they got up. They pressed his back against the wall, glaring at him as both of their hands were gripping his suit.

Spamton couldn't help but blush, grinning at them "WH4T' S WR0NG, [[Twitter]] ? T4SQUE GOT Y0UR T0NGU3?" He mocked but flinched as their grip tightened.

"What are you trying to achieve by trying to get under my skin?!" Swatch snarled, clearly frustrated. Spamton knew from the very start that the calm butler facade was a blatant lie and that Swatch was very much livid at him.

"I'M TRY1NG TO G3T Y0U TO [[Express Yourself!]] ! I KN0W YOU H4T3 ME N0W, SO YOU SHOUL;D PUT IT [[Out There!]]” Spamton laughed, using his free hands to grab the butler's arms, realizing how much he missed the sensation of their feathers as he gave them a smug look.

"What do I have to do in order to never see your ridiculous face ever again?!" Swatch groaned, their focus landing on the familiar sensation of his touch on their arms.

"R- R1DICUL0US; ?!? EXcUS3 [[ME]] ?!" Spamton protested, looking more offended by this than literally anything else that had happened "Y0U TOLD M3 YOU [[Liked]] MY F4CE !"

"Not anymore." They scowled "Looking at you just makes me nauseous."

"SW4TCHY, Y0U<R3 KIND OF BR3AKING MY [[HeartShapedObject]] HERE ! THOSE ARE B0LD WORDS COMING FROM A [[Feather Duster]] !"

Swatch rose an eyebrow at him, their grip loosening "I'm sorry, was that supposed to be an insult? I fail to understand it."

"HEY !! IT'S N0T MY FAULT YOU;R3 BUILT LIKE A P3RFECT [Beefcake], I D0N'T HAV3 TH4T MUCH TO [[Go buy!]] !"

Swatch tsk'd in response, unable to even dignify him with an answer to that "What do I have to do so you stop coming here?! Is the lock not enough?!"

"HEAHEAHEA !" He laughed "[[Mark My Words]], SWATCHY ! I [[Will]] F1ND A W4Y INT0 Y0UR [[Art Project]] !"

"There are layers of encryption and another lock further below. Even if you somehow brute force your way through the first lock, you'd still be unable to get in." They spoke sternly, but Spamton seemed more interested in slowly trailing his hands around their strong forearms.

"UHUH SUR3…" He spoke with a distracted smile "OH Y3AH [[By the way]], WER3N'T YOU TRYING TO GET M3 [[Banned from this establishment]] ?"

"I-I was and I am!" They spoke quickly, noticing the way Spamton grabbed their arms and leaned his head back as he gave them what could only be described as a sultry look. They hated how quickly they recognized it.

"BUT [Yet], Y0U'R3 STILL K33PING ME [[Around Town]]..." He blushed, and Swatch was quick to notice him subtly rubbing his legs together "SW4TCHYYY…"

"Oh no. You are not doing this." They held him tighter but this only made him let out a whimpered moan in surprise, which made Swatch flush red, immediately approaching him to cover his mouth, looking around to make sure there was no one in sight.

"[?!]" Spamton whimpered when Swatch carelessly covered his face with their hand. His small hands tried to pull at their fingers while he tried to call for them, his voice muffled.

"You idiot, you're going to get us caught!" He heard them whisper, a phrase that had once been so common in their vocabulary. But as much as the memories of him embarrassing them just made his heart flutter, Spamton wasn't about to show Swatch that they were still his weakness.

"C4UGHT D0ING WH4T ?" He immediately asked with a smug grin once Swatch uncovered his face. Making the bird's feathers rise in the realization of what they had just said, he knew they were thinking about it.

"D-Do you really think I'd stoop so low as to get involved with you again?!" They snarled, unable to stop fixating on the way he kept rubbing his legs, soft warm breaths leaving his mouth.

" Hnn… SWATCHY C0ME OOOOON…" he whined "[[Live Laugh Love]] A LITTLE, W0N'T YA ?”

"I'd Live Laugh Love to shut you up about this." They muttered and their cheeks flushed as they noticed the Addison's eyes trying to peek into their crotch, getting them to quickly adjust their legs. "Don't you dare!"

"[[Big Bird]] ! DIDN;T Y0U H34R ?! I'M [[Fun Sized]] NOW !" Spamton simply laughed to himself "I B3T YOU'D L0VE A [Free TriaAAAUGH-!" His poor attempt at flirting was quickly interrupted when Swatch grabbed him with both hands, storming down the corridor.


"AGH ! QU1T B3ING SUCH A T3ASE THEN !" Spamton continued to heckle them, but Swatch wasn't convinced, carrying him while avoiding even looking at him.

"Hah." They scoffed "Oh, I'm the one who's being a tease?!" They paused and turned their head sharply upon hearing the sound of footsteps approaching in the distance. Spamton didn't have time to even try to see who it was when Swatch took a sharp turn, and walked into a darkened room, quickly but quietly closing the door.

Spamton's eyes adjusted to the darkness, feeling Swatch sitting him down in what he assumed was some kind of pile of boxes as they listened to who was walking by.

"Make any stupid sound and I'll strangle you." Swatch threatened, but he could tell they were nervous by the way their feathered tail flickered. Spamton held his breath, looking around after realizing they were in some sort of supply closet. He so badly wanted to be a nuisance and make a run for it, but at the same time, this was the longest he had gone without being kicked out of the mansion, and he couldn't help but admit that a part of him still missed being around Swatch.

However, he shook his head at this thought, no use getting upset about that again. He gave Swatch a smirk, the bird glaring daggers at him as the footsteps walked by, followed by some voices having a pleasant conversation, it seemed. Spamton did not recognize them, but he could tell that Swatch did.

Spamton taunted Swatch by opening his mouth, the threat of a potential sound coming out immediately unnerving them. The way their feathers puffed up whenever they got anxious was hilarious, but Spamton wasn't about to sacrifice their alone time for the sake of a small prank.

Once the voices were distant enough, Swatch sighed in relief as Spamton giggled, kicking his legs.

"You're a nightmare, you know that?" They groaned, pressing the top of their head on the door with a defeated expression.

"WHY;R3 WE [[Hide and Seeking]], [[Big Bird]] ?" Spamton grinned and saw the frustrated expression on the bird, who raised their head, looking at him with a blush on their cheeks.

"I can't let anyone see me like this!" They gestured towards their crotch, an attentive eye could tell that they were aroused "Especially not because of you!" They protested, and Spamton blushed in realization, he didn't think he'd actually manage to get that reaction out of them.

"[[Holy Cungadero]] SWATCH ! HAV3 YOU NO SH4ME ?" He feigned surprise, crossing his legs and shaking his head with a 'tsk tsk' sound.

"This is YOUR fault!" They groaned, approaching him accusingly, but the puppet wasn't phased, looking up at them with a mocking smile.

"[[Store's Closed!]] ! Y0U H4D Y0UR [Big Chance] AND NOW It;S G0N3 !"

"Good riddance. I'd reject you again."

Spamton scoffed, laying down as he made himself comfortable "GU3SS WE;RE [[Stay at Home]] IN H3RE F0R A WHIL3 THEN !" He smiled, curling on himself like a cat. Compared to a cold garbage container floor, the box he used as a chair felt luxurious.

"Yes. We are." Swatch spoke coldly, leaning back and glaring at Spamton, keeping their arms crossed. The Addison looked back at them with a sultry smile, his finger twirling circles in the box, but the bird's expression was unchanging.

They were stoic and perfectly still, but their feathered tail still flickered anxiously and the way they tapped their fingers on their forearms as they gazed at Spamton made him grin.

". . . WH4T;S ON Y0UR [[Mind]], SWATCHY ?” Spamton eventually asked, the bird letting out a deep breath.

"N-Nothing!" They glared, balling their hands into fists to stop the tapping.

"SURE IT,S [[Nothing's Wrong]]…" Spamton taunted, allowing for his hand to slide to the hem of his pants. He looked back at Swatch, teasingly "W0ULD Y0U MIND ? TH3 TR4SH Z0NE ISN;T THE MOST [[Squeaky Clean]] PL4CE TO D0 TH1S !"

Swatch tensed up with this suggestion, their feathers fluffing up "S-Spamton I-I'm literally standing here!" They snapped, face flushed red.

"OH [[NOW]] Y0U'RE [Interested in a new deal] ?" He laughed, his hand threatening to go under his pants.

"N-NO! Th-That's not what I…!" They groaned "Ugh, you're so ridiculous!"

"NOT A FAN OF TH1S [[Great View]] TH3N ?" He put away his hand, patting his crotch "SH4ME. Y0U R3ALLY MUST B3 SERI0US AB0UT THIS [[Hate]] TH1NG… "

"Wh-Why wouldn't I be?!” They groaned, approaching him "After you betray me, antagonize me constantly and even attempt to impersonate me. I think I'm justified."

Spamton couldn't help but flinch with every word, knowing Swatch was very much correct, but even then, he didn't want to let them know he was nervous, he didn't want to add their screaming voice next to Mike's.

"S-SURE… SO WH4T ?" Were the only words he managed to say as he tried to keep the smug stupid grin on his face "I HAVE MY R3AS0NS !"

Swatch looked surprised for a moment, pausing as they could hear the subtle sound of the puppet's joints rattling "...Are you… shaking…?" Their voice softened for just a moment.

"WH4T ?!" Spamton jolted in surprise "Y0U THINK I'M [[Shaking in my boots]] B3C4USE OF Y0U ?!? HEAHEAHEAHE !" He laughed in response, and Swatch furrowed their brows, immediately regretting this.

"Actually." They pressed their fingers on the bridge of their beak, letting out a sigh. "You like deals, don't you?" Swatch spoke, noticing Spamton quickly perking up with the sound of the word.

"Y3S !!” The salesman grinned, getting up and putting on his customer service face, an all-natural grimace that paled in comparison to his past award-winning smile.

Swatch would be lying if they said they were charmed, but in the dark supply closet, he was slightly more bearable to look at, more bearable to listen to, more bearable to touch.

"If I do this…" They suggestively placed their hand on his waist, staring at him sternly "Will you promise not to come back?"

Spamton frowned with this offer, looking deep in thought "BUT… Then I wouldn't be able to see you again…" He mumbled "AND I H4VE TO G3T TO THE B4SEM3NT ! IT;S TH3 ONLY W4Y !"

"I do not want to hear it! Next time you come here, I'm reporting you to the Queen. After all, you wouldn't want something to happen again…" Their hand trailed to his shoulder, a hole was sewn shut on his suit, a hole made from acid damage. It made them nauseous to use the incident as a fear tactic, but if it kept him out of trouble, then...

Spamton shivered with their touch "HAH ! Y0U;R3 BLUFF1NG ! Y-YOU W0ULDN'T DO TH4T TO ME !"

"If you keep to your end of the deal, it won't have to come to that."

"N-NO ! YOU W0N'T DO IT !” He taunted, laughing in response "YOU MIGHT [[Hate]] M3 BUT I KNOW Y0U;RE A [[Softie]] !"

Swatch blushed and frowned "I-I'll report you regardless! You've had too many chances already!"

"Y0U K3EP GETT1NG IN THE [[Way to go]] !"

"And you keep trying to hit on me despite me telling you countless times that we're over." Swatch spoke sternly, but Spamton just held their hand against his body, grinning at them as they gripped him harder "So I guess we're both stubborn."

"OH YOU'RE THE W0RST…" Spamton purred softly, leaning in as Swatch cupped his cheek, smirking back at him.

"And yet, you still melt ever so weakly in my arms…"

Spamton shook his head, still laughing "W3LL TH3N THIS B3TTER BE THE B3ST [[$@#&]] I'V3 EVER HAD 0R YOU'LL BE H3AR1NG FROM ME AG4IN !"

"When have I ever disappointed you?" Their voice trailed off as they looked back at the door, growing silent for moment "Be quiet. Tell another soul about this and I'll end you…"

"V-VERY CL4SSY… THE SUPPLY CLOS3T !" He snickered "YOU R3ALLY KN0W HOW TO [[Set the mood]] !"

"Forgive me. Should I have brought some roses and a serenade?" They asked with a sarcastic tone, holding him rather firmly "This is not a romantic encounter. This is me shutting you up."

"IT'S WHAT3VER Y0U WANT IT TO B3, [[Big Bird]] ! C4N'T HAVE ROMANCE WITH0UT A LITTLE BIT OF [[BLOODSHED]] !" He smirked, sitting down and looking up at them suggestively, burying his fingers in their arm feathers again.

"Bloodshed." Swatch repeated with an unimpressed look.

"YOU WON'T G0 TOO [[Harder please!]] ON [Lil Ol' Me] W1LL YOU, SWATCHY?" Spamton rubbed his legs again, keeping eye contact with them "I'M R3ALLY SM4LL NOW ! MY M0UTH AND [%&$#!] COULDN'T [[POSSIBLY]] H4NDLE THAT ! I COULDN'T [[One Size Fits All]] Y0U IN EV3N IF I TRI3D !"

"You could barely do it when your mouth was normal…" Swatch taunted, reaching to unzip their pants. "But I do want to see you squirm trying…"

Spamton grinned as he was at convenient eye level with their crotch "VERY [[Fear Tactics]] 0F YOU, SW4TCHY !"

"Enough with the “Swatchy”." They spoke sternly, breathing quietly as they approached him.

"No [[Nickname Privileges]] ?" Spamton still had the grin on his face, looking up at Swatch as his hand reached towards the bulge in their pants, pulling them out. They were already hard, and Spamton indulged in the sound of how their breathing quivered as he trailed his small hand throughout their length.

"Y-Yes… Don't get too comfortable, I still can't stand you…" Swatch muttered as the Addison blushed with a smile, approaching to wrap his lips around the head of their shaft.

If he mentally replaced their words of hatred with love, this could be more bearable. Though even he knew this wasn't the healthiest coping mechanism, and whatever Swatch had going on with their head that led them to accept doing this, made him think that they probably weren't doing much better. But somehow, that thought brought him comfort.

His tongue savoured them, attempting to push them into his mouth to the best of his ability. Swatch was right though, he always struggled with this, but as pushed his head back and forth, sucking them off, he couldn't still hear the bird's huffs in pleasure. Whatever he was doing was really working for them and his free hand buried itself in the feathers on their navel, an area he knew them to be sensitive on.

"Hng… S-Spamton…" They muttered, their hands burying themselves in the puppet's hair and aiding with his motion. Spamton whimpered in pleasure with the touch, closing his eyes and indulging in the sensation of basically being mouth fucked as they took control for a while. Swatch could try to go hard on him as some sort of careless revenge, but yet, there were still hints of them accommodating their strength to his size. They could have pushed him harder onto them, but they didn't. Pushing his limits but never crossing them, just the way he liked it.

"Y-You still take me so well…" They spoke, trying to keep that tough persona, but it was slipping. And as such, Spamton pulled back from them, a string of saliva connecting his tongue to the throbbing cock in his hand.

"Huff… You… OH YOU M1SS M3…" He smiled, panting and stroking them as Swatch let out a grumble in response, regretting how good they felt.

"G-Go fuck yourself…"

"HAH ! Y0U DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME [[Twice]]" His other hand trailed back to his wet crotch as he pushed two fingers into himself, moaning in pleasure as he did this "Aah… But, you miss me so much, it's so obvious…"

"I hate you so much…" They panted as he kept jacking them off, multitasking as he masturbated to it "I miss who you used to be…"

"Aah… B-BIGGER? BETTER?” He smirked as Swatch grabbed both his hands and pinned them against the wall "IT;S [[Your Fault]] I'M LIK3 THIS ! IF ONLY Y0U H4D L3T ME INTO THE [[Basement]]..."

"S-Shut up. You did this to yourself!" They muttered, unceremoniously pulling his small white pants off, his dark boxers soaking wet. Spamton looked up at them in excitement, leaving his legs open for them as their other hand was still restraining his hands.

"IF YOU H4D LET ME INTO THE [[Basement]], W3 WOULDN'T BE HAT3 [[#&!@!]]ING IN A [[Supply Closet]] !" He laughed and Swatch scoffed.

"A bit too late for you to be regretting things now." They groaned, lowering his undergarments and realizing how much smaller he was now, for a moment they told themselves that they couldn't do it, he was going to get hurt, but those thoughts belonged in the past, they didn't care if he got hurt, they hated him, he deserved this, he wanted this.

As Spamton laid down, he felt Swatch's hands grab at his torso, fingers burying underneath his shirt and he felt them push themselves into his slit.

"Hngn… G-Gah… Y0U W0N'T ADMIT IT, BUT YOU'V3 ALWAYS L0VED HOW MUCH OF A [[Tight Squeeze]] I WAS…" Spamton purred, letting out a moan as Swatch pushed themselves inside of him.

"O-Oh my god…" Swatch gasped, his wet sensation paired with how tight he was making their legs tremble "T-Too much…!"

"C-C4LLED IT !" Spamton joked but gasped as Swatch began to thrust into him, moaning in pleasure. It was immediately overwhelming, his smaller size plus how long it had been since Swatch and him had had an encounter like this, he wasn't sure how he'd last.

"I n-never missed you…!" They claimed, huffing as they were finally adjusting to his smaller size, looking down at the puppet whose expression was even more dazed than they were.

And he was moaning rather loudly too, though Swatch couldn't blame him, they were holding back their own as well.

"S-SWATCH… AAH… HNNG… MORE… !” He cried out in pleasure.

"Q-Quiet…!" They grunted, letting out a moan as well, but Spamton laughed with their distress. They groaned in pleasure, grabbing the small Addison and kicking the box away as they pressed his back against the wall, still thrusting into him. But this did the opposite with keeping him quiet, and as they held his legs to support him, Spamton cried out as they pushed into him, beads of sweat dripping off his head as his hands desperately unbuttoned Swatch's vest and shirt.

They pressed against him, Spamton's hands burying in the feathers of their bare chest, gripping at their back. He rested his head on their chest, desperate for the warmth and comfort it had once provided, and for a moment, he had forgotten the basement, he had forgotten Neo, Swatch was the [Heaven] he had always sought.

The bird did not slow down, thankful that the way Spamton smothered his face in their chest helped muffle his moans, but the way his hands gripped at them was just hitting too close to home.

"I LOVE YOU…" It started with a mutter "I LOVE YOU ! OH HEAVEN I LOVE YOU, SWATCH…!" Spamton cried out as Swatch noticed the tears streaming down his cheeks, the quivering smile on his face made his expression hard to read.

They closed their eyes upon hearing these words, it hurt, it stung, it made them mad and upset "I loved who you used to be!" They claimed, thrusting harder against him as Spamton let out a giddy cry with their sudden strength.

They were close, grabbing his hips, they grunted as they felt his walls tightening around them, his head tilted back as he moaned. They loved him, they hated him, they were so mad, they wanted to hold him close to their chest and tell him it was going to be alright, they wanted to kick him out and yell at him to never come back.

"I H-HATE YOU!" They cried out as they felt their shaft quiver and with a groan, they pushed harder into him, causing Spamton to let out a cry in surprise as Swatch suddenly knotted him, groaning as they came inside of him.

"HNGH AAAH S-SWAAATCH !" Spamton cried out, feeling himself finishing with this, but his legs trembled with the sensation of Swatch so deep inside of him filling him up. He let out a growl in pleasure as he panted in exhaustion, slowly going limp in their grasp.

Swatch was panting as well, falling to their knees with him in their arms. They pressed their head against the wall, looking down at Spamton who still had tears on his cheeks, huffing and struggling with the lump that was on his belly. Swatch had never dared to push that hard into him before, and as the puppet noticed them staring, he offered them an exhausted smile, leaning to rest against their chest.

Swatch would have pushed him away, but they were quite literally stuck together for the time being. They tried to catch their breath, a hand instinctively reaching to bury its hands on the Addison's hair, realizing how tightly he was holding on to them.

"S-SWATCHY, UHM…" He spoke after a while, sounding like he was struggling "I'M NOT G0NNA LIE TO YOU… TH-THIS FEELS… [[Knot]] GR3AT." He laughed, looking up at them with a distressed look.

"Ugh…" Swatch grumbled, still keeping their head against the wall as they caught their breath. "Th-That… wasn't supposed to have happened…" He felt warm around them, and as they tried to pull themselves off, they hissed in pain and Spamton immediately cried out.

"OWOW0W !" He yelped "WHAT3VER Y0U'R3 DOING [[Ow! That hurts!! Please Stop!!]] R1GHT NOW !" He begged, getting Swatch to immediately pause what they were doing.

"I'm s-sorry!” They quickly exclaimed, realization hitting them as they spoke "O-Or no I'm not! Y-You wanted this! I wasn't going to go easy on you!"

"S-Swaaaatch…" He mumbled, groaning in their chest "WHAT DID YOU DO ?"

"If I knew you were going to be stuck to me, I wouldn't have done it!"

"HOW [[Cum]] YOU N3VER DID TH1S BEF0RE THEN ?!” Spamton whined, "WERE YOU TRY1NG TO [[Impregnate]] M3 ?!"

"WH-?! We are not the same species for that to happen!” Swatch protested, feeling Spamton affectionately leaning against their chest, trembling lightly. "A-And I'm mad at you! I'm so mad at you!” They exclaimed, banging their fist against the wall, but they quickly felt their strength leave them and their arms just felt weak "I knew it would hurt you! B-But now…" They looked down at him, Spamton just curled on their chest, gripping their feathers with a slight tremble.

"Y-Y0U MAD3 YOUR P01NT ! THIS [[Abdominal Pain in my guts]] M-M4KES IT [[Crystal Clear]] !" He nervously laughed, grateful that Swatch hadn't pushed him away. Perhaps it was the surprise of it all, but he found himself getting used to the sensation of having them burrowed all the way inside of him, still feeling them quivering slightly.

However, Swatch remained quiet, keeping their eyes closed as they knew it was their fault they got themselves into this situation. "I can't believe I'm stuck like this with you…" They growled, getting a whimper from Spamton.

"HAH… I KN0W YOU [[Miss]] M3… Y0U MISS M3 SO MUCH YOU'D [[Tie the knot]] SO Y0U C4N KE3P ME [[Stuffed]] F0REVER…"

"What a nauseating string of words, Spamton…" Swatch muttered "Stop saying that I miss you. I do not."

"LI4R !"

"I-I should let you know that I fully expect you to keep to your end of the deal and not come back!”

"YOU [[Miss me]] SO MUCH YOU JUST W4NT TO [Hold me Tight] AND [[Please don't let me go!]] !" He laughed, but there was a hint of mourning in his voice "LIKE I'M A [[Sweet Dreams]] AND WILL BE G0NE IF YOU [Blink and you'll miss it!] !"

"I want no such thing!" They protested but part of them knew he was right. They missed him, they missed him so badly, but not like this. "You're not the one I used to know… Y-You… You're sleazy and selfish and you were willing to throw away everything good in your life and for what?! A broken machine?! A "Heaven" we weren't meant for?!”

Spamton looked up at them, gasping as some of their tears fell on his glasses. "S-Swatch…?" He froze, his expression dropping as he was not expecting this outburst.

"Damn it… But it was never enough for you… Your job, your career… Why wasn't it good enough…?" They groaned "Why wasn't I good enough for you?!"

They looked down at him, anger and heartbreak filling their expression. Spamton looked in realization, his expression solemn as he forced a pained smile. Swatch didn't know, they couldn't know. Mike warned him that no one would believe him. He would take everything away if he told anyone. Would this mean he'd lose Swatch too?

With this, the small Addison began to laugh painfully, getting Swatch to look surprised. He didn't know what else he had to lose, but Mike would make sure to find a way to make life even more miserable for him than what it already was. And so he laughed, he laughed so hard until tears started streaming down his cheeks, he laughed so hard until all the sounds that left his mouth were painful sobs, choking in his tears.

"IF ONLY YOU KN3W, [[Pretty Bird]]... IF 0NLY Y0U KNEW…"

Swatch didn't respond to this, refusing to face him, they kept their eyes closed, trying once again to pull out of him but to avail. They sighed heavily, their panting having slowed down. Spamton kept weeping, holding tightly onto Swatch as he hid his face on their chest.

And for a moment there was silence, only the sounds of their soft breathing and the weeping to be heard. Swatch let their mind wander for a while, still pressing their head to the wall, it dawned on them how much their heart ached. And how much they weren't okay with what had happened. How all the emotions that came along with his ex-partner betraying them, getting evicted and nearly perishing in a pool of acid still lingered, fresh as if they had just taken place.

No amount of repressed emotions and anger could fix what Swatch was feeling. They loathed him for what he had done, but as the small Addison so desperately clung to them, Swatch could only remember the way he held on to them when they'd fall asleep together, how his smile was once so bright and hopeful, and how their hands once held him with care rather than disdain.

"I'm s0rry…" A small voice whimpered, getting Swatch out of their train of thought. They opened their eyes, their vision blurred by the accumulated tears.

". . ."

"I-I had n0 [[Liberty of choice]]…" Spamton wept to a tearful yet aloof Swatch, who glanced at the side, ignoring him.

". . ."

"I… I cAN'T ST4ND HOW YOU [[HAT3]] ME N0W !" He sobbed pitifully "I TH0UGHT IF I ST4RTED H4TING YOU BACK, I C0ULD [[Deals!]] WITH IT !"

Swatch couldn't bring themselves to respond as their mouth trembled. Spamton had done nothing but taunt and antagonize them for months. Treating them like they were yet another obstacle in his way. Mocking their past relationship with sleazy attempts at hitting on them.

They heard Spamton bawling, gripping their chest feathers, desperate for their attention.

"S-SWATCH !" He begged "PL3ASE T4LK TO M3 !" He was shaking, but the bird still refused to meet his gaze "I [[Change my mind?]] !! Y0U CAN HATE M3 ALL YOU W4NT, BUT PLEASE T4LK TO ME !"

"Wh-Why should I…?" They spoke, their voice felt drained "After everything you've done, words mean very little…"

"PLEASE !" He tried to sit up but winced, sucking through his teeth as he had forgotten then were still knotted together "I PR0MIS3 I WILL EXPL4IN [[Everything]] IF YOU LET ME INTO THE R0BOT !"

Swatch winced as well, but they could tell from his tone that he was genuine, but the mere mention of the machine, the thing that had torn them apart, was enough to make them aloof again.

"I-It's too late for your explanations… I gave you so many chances…"



". . ."

"And I'm giving you one last chance now."

Spamton gulped, nerves overwhelming him as he felt the static slowly surrounding his vision and his hearing. "I-I can't… I CAN'T, I-I'LL… H-HE WILL…"

". . ."

"IF I G3T THE MACHINE, I'LL BE ABLE TO TELL YOU ! OR ELSE MI… M…" His teeth felt like they were being glued together by taffy, Spamton could hear Mike cackling in his mind "I can't…"

"No one will believe you." Said the voice in his mind.

Swatch didn't have the mental energy to try and understand what any of it meant, shaking their head "No, Spamton. I will not allow you to take it. I don't know why you need it, but I know it's nothing good will come out of it." They muttered, carefully laying him on the floor, as they took a deep breath, looking down on him.

"Then I [Guess] it's really 0ver…" Spamton looked defeated, blushing as he looked up at them, tears still on the corner of his eyes. Swatch reached to grab his hips, panting softly.

"Yes…" Swatch spoke, sadness evident in their voice. Their hands still lingered in his torso, thumbs rubbing the smooth rubbery skin "Spamton…"


"If you ever had any respect for what our relationship used to be, then I beg of you…" They paused for a few seconds "Do not come back…"

Spamton did not respond, closing his eyes and letting out a whimper in relief as Swatch finally managed to pull out of him, their cum dripping out of his small body as Spamton hadn't realised how swollen he had felt, letting his head fall to the side.

Swatch felt relieved as well, looking down at Spamton who looked like he was phasing in and out of conscience before closing his eyes. They cleaned themselves off, but with Spamton passed out on the floor, they didn't trust themselves to leave him by himself.

Spamton woke up after what felt like hours later by some stairs at the door of the mansion. He spotted the bird-like figure sitting beside him, and tentatively, in his half-asleep state, reached to hold their hand.

"Swatch…?" He murmured, but the bird seemed to flinch for a second.

"Oh! You're awake!" They spoke in an unfamiliar voice "I'm sorry, I'm not our head butler, they are busy inside. I was tasked to make sure you would wake up safe and return home!"

Spamton squinted, the blurry figure of Swatch in front of him morphing into that of an average swatchling, wearing some shade of dark blue that he couldn't recognize.

He looked back at the door to the mansion, crestfallen as the swatchling stood up.

"I cannot allow you back inside, I'm sorry."

". . ."

Spamton got up in silence, facing the door. The warm bright lights inside seemed to beckon him, but he felt frozen in place. He couldn't do it. He hugged his arms, realizing that his old suit had been replaced with a new one that wasn't falling apart at the seams. And his skin and hair had been washed too.

What had happened while he was passed out?!

The swatchling seemed to be on high alert, being told that Spamton would likely attempt to scamper inside the moment he woke up. But instead, they saw the puppet turning and slowly walking away, wordlessly until he was out of sight.

It was that time of the week again, and Swatch was cleaning off the café's balcony, tasking a swatchling to take their place before they took their leave. Strolling through the mansion corridors, they expected the usual. As unstable and unpredictable as he was, Spamton always seemed to show up at the same hours, during the same days of the week.

With the new lock in place, he had no chance of getting in, but regardless of that, he still wasn't allowed inside, and Swatch couldn't help but dread what would happen if Queen were to spot him.

They turned the corner, arriving at the basement's entrance. They expected the usual scene to greet them, but rather than finding the small Addison desperately fiddling with the lock, it simply sat there, completely untouched.

Swatch squinted, looking around for any signs of the hiding salesman, but he was nowhere to be found. With his usual hiding spots empty, the room was dead silent and Swatch felt a strange feeling they couldn't quite recognize.

They expected to feel relief that he wasn't here, grateful that they wouldn't have to grab him by the collar and kick him out while he continuously taunted them. But instead, it made them feel melancholic, overwhelming nausea paired with a feeling of longing for what once had been.

Weeks went by. Then months. Then years. Spamton kept to his end of the deal, much to Swatch's surprise. They stopped expecting him to come and hated the part of themselves that still hoped he would. They just needed a sign, any sign, that the small Addison was still alive.

But Spamton was most likely moving on, and Swatch knew they should too.

Quick Author's Note! - This fic is olddd and for folks familiar with my work, the "Mike" that's mentioned isn't the same mic Mike I have from "To Give You Heaven”, since I hadn't created him at the time of writing this.

This one is just a vague evil TV entity that torments Spamton. I could edit this fic to match my current interpretation so my stuff is more consistent, but that's not a priority at the moment.

I know he's only an extremely brief mention but it's been bothering me for a while so I wanted to mention it xD

[ This fic later had a sequel writen for it, named One Last Chance ]

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