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One Last Chance

Spamton x Swatch - 10.5k Words - June 2022


During one of his attempts at infiltrating the Queen's basement, Spamton had an encounter with Swatch which left him with an unexpected consequence.

Nine months later, he returns to meet the head butler again and ask for their help.

Pregnancy, FTM Spamton, Angst/Comfort, Fluff, Sort of vague description of childbirth, everyone yelled at me for how i ended that one other fic, so have this, Crying, Lots of Crying, I'm sorry I can only ever write angst, good ending, See? :) I'm nice

One Last Chance

It was a rainy night in Cyber City. And as the pouring heavy droplets began to hit the ground, a small Addison was quick to make his way to the nearest garbage container, grunting in pain when he slid inside, the large metal lid slamming loudly above him.

Ow. Damn it.

He was once swift and agile, able to scamper about with ease. But months ago, he had started to feel sluggish and tired all the time… Spamton didn't realize it at first, he didn't understand why he felt sicker than usual, nor did he understand why he was suddenly picking up weight despite having a harder time scavenging for food to sustain himself. It wasn't just himself anymore, and as his hands rubbed his swollen belly, he had long stopped trying to come up with excuses to deny what was happening to him.

He was pregnant.

He heard the tapping of the rain hitting the container as he tried to keep himself from hopelessly crying in despair. There was only one culprit in this situation, and Spamton hadn't seen them since his last visit to the Queen's mansion, where the two had had a rather… heated encounter…

Spamton would often over-indulge when it came to Swatch, which admittedly got him to disregard any and all responsibilities that came with his involvement with them. The bird was just as willing to indulge his hedonistic urges, just as Spamton was to keep taunting them into breaking all those strict sets of rules that they had set out for themselves.

Swatch and him… It shouldn't be possible… It wasn't possible! They had been together throughout nearly all of his Big Shot era and never once had anything like this happen! He clenched his teeth, curling in on himself to appear smaller as tears ran down his cheeks. So why did it have to happen now? What kind of cruel fate decided that he hadn't been punished enough?!

He could hardly show his face anywhere without being yelled at to leave. And if anyone saw him like this, he'd just become a laughing stock in the city. The Addisons certainly wouldn't take him back after everything he had done, Mike wouldn't pick up his calls, and all the supposed friends he had made in the mansion had resorted to acting like he was no more than a stranger and a nobody. All except for Swatch who, in regretful breaths, had begged him to never show his face or return to the mansion ever again. That was the last time he had seen them.

He hiccuped as he let out a sob, he couldn't provide for a child on his own! No one wanted to have him around, let alone give him a job. And with nowhere to live, he would just be forced to raise them in the filthy trash zone, which was no place for any newborn to grow up in! Nor did he have the courage to give them out for adoption either, because if word got out that this was "Spamton's kid", he would never forgive himself for being unable to protect them if something were to happen due to his tarnished name.

Everything was hurting, and every day the small Addison became more and more of an anxious mess. Part of him knew he was due very soon, and he didn't want to do it. He was so small, he knew that it was going to hurt. It was going to hurt so much, and he had no one to help or comfort him throughout that nightmare.

What if he couldn't do it? What if he couldn't get them out and he'd just perish along with his child that never once got to see the world?! He wanted to be brave for them, but he just couldn't. He was a coward and he had never felt this scared before.

All he felt was like he had nowhere else to turn and his guilt was overwhelming him, leaving him too scared to do anything. Swatch was the only one to come to his mind over and over again, never truly having left his heart. But being such a busy butler, they certainly wouldn't want to take the responsibility. They never asked for this, and they didn't want to see him ever again! Assuming they'd even want to believe it was theirs to begin with… But Spamton really didn't feel like he had any choice.

It was pouring outside and his entire body was aching in pain. If this was a sign that he was running out of time, then he knew he had to act quick. Maybe it was the last chance he'd get.

It was late in the night, and Swatch was home, preparing some warm tea and a late-night meal to indulge in some alone time, watching the heavy rain tap on the window. Their day had been uneventful, and their thoughts seemed to be lost in a daze, much like they'd been on for a while.

Work, work, and more work. Swatch had begun to overwork themselves just to prevent a single bad thought from forming. They just couldn't deal with anything and they knew how distant they had become from everyone ever since the Spamton incident all those months ago and how easily they had given in to him.

They hated how much they still thought about him, how much they still wondered about the whereabouts of that crooked salesman, his ridiculous face and loud cackling during their last encounter. They wanted to be over him, but the experience had ingrained itself into their mind. It was hard to go even a day without him crossing their mind one way or another.

However, a sudden ringing of their bell jolted them out of their thoughts as they quickly glanced at their door. What…? It was pouring rain in the middle of the night, who was coming to their door at this hour? Swatch almost considered not seeing who it was, but curiosity still got the better of them and they hesitantly made their way to the door.

"Hello? Who is it?" They asked, but there was either no response or the rain was too loud for any other sound to come through.

Frowning, Swatch opened the door, looking around for a moment before their eyes landed on the small darkner in front of them.

On his knees, bowing down as if praying to them, there was Spamton, his entire body was sopping wet and he was shaking, trembling hands grasped together in prayer as he turned his head up to look at them, an inconsolable expression was on his tear-soaked face as he was holding back a sob.

Swatch was in shock, an unnerving feeling overwhelming them when they saw him. What was this?! What was he doing here?! Why was he kneeling at their door?!

"S-Spamton…?" They asked, hands trembling "What are you…?"

"i'M s0RRY !" The Addison quickly answered with ragged breaths "I... I j-juSt… I n-n33D… !" He tried to talk but his voice only broke into painful sobs, interrupted by a sudden wail as he grabbed his stomach, trying to keep himself hidden from Swatch "A-AUGH—!" He cried out, the pain overwhelming him.

Swatch was hesitant at first, but the cry in pain sounded too genuine to be a trick and they quickly kneeled down, trying to reach for the small Addison "Spamton! What happened?! Are you hurt?!" They quickly asked, but he couldn't help but cower from their touch, feeling especially protective over his belly. Swatch was quick to notice this, their tone stern yet worried "Where are you hurt? I need to look at you!"

Spamton wept, covering his face in shame and leaving his torso vulnerable. He couldn't look at them, he couldn't handle the disgust they'd feel once they realized what was actually wrong with him.

Swatch quickly felt him up for any sign of injury, but upon sensing his swollen belly, they felt themselves freezing in place. No… It couldn't be…

Spamton gasped when he felt himself suddenly get scooped up into a warm embrace as Swatch quickly held him against their chest and took him inside. He hadn't realized just how cold he was until now, the bird's strong wings frantically rubbing his body to keep him warm.

He couldn't bear to look at them, or at anything really. The pain was too much and he just wept as his body shivered "I'M S0RRy… I d-dIDn't m3AN TO !" He cried out, feeling himself get placed on a soft surface he assumed to be Swatch's bed and getting covered in soft warm blankets.

Swatch was tense as they ran to the bathroom and prepared him a warm bath, the adrenaline was making thoughts run wild in their mind. He was pregnant, he was extremely pregnant. And if the timing and the number of months were anything to go by, Swatch had a dreadful suspicion that Spamton had come to them for a reason.

"W-Why didn't you tell me?!" They protested when they returned to the shivering Addison, holding him close to their warm chest and getting a sob from him "F-For how long have you-"

"I'M S-S0RRY ! I d-d0N'T Kn0W WH-WHAT h4PPEN3D THIS [[Time's Up]] !" Spamton cried out painfully, Swatch sounded so mad at him, but the way they held him was so comforting… "I D-DIDN'T M3AN T0 ! I-IT JUST HAPPENED !" His ragged breaths seemed to calm down ever so slightly, but his body still felt in pain.

"Shh, i-it's fine, just… Ugh. WHY DIDN'T YOU-" They took a deep breath, placing their fingers on the bridge of their beak "You could have talked to me…!" Swatch swallowed in dry, feeling Spamton curling in their embrace as he remained inconsolable, but he did seem to quiet down at their words. How would he be able to tell them?! Swatch had claimed that they didn't want to see him! They made it evidently clear that they hated him! He just couldn't say anything!

Spamton was still shivering in their arms as Swatch took him to their bathroom to get cleaned, his blood running cold at the sight of the bathtub and the idea of getting undressed like this.

"No… N-N0 ! I'M [ So Disgusting ], d0N'T LOOK AT M3 !" He cried out, he couldn't bear to look at himself, he hated the way it felt, it was heavy and uncomfortable and he was weak all the time, and—

"Spamton, you're freezing and shaking like a leaf! Please!" Swatch protested, hearing whimpering from the Addison who buried his face in their warm chest, desperate for their comfort, but also too scared to ask for it.

To his surprise, Swatch didn't push him away, sticking to holding him close as he kept trembling, all while being cautious around his belly area.

"I'm sorry... I'm not… hurting you… am I?" They tentatively asked, he just felt so fragile in their arms.

The Addison let out a quiet cry as he shook his head "I’M S0RRY… !" He started "I J-JU5T D1DN;T HAVE ANYWH3RE ELSE T0 GO !"

Swatch couldn't help but feel guilt over this, caressing his hair in an attempt to comfort him. "It's fine, Spam… You're freezing, please…" They sighed, "I can give you a warm bath or some privacy so you can relax… Then I can make you a meal and we'll talk about… this… Alright…?"

Spamton wanted to protest, but the wetness from the rain mixed with the grime he had accumulated during these last months of living in the trash was only making him feel worse. And the idea of actually having a real meal sounded incredibly tempting too, having eaten nothing but scraps he scavenged from the trash while neglecting the pregnancy cravings that demanded better sustenance than what little he could get. Why would Swatch do this?

"I… I TH0UGHT YOU [ Hated ] M3 !" He wept in their arms as Swatch grew silent while looking surprised. They did say that, didn't they…? How true was it?

"It's… It's complicated…" They admitted, holding him closer "It's not like that… Please just let me help you… It's the least I can do…"

Spamton sniffed with this, looking up at them with a sad yet surprised expression on his face. He wanted to respond, but no words left his mouth and he lowered his head in silence, nodding quietly.

Despite their estranged relationship, Spamton still felt just comfortable enough getting undressed with Swatch in the same room, even if he was actively avoiding looking down at himself, cowering and covering himself in a large towel as he looked ahead, refusing to glance at any mirrored surfaces.

The act of climbing trash containers was straining enough as it was, but with the addition of his new weight, it became even more of a challenge. And as Spamton looked at the tall bathtub, he gulped, looking back at Swatch and hoping they'd notice his situation.

But Swatch appeared to be grabbing cleaning products, facing away from him to grant him some privacy while he got in the tub, which he quietly appreciated. But Spamton still felt terribly ashamed of himself, quietly stepping towards the bird with his head low as they seemed to take notice of his presence.

"Hm? What is it…?" Swatch asked, noticing the way he trembled and refused to meet their gaze, all while being all wrapped in the fluffy white towel that hid his body.

"Uhm… T-Tub's too tall…" He stammered "I C-C4N CLIMB IT, BUT… [It Hurts!] A L0T !" He seemed to recoil with this, holding his belly as the culprit.

"Do you… need help getting in…?" Swatch softly asked, getting a nod from the small Addison, who was trembling slightly.

"I'm s-sorry…" He covered his face again when Swatch picked him up "P-PL3ASE D0N'T KICK ME 0UT…!"

"I'm not going to do that…" Swatch spoke, allowing him into the tub. For a moment, they noticed how round he actually was, but Spamton was quick to soak himself in the bath, with water up to his nose. Swatch felt like he'd sink himself further, were it not for the fact that he'd be unable to breathe.

The water was just so warm and comfortable, and Spamton realized how he had almost forgotten what it felt like. For just for a moment, he allowed it to drown most of the bad thoughts away, his shivering subsiding. He glanced at the side, noticing Swatch kneeling down and looking at him sadly, but quickly averted their gaze when he saw them.

Spamton felt his lips tremble, looking down in shame as he tried to keep his breathing stable. What were they thinking about?

"D-Do you… want me to leave…?" Swatch asked, getting a sniff from the Addison, who shook his head and sat up.

"N-No, it's just…" He whimpered, rubbing his eyes with his arm "I [KN0W] you're still mad at me…"

"I think this situation is more important than whatever feelings I may have…" Swatch calmly stated, placing the liquid soap on a sponge and starting to carefully scrub his back.

"S-So y0u are [Mad]…" He was trembling again, hugging his knees as he wasn't expecting Swatch to start cleaning him.

"I'm… I'm not…" They admitted, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. They hated how emotionally constipated they were being, having adopted a colder persona that was anything but appropriate to comfort anyone in this situation.

Spamton simply leaned towards their touch, he was usually good at reading through Swatch's serious facades, but this time he just didn't understand them. The bird washed his back and in between his joints, reaching towards the front of his chest and slowing down when they reached his belly, allowing for their large hand to gently cup it in order to get a feeling for the size, noticing a tense expression from Spamton as they let go.

"A-Are you here because it's… Mine…?"

"TH-TH3RE'S N0 ONE ELSE…" He wiped the tears off his face.

"But… how…?"

"I d-d0N'T KNOW !" He cried out in stress "I-IT J-JUST HAPPENED !" Spamton snapped, hating how much he couldn't stop himself from sobbing, but he felt Swatch's hands cupping his cheeks as their serious persona broke for just a moment.

"H-Hey! It's fine…I want to help…" They spoke reassuringly, getting a hiccup from Spamton who shook his head.


"It… Spamton… It is at least half my fault, if we're going to be realistic…" They spoke, getting a half-hearted laugh from Spamton before his expression grew solemn again.

"S-STILL ! I… I jUST N33d HELP WITH [Your delivery is here !] AND THEN I'LL BE OUT OF YOUR F3ATHERS, I PR0MISE ! I CAN'T DO IT [All alone on a late night] !"

"D-Delivery…?" Swatch looked shocked, continuing to wash him "I've never done anything like that!"

"A-AND Y0U THINK I HAVE ?!” He looked in a panic "I C-CAN'T GO TO THE DOCTOR, Y-YOU KN0W MY REPUTATION !" He teared up "Th-They will… Th3Y WILL TAKE THEM AWAY FROM M3 !"

"Spamton… You haven't been to a doctor…?"


Swatch looked saddened by this, holding his shoulder firmly. Just earlier, the thought of being a parent hadn't even occurred to them, but right now, they were ready to fully embrace it.

"Spamton, I… I want to help… In any way that I can…" They muttered, getting a surprised look from the small Addison.


"I mean it… Even if we're not… together… They shouldn't have to suffer for that…"

Spamton seemed thoughtful for a bit as Swatch began to wash his hair "I-I j-juST WANT Y0U TO MAKE SURE I D0N'T DI3 BEFORE I HAVE THEM…"

"W-What…? Die?! What do you mean…?"

"HAVE Y0U LOOKED AT M3 ?!” He cried out "I'M SMALL AND THEY FEEL [Extra Large] ! I-I'M SC4RED AND IT'S GOING TO [IT HURTS!] A L0T ! A-And if I won't be able to do it, th-then I…!"

"You are NOT going to die!" Swatch firmly yet frantically stated, "I won't allow that…"

The small Addison whimpered, hugging his knees. He was still terrified, but the idea of having Swatch there still felt comforting, even if he was expecting the worst.

The rest of the bath was quiet, Spamton dried himself as Swatch offered him shorts and a large sleeping shirt that helped cover most of his silhouette. For some reason, Swatch had kept some of his old clothes, Spamton noticed. The late-night meal was just as quiet, with only short small exchanges, but there was still tension in the air. As starving as he was, Spamton still felt sick to his stomach trying to eat much.

Soon after, Swatch returned to their bedroom, followed by Spamton who stood by the door, rubbing his arm and looking at the side in shame.

"...? What's wrong?" Swatch asked once they looked back and noticed him anxiously standing there.

"I… I C4N SL33P ON THE C0UCH…" He mumbled "O-OR FLOOR, Or… or…" He whimpered as he started trembling again, recoiling with every word.

Swatch sighed with this, approaching and picking him up "No. Absolutely not."

"H-HUH?" Spamton gasped in surprise as Swatch placed him in bed "B-BUT—!"

"You are in no condition to sleep anywhere other than a bed…" Swatch spoke with a stern look "And if you go into labour, it's not going to be in my living room…"

Spamton whimpered in shame, nodding and allowing himself to curl under their bed sheets. Swatch sighed with this, getting in bed as well and laying beside him. Spamton had made sure to keep distant from them, but Swatch couldn't help but recall their old habit of holding him close when they slept together as a couple. He seemed so afraid of being touched now, but whenever granted the chance, he'd always instantly melt into it. Would it be inappropriate if…

Swatch scooted closer, their wing pulling Spamton closer to them and causing him to yelp in surprise.


"Y-You're shaking…" Swatch quickly excused themselves "I don't want you to get cold…"

Spamton looked back at them with a pleading look, immediately turning around and cuddling closer to them. He wasn't actually shaking before, but he was now.

"Have you been outside throughout all of... this…? Was this why you stopped showing up at the mansion…?"

Spamton was silent for a moment, his hand letting go of their shirt as he fidgeted with his fingers. "Y-You t0ld me to [Never come back!] if… I still r3spected wh4t we [Used to have]…" He mumbled, tearing up again "I-I'm s0rry I [You break it, You buy it] now!"

Swatch sighed, the guilt returning to them. They didn't think that Spamton's absence was him actually holding on to Swatch's words. To think that he'd disregard them so easily, was Swatch so wrong for assuming that? What did that say about their idea of Spamton? They held him closer to them, comforting the small Addison to the best of their ability.

"This is so much more important now… I'm sorry, I put you in this situation… It was irresponsible of me to… Indulge …"

Spamton quickly shook his head "IT'S MY FAULT ! I WAS STUPID !"

"It does not matter whose fault it is…" Swatch murmured then sighed "...How long do you think it will be until you're due…?"

"I DON'T KN0W !" He was visibly shaking again "I TH-THINK IT'S [Coming Soon!] !"

"And you waited until the last minute to say anything…?" Swatch spoke, petting his head when Spamton began to weep painfully again.


"Please don't tell me you've been living in the dumps all this time… Weren't you worried about miscarrying…?"

The small Addison went quiet, looking up at the bird "What…?" His expression seemed scared.

"Uhm… L-Losing the child, that is… Due to stress or… your conditions…"

"TH-TH4T C4N HAPP3N ?!" He looked absolutely horrified by the thought alone "N0 ! N-NO, IT C4N'T !"

Swatch noticed how distressed the topic made him, but quickly reassured him "Shh… I-I'm not saying it happened… I think you would know if it did… I apologize! I shouldn't say such things…"

"YOU R3ALLY SH0ULDN'T !" Spamton exclaimed, looking up at them, but he couldn't muster an angry face even if he tried.

Swatch simply looked apologetically as Spamton glanced back down, his hands resting on his belly, feeling it.

"SOMETIM3S WHEN I'M SL33PING, I'LL FEEL THEM…" He mumbled "Or if I'm staying v3ry still… I don't think I [Lost and Found] them…"

Swatch didn't respond, expecting him to continue, but the Addison remained quiet. Tentatively, they reached for the hand on his belly, their thumb rubbing the back of his hand. Spamton flushed with this, his small hands holding their fingers. He couldn't help but tremble whenever Swatch touched him, he missed them so much, every passing moment he wondered if this was a dream that his mind was fabricating.

Swatch would never treat him like this again, not after everything he did…


Swatch looked saddened by this, holding his head gently as they placed a kiss on his forehead "It feels real to me…"

"I-IT CAN'T… YOU'D NEVER [Please forgive me] !"

"I never said I did… That would require that you actually apologize… But I don't want you to worry about that now… I…" They let out a sigh, holding him close "I'm just so glad that you're still alive…"

Spamton felt himself tearing up again, hiding his face on their chest "I… I still love you…" He sniffed "I'm s0rry… F-For [Everything must g0- AGH!" He curled on himself as the painful glitch made it so he let out a cry in pain.

"S-Spamton?!" Swatch exclaimed as the small Addison clung to his swollen belly, letting out a whimper "Are you okay?!”

"H-HURTS !" He cried out as Swatch loosened their grip on him "THE GLITCHES ! TH3Y HURT SO MUCH, THE REAL THING IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH W0RSE ! I won't be able to do it !"

"Shh, it's alright, I'll be here to help you… You're going to be okay…" Swatch spoke, but in their mind, they weren't as certain. The Addison's small size would certainly lead to complications and in the worst-case scenario, he wouldn't be able to make it. Swatch couldn't bear to even consider the thought.

Swatch laid him down on his back as he seemed to be having trouble breathing, whimpering in pain "I DON'T WANT TO DO IT ! I DON'T WANT TO ! I DON'T WANT TO !" He cried out in a panic, curling in himself as Swatch hovered beside him, holding his hand firmly.

"Shh… You're okay! Are you… Is it… Is it time?"

"N-NO! I-It's n0t, t-th1s hAPP3NS !" The Addison yelped, tears streaming down his cheeks "I DON'T WANT TO [Die] !"

"You won't…!" Swatch muttered, as Spamton held his belly again, sniffling.


"So they're contractions…?" Swatch tried their best to comfort him, allowing Spamton to finally relax for a few moments "Is it still hurting…?"

But Spamton curled on himself, grabbing a pillow and nuzzling against it as he trembled.

Swatch frowned with this, but seemed to get an idea, offering Spamton their own pillow, which he immediately clung to. They got up, getting the small Addison to look at them in concern. "I won't take long," they stated "Call for me if you need help."

Spamton whimpered and hid under the bed covers when Swatch left, curling on himself as he trembled anxiously. He tried to be rational about it, Swatch would come back, they wouldn't just leave him, but he still couldn't help but feel anxious at the thought of being all alone again.

He heard them return shortly after, feeling them place some soft objects around him, he felt their hand petting him over the bed covers, but instead, he remained hidden as they did who knows what with the things they brought over.

It didn't take long until he struggled to breathe while bundled up, quietly uncovering his face as he gave a discreet tentative glance at the bird, who fluffed up a pillow in their hands, placing it behind him.

"I… I'm building you a nest…" They timidly spoke, meeting his gaze "It is intended to make you feel comfortable and… safe…" they looked away with this, a soft blush present on their face. Spamton blushed as well, redirecting his eyes to the aforementioned nest. Soft comfortable pillows and blankets had been rearranged in a circle, and upon noticing Swatch's expectant look, Spamton quietly crawled into it, carrying the two pillows and blanket with him. He burrowed on them, letting out a sigh as he covered his body and made himself comfortable.

It was soothing, his anxiety remained, but on some subconscious primal level, he did feel more relaxed, and safe, and that he was going to be okay. He noticed Swatch looking at him, they had a calm expression that still managed to be filled with worry. He so badly wanted to reach out to them, to hold them and tell them how much he still loved them, but the invisible barrier between them made him unable to.

Swatch simply laid down outside the nest, crossing their arms as they rested their head on them. Their gaze was still on Spamton, who looked back at them.

"The bed is quite a mess now…" They spoke, a weak smile forming on their face as Spamton blushed, looking away with a smile as well.

"I G-GU3SS SO… I'm s0rry…"

The bird quickly shook their head "Don't be…"

Spamton took notice that he had dragged all the bed sheets into the nest, leaving Swatch uncovered. They did not seem bothered, however, looking as if they were watching over him. Spamton scooted closer to the pillows in the back, leaving a space in the middle of the nest, then looked at Swatch, hoping they'd take the hint and join him.

He was over-indulging again, of course that Swatch wanted to keep their distance from him, especially when Spamton was this much of a mess. He didn't deserve their kindness, especially after everything he had done to hurt them.

"Spamton…?" Swatch worriedly asked, approaching him but never coming inside "What's wrong? Can I get you anything else…?"

The Addison didn't realize he was still sniffling and shook his head, but too scared to ask what his heart was screaming at him to do.

"Are you certain…?"

Spamton felt himself weeping in response, hiding under the covers, he was so exhausted from crying all the time, but his heart couldn't help but shatter with the thought that this comfort was temporary, Swatch still hated him, he had ruined everything.

He felt them carefully approaching him into the nest and Spamton covered his face when they slowly raised the sheets, cuddling up closer to him. Spamton felt their gentle caress again, and once again nuzzled closer to them, as much as his size would allow while his tentative hands attempted to knead on their feathers for comfort.

"I don't know what must be going on in your mind, or how scary everything must feel right now…" they softly spoke, "But I want to do right by you…"

"M-My h3art hurts… I still l0ve you so much…" he bawled, clinging on to them "I'M s0rrY FOR EVERYTHING !"

Swatch simply pet the back of his head as they purred to comfort him "I never stopped thinking about you…"

"WHY…?" He whimpered "I W4S SO [Horrible] TO Y0U…"

"I… I just couldn't handle how much you were sinking… And how I just… watched…" They kept caressing him as he nuzzled closer against them "I-I'm glad that… y-you're finally asking for help…" They spoke, slightly choking on their words.

Spamton didn't respond to this, still kneading on their feathers as he breathe softly. Swatch sighed and placed a kiss on top of his head, noticing how Spamton had closed his eyes and his kneading motion slowed down.

Swatch gently felt his belly, sensing subtle movements from within. Spamton had quickly fallen asleep as Swatch felt tears welling up in their eyes and buried their beak in his hair. He was going to get through this. He had to.

The morning had soon arrived, as Spamton slowly opened his eyes after a comforting yet dreamless sleep, he stretched his limbs before curling on himself again. His body still felt sore, but he was so warm and comfortable that he couldn't help but close his eyes again, clinging on to Swatch as the bird caressed him gently while their beak remained burrowed in his hair. His mind felt hazy from sleep, but… this was real…

His hand slowly slid to his belly, feeling the subtle movement from within, causing him to smile gently as he nuzzled closer to Swatch who was breathing softly. He felt them slowly remove their beak from his hair, hands slowly rubbing his back, which got him to turn up his head to look at them. They looked so tired but blushed when they saw him staring.

"O-Oh, did I wake you up…?" They quietly asked, getting Spamton to shake his head and letting out a sigh as he rested against them. He missed them so much.

"You're [Warm]..." He quietly mumbled.

"I don't think I caught a blink of sleep…" Swatch responded quietly, noticing Spamton looking drowsy at them "You, on the other hand, slept like a rock…"

Spamton looked flustered by this. It was the first time in a while that he wasn't sleeping in the cold, and he was not ready to go back to living that life. He simply rested his head against Swatch's chest, closing his eyes and carefully resting his arms around himself.

"I couldn't sleep because I…" They quietly began, gently cupping the small Addison's belly "I felt them… moving around during the night, I mean…"

Spamton blushed, but let out a half-hearted chuckle "THEY USUALLY [Wake Me Up] TOO WITH TH3IR [Late Night Activities]..."

"You didn't feel it…?"

Spamton looked down as if contemplating "MUST HAVE BEEN A [Calm] NIGHT…" He spoke, noticing the embarrassed expression on Swatch.

"That was calm? I was really worried something was wrong…" They looked down "I suppose we're having a rather active child…"

Spamton blushed with this comment. "We"…? Did Swatch actually want to be part of this? Were they serious…?

Swatch noticed the way he stared at them in disbelief, feeling themselves recoil "R-Right… I should not say things like that…"

"S-Swatch…" He mumbled as the bird carefully held his hand, which weakly grabbed their finger.

"I'm sorry…" They looked pained, "I'm sorry you've had to be alone all this time… I shouldn't…" They mumbled in shame, as Spamton's lips trembled. "I shouldn't have abandoned you..."

He felt like Swatch shouldn't have to blame themselves for this, he was the one to push them away, after all.

"D-D0N'T BE [Apology Accepted]…" He spoke, reaching to wrap his arms around their neck and hiding his face in their feathers.

"...How are you feeling?"

"[Heavy Weight]..." Spamton had a slightly ragged breath, with his stomach rumbling with hunger soon after "Ugh…"

Swatch took notice of this, despite his hunger the day before, the Addison had felt too nauseous to eat anything more than just a bowl of soup. He looked malnourished and Swatch felt like the pregnancy was having even more of a negative effect on him because of that.

Swatch simply passed a hand on his hair, "What would you like for breakfast…?"

Spamton was quiet, curling slightly on himself "I… I DON'T WANT TO [Rise and Shine]... MOVING [Hurts]..."

"That is not what I asked…" They carefully sat up, getting a whine from Spamton who just clung to the closest pillow he could find.

"I'M ALR3ADY TAKING SO MUCH OF YOUR [Precious time]…" He whimpered, with Swatch reaching to gently headbutt him, purring quietly.

"Don't worry about it… I'll make you something nice…" They quietly spoke, tucking him in "Call me if something happens, alright? I won't be long…"

Spamton was looking up at them with a blush, his expression completely enamoured as they left the room. He sighed and scuttled where Swatch had been resting, enjoying the warmth they had left behind as he closed his eyes once again.

He could hear Swatch in the kitchen, and clung to his belly, rubbing it gently to ease the numbing pain. It was a strange feeling to be in this house again, to be here like none of the awful things he had done mattered. It was undeserving, but… Spamton didn't want to complain, he was here to make sure his… their child would be safe.

In his half-asleep state, Spamton's nose twitched as he started to sense something that smelled delicious, making his stomach grumble. Swatch still hadn't returned, but Spamton was growing worried, shifting in bed to try and sit up, placing his small feet on the floor and feeling the soft carpet on the fuzzy socks he had been wearing. He was so used to the ground outside being slippery and gross that it felt nice not having to watch his every step.

However, he still felt dizzy upon getting up, clinging to the bed and then to the sides of the walls as he made his way to the kitchen door frame. The smell of cooked bacon and eggs filled the air and made his mouth water as he spotted Swatch focusing on cooking with a focused yet thoughtful expression.

They glanced in his direction, before double-taking in realization, feathers puffing up in surprise "Wh-What are you doing up?!"

Spamton recoiled with this, still clinging to the door frame "I C-CAN [Stand-By] JUST FIN3…" He tried to sound confident, but the way his words trembled as much as his legs, hardly proved to be a convincing performance.

Swatch rushed with their cooking, turning off the stove and walking towards Spamton "Please don't be stubborn about this… I'm almost done…"

"YOU'RE COOKING [Fan favourite]…" The Addison spoke, making Swatch tilt their head in confusion.

"Pardon?" As they said this, Spamton timidly looked down with a blush.

"M-MY FAVOURITE… YOU [Please don't forget me]..."

Swatch's expression softened upon seeing the Addison's face, of course that they'd cook his favourite meal, he barely ate anything and Swatch felt like he'd pass out if he spent even one more moment without getting any actual substance in his body.

"...Please go lay down…" Was all they could say, having a scolding look on their face "Don't make me take you…"

Spamton tried to stand his ground, crossing his arms and getting ready to speak before Swatch carefully scooped him up again and walked back to the room, placing him in bed.

"SWAAATCH…" He sadly whined, laying down on his side, quickly realizing he was probably just being a nuisance and holding his belly.

"Please be patient… I promise to return shortly..." They softly spoke, leaving to return to the kitchen.

"D0N'T G0…" Spamton whimpered quietly to himself, sniffling sadly into his pillow as he recoiled back to his pillow nest. The two minutes it took for Swatch to get back with breakfast felt like an eternity, but upon seeing them, Spamton quickly felt his mood light up.

"I'm ba-?! S…Spam…? What's wrong…?" They asked as their expression immediately filled with worry. The small Addison had been crying, but whatever sad feelings he may have had, became seemingly forgotten at the sight of the bird darkner.

"[Easels]..." He whimpered "I [Blink and you'll miss] YOU SO MUCH…" He sniffed, noticing how Swatch was holding a tray with breakfast, two plates with cooked bacon and eggs on toast, as well as a bowl filled with various fruit slices. However, rather than being accompanied by his usual cup of coffee, there was instead a cup of fresh orange juice.

Swatch's feathers lowered in relief when Spamton's mood seemingly lifted compared to last night. Although clingy, the Addison still seemed hesitant, going back to recoiling after telling Swatch he missed them.

"How's your appetite…? Do you think you can eat this time…?" Swatch quietly asked, sitting beside him with the breakfast tray in hand.

Spamton looked up at Swatch as they placed the tray between them. His stomach grumbled as he was fidgeting to start eating, but part of him was hesitant "YOU'R3 ALLOWING [Breakfast in bed] ?" He meekly asked, getting a worried look from Swatch.

"Of course… It's fine, don't worry about it…"

The small Addison blushed and quickly nodded, picking up a slice of toast with a handkerchief, bringing it to his mouth and taking a bite out of it, keeping his gaze low as if scared that he'd be called out for making a mess.

But Swatch never said anything, taking a slice of their own plate and quietly eating it. They glanced at Spamton, noticing how he held the slice with both hands, his bites were small and hesitant at first, but quickly turned desperate and hungry. Swatch dreaded to think how long it had been since Spamton had had anything to eat, the mere thought of him sitting alone in a dump, potentially eating someone else's leftovers just made them nauseous to think about.

Although Swatch had made enough food for the two of them, Spamton still didn't seem to feel satiated, finishing his fruit slices and only stopping himself when he realized he was heading to take from Swatch's plate, pulling his hand back and looking up at the bird with a worried expression.

Swatch frowned in worry, shaking their head "It's okay… you can take it… You need it more than I do…"


"Nonsense… I can make more if you wish, you are eating for two after all…" They commented, making Spamton flush once more, looking down.

"I REALLY MISS3D YOUR [Cooking by the book]..." He spoke, picking up the extra slice of toast as he nibbled on it. Swatch smiled sadly at this, the last times they had seen him were when he had been attempting to infiltrate the basement.

Swatch had initially blamed it on the shrinking from the acid, but the more they looked back, the more they realized just how much weight the Addison had been losing ever since he had been evicted. He must have been starving, and yet he still saved up the energy for his escapades.

Swatch felt horrible for not realizing it sooner, simply observing him quietly as their mind ran with thoughts.

"Have you really not been to the hospital…? To know if the child is healthy…?" They softly asked.

Although Spamton didn't respond, he still paused, looking solemn before shaking his head "TOO [[High-Risk Warning]] !"

He finished his last slice and his drink, laying back down and hugging his pillow again. He could sense Swatch looking down at him, but he didn't mind. Swatch… Maybe they could keep him safe…

"Do you know what you're having then…? Because if the child is a swatchling…"


Size… Yes, they did establish that… Once finished, Swatch prepared to pick up the tray once more, hesitantly but affectionately caressing the resting Addison. "You'll be fine… I promise..."

"ARE YOU [Leaving so soon?]" Spamton quietly asked, looking up at the bird.

"Just putting the tray back in the kitchen… Are you still hungry…?"

The small Addison simply shook his head and then looked back at them "CAN I COME?"

"It won't take a minute… I'll be right back…"

Spamton pouted in response but sighed, adjusting to make himself more comfortable. Swatch offered him a weak smile before Spamton watched them leave once again. They were kind, much too kind despite everything. Spamton didn't want to overstay his welcome, but yet, his mind kept making him think of himself, Swatch, and their child, living together as a… family? Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.

He shouldn't indulge those thoughts, things used to be so good before everything went downhill… Who's to say it wouldn't happen again? At least if he kept expecting the worst, he'd be able to feel like he had any sense of control over what was happening…

He lazily closed his eyes, hearing Swatch return and sit beside him. He quietly snuggled closer to them, feeling the vibrations of their purring return as he did. For a moment it helped him forget the pain that his small body was in.

"What are you going to name them…?" Swatch asked, getting Spam to open his eyes and look thoughtfully. With how stressful his life had become, Spamton felt like he never once had a moment of peace to even indulge in things like that. Mostly due to darker thoughts in his mind…

"I D0N'T KNOW…" He spoke in shame "I KEEP GETTING SCARED…"

"...Scared…?" Swatch cautiously asked, seeing him nod in response "Why…?"

"WHAT IF TH3Y [DIE!] AT [Childbirth] ?!" His expression fell as his thoughts made him more and more anxious "I-I'LL DIE, THEY'LL DIE, W-WE B0TH WILL…! I'LL N4ME A DEAD CHILD!"

"Spam…" Swatch held the trembling Addison close.


"Spam." They repeated, getting him to quiet down "I'll be here to help you every step of the way…"


"They won't…" They spoke, but were interrupted by their own yawn "Sorry… But I'm sure you will find something… I can help…" They continued, removing their glasses to tiredly rub their eyes.

Spamton frowned in worry "You need sleep…" He quietly spoke.

"I know…" They muttered, "It's just hard with all of this…"

"HOW ABOUT [[Naptime]] ?"

"Then who will keep an eye on you…?"

Spamton pouted, pulling the covers over them, and cuddling beside them, giving them a pleading look "I'LL [Wake Up Call] YOU !"

"You're not planning on wandering off, are you…?" Swatch sighed, looking at him in concern, but this seemed to get Spamton to look sadly before he quickly shook his head. It was a harsh reminder that despite everything, he still had to earn Swatch's trust back.

"And if something, ANYTHING happens, you'll say something…" Swatch continued, using their hand to rub the Addison's back as he lay beside them.

"YES…" He spoke, getting a tired smile from Swatch, who closed their eyes and let out a quiet sigh. Spamton remained cuddling close to them, relaxing as after a few minutes, their breath slowed down and they eventually fell asleep, with Spamton joining in their nap.

Spamton drowsily opened his eyes after what had felt like just a few hours. He couldn't tell what time it was, but it was still early in the day, and he glanced up, noticing Swatch who still held him close, sleeping soundly.

Spamton would have stayed there, but nature was calling, and with how sore his body was, nothing felt comfortable.

After struggling to leave Swatch's arms without waking them up, Spamton made his way to the bathroom, and after taking care of his business, he glanced at the mirror for a moment, his sleepy face mixed with how round he was made him unrecognizable from the Addison he was during his glory days.

But Spamton wasn't too bothered by that, having long accepted that he'd never get those days back. Especially not now. He simply reached toward the counter and turned on the tap water to wash his face. Getting on the tips of his toes to even be able to reach it, he splashed the water on his face, feeling it drip down his chin and his… legs? No…

His blood ran cold as he began to shake, breathing heavily. No no no no-

He felt frozen, slowly looking down as he was violently shaking, and as he realized what he was looking at, he was suddenly overwhelmed by anxiety.

His water broke.

Swatch suddenly woke up with a loud shriek that came from their bathroom. Nearly stumbling on themselves, they noticed Spamtom wasn't with them, and panic settled as they ran to the source of the noise.

In the bathroom, they quickly looked for the small Addison, noticing the small puddle on the floor and the crying shrieking Spamton who cornered himself and dug his fingers into his hair as he hyperventilated.

Swatch felt terrified by this, and as Spamton noticed them, he began to sob hard, trying to speak but most of his words were incomprehensible "S-Swa4TcH! HELP!" He cried out "M-MY…! I'M…! IT'S [BR0KEN] ! [[ TIM3'S UP ]] ! I CAN'T ! H3LP ME !" He shrieked before letting out a guttural scream in pain.

"S-Spam! Wh-What did you-?!" They quickly shook their head, kneeling in front of him "Breathe! I'm going to take you back to bed!"

The following minutes felt like a blur, with Swatch picking up the small Addison who cried out in pain, letting out panicked groans as he kept sobbing in fear. He had been laid down in bed, placed as comfortably as he could be, gripping the pillows so hard that Swatch felt he'd rip them apart.

"HnnNNGGAAAgH!" He growled, tilting his head back as he panted heavily "SWAAATCH ! IT HURTS ! I CAN'T DO IT!" He cried out as the bird was in the process of quickly laying out towels, and getting everything ready. Having spent most of last night on their phone, researching what to do when this was to happen.

"You'll be fine! I g-got everything under control!" They spoke, their tone making it clear just how unconvinced they were over their own claim. Spamton was still hyperventilating, but glanced at Swatch who got beside him, holding his hand and carefully rubbing his belly "Y-You'll be fine, I promise … I'm going to need you to push…"

The small Addison's breathing seemed to stabilize with this, whimpering as Swatch left his side, placing themselves in between his legs as he took long deep breaths.

It was horrible, like instinct, he began to push like his body demanded him to, but the sharp pain shot through his body. It hurt. It hurt so much, he was way too small for this, he couldn't do it.

Swatch tried to keep their focus on the task, Spamton's grunting and crying were like nothing they had ever heard before, only comparable to his screams when he first fell into the acid pool.

It felt like an eternity and nearly half an hour went by as tears ran down Spamton's cheeks, panting and sobbing as Swatch helped clean up the sweat off his forehead "I CAN'T D0 IT !" He cried out.

"Y-You're doing great so far, it's going to be okay! It can take time…" Swatch spoke, sniffing with a weak shaky smile.

"[ I CAN'T ! ] [ I CAN'T ! ] [ I CAN'T ! ]" He loudly growled, shaking his head "IT HURTS S0 MUCH ;! MY BODY [[IT BURNS]] !"

Swatch was tearing up as well, trying their best to help him, but they could only do much "S-Spam, I'm going to call the hospital, they can hel-"

"NO ! PLEASE NO !" Spamton gasped and cried with a sob "[ THE DOCTORS WILL ! ] [ THE DOCTORS WILL ! ] TH-THEY…! AAAGH !" With a grunt in pain, he tilted his head back, one shaking hand gripping his bedsheets while the other was grabbing Swatch's hand, his grip tightening as his breathing quickened.

Swatch didn't have the time to even pick up their phone to call the hospital when Spamton's screams increased in their intensity. The contractions only became stronger and Swatch's heart skipped a beat when they checked on how he was doing, eyes widening.

"K-Keep pushing!" They quickly spoke, hearing Spamton letting out a groan mixed with a whimper in pain.

"H-HURTS !" He sobbed, but his body demanded that he kept pushing, feeling his mind get dizzier as he clenched his teeth and tilted his head back, not noticing Swatch's expression in surprise.

"D-Deep breaths!" Swatch stuttered and Spamton complied, feeling a sharp pain as he found it harder and harder to contain his screaming. "You're almost done…" His body felt like it was on fire and he sobbed, letting out a scream in overwhelming pain that made everything else seem minor in comparison.

His vision was fading out, and his mind found it harder to focus on anything but the pain until it just… stopped. Swatch's voice sounded distant, exasperated but muffled as the ringing in his mind took over and he felt his eyes unfocusing. Muffled and distant, he thought he heard something else as well, but his focus was fading, replaced with nothing but the ringing and static.

Swatch was panting, their heart beating out their chest as they saw the small ball of life that Spamton had released into the world, crying its first breath. "Oh angel… It's done…" Swatch cooed, while gently wrapping the small crying black and white Swatchling/Addison hybrid in a soft towel. He was so much smaller than expected and Swatch turned to Spamton, a shaky smile on their face. "You did it… Spam, it's over… You… You did it…"

But the Addison did not respond.

"...Spamton…?" Swatch glanced at him, noticing how his head had fallen to the side as his expression was filled with exhaustion. Dried-up tears were on his face as Swatch quickly realized the worst.

He wasn't breathing.

"No… No no, Spam, don't do this now!" Swatch quickly approached him, with the child still in hand while they wiped the sweat off the Addison's head "SPAM! PLEASE!"

They passed their hand on his chest, attempting to feel for any heartbeat, a sign, any sign that he wasn't gone. But there was nothing. Swatch knew there was a risk, they knew something could happen, but they hoped that just this once, the world could grant them a happy ending. And that everything would be okay.

They cried as they glanced at the lively child on their arms, a patchy black and white swatchling, though with a slimmer beak resembling an Addison's nose, Swatch already felt such overwhelming love for it. Of course it was theirs, Spamton had never loved anyone but Swatch, and they wept, placing the baby by Spamton's side.

CPR would crush him, Swatch thought as they tried once more to wake him up, holding his lifeless hand, balled into a fist after the horrible strain of the last moments of his life. "I'm sorry…" They wept, placing a kiss on the back of his hand and holding it near as they closed their eyes, unable to deal with what had happened as tears filled their eyes. This was their fault. If they hadn't shut him off, if they had helped him earlier, if they had called the hospital despite his wishes to not be with anyone but Swatch themself… Maybe he'd still be alive.

Their vision was blurry, but they saw the baby by Spamton's side, clinging to him, crying as his small hands tried to hold on to his father. Swatch let out a pained bittersweet smile, before they immediately broke into tears, placing Spamton's hand closer to the child as they curled around the two of them, holding him close with their tail tucked in between their legs, shaking as they just couldn't accept that this was their reality.

They saw the small baby reach for the lifeless Addison's hand, small fingers wrapping around his thumb as it seemed to calm down once near him. Swatch sniffed with this, glancing at the moment before noticing Spamton's fingers twitch ever so slightly. Was it a trick of their eyes, or-

Spamton suddenly let out a gasp for air, getting Swatch to get up in surprise, as the Addison took in whimpered breaths. His eyes closed as his hands weakly felt for the baby in his arms, holding on to it so tightly as if his life depended on it.

Swatch was in shock, completely at a loss for words as they felt his chest again, his rushed heartbeat back in place as they stared frozen as to what to do.

Spamton was still trying to get his bearings, he panted for air, weakly glancing at the side to see Swatch staring at him, face pale like they had seen a ghost. They were crying. Why were they cryin-

Swatch suddenly leaned down, holding him as they sobbed "I th-thought I lost you!" They cried, placing kisses on his face and letting go of the dizzy Addison who looked confused "Never do that again!

"S-Swatch…" Spamton was tearing up as well, looking surprised then finally gazing down at his child, feeling an overwhelming love for it "Oh… Y-You're so [Small]..." He sniffed, then started to cry again, overwhelmed by all the emotions he was feeling.

And that was when Swatch curled around him again, refusing to let go of him, trembling and purring for comfort "I love you, Spamton…" They sobbed.

"Swatch…" Spamton whimpered, with a blush, shocked at the words that left their beak.

"You DIED, Spam! I… I thought you were DEAD!" They spoke exasperated "I keep almost losing you, again and again! You had no pulse, no heartbeat, it was just like when you fell into the... th-the..."

"I-I'm fine, Swatch…" Spamton spoke, noticing the baby resting peacefully against him, but the bird shook his head, one hand reaching to gently caress the small child.

"N-No…" They began to sob, a shaky smile as the child reached for their hand as well "I love you! You died and I never had a chance to tell you that! And I'll never allow you to go one more minute in a world where you don't know that!"

Spamton didn't know what to respond, flushing as he snuggled against them "Okay…" He weakly responded, closing his eyes again and feeling Swatch holding him tighter, being exhausted from the strain.

"D-Don't die again… Please stay with me…" They wept, but the Addison shook his head.

"I'm just tired…" He quietly spoke, his small hand gently caressing the baby's back as he placed all of his attention on him.

"I'm not kicking you out… Y-You're staying… Y-You both are!" Swatch continued, and Spamton hummed in response, feeling too tired to protest.

"I can't believe it…" Spamton murmured, "I'm a [Congratulations, you are the father] !" His glitch suddenly interrupted him, causing him to flinch, but the small child seemed unbothered.

"Please don't strain yourself…" Swatch looked in concern "I'll call my swatchlings to bring us some food and supplies and everything else, alright…?"

Spamton looked worried, a concerned expression on his face as he became protective of the child "N-N0... I D-DON'T W4NT THEM TO SEE M3 LIKE [[THIS]]…!" He spoke but Swatch hushed him.

"Shh, I know… You don't have to tell anyone…" They spoke as softly as possible "I'm just asking them to bring supplies… I won't tell them anything if they ask… I promise…"

Spamton nodded, noticing the baby simply sleeping in his arms, so small and innocent, being born somewhere warm and comfortable where it would be safe and not have to deal with cold and pain and the sickness from the trash like Spamton had spent so long dreading.

He saw Swatch getting up, putting away the bloodied towels and cleaning up the rest of the blood off his legs and crotch. He sniffed, getting Swatch's attention who gave him a wordless look of concern.

Spamton was just tearing up again, giving Swatch an enamoured look while his mouth curled into a shaky nervous smile. He sniffed once more "Thank you…" He whimpered "F-For helping me…"

"I couldn't leave you like that…" They softly responded, replacing the dirty towels with fresh clean ones "Can I get you anything? Food, some water, or…?"

Spamton looked thoughtful for a bit, but Swatch noticed how he was dozing off again "Water…" He mumbled tiredly.

"Alright…" Swatch nodded, picking up the towels, and still keeping their eyes on the sleeping Addison and the baby. They felt hesitant to leave the room, even for just the briefest of moments, things just had a tendency to lose control when they left him alone.

But the scene before them was so calm and peaceful. It was like the screaming and pain were nothing but a distant memory now long gone. Swatch sighed and put away the laundry, leaving the washing machine purring in the background as they returned with a tray with a glass of water and a small snack for the exhausted Addison.

The scene was just as they had left it, with Spamton's deep breaths implying he had fallen asleep, and was still very much alive, as was the child that Spamton held so closely to himself. Swatch crawled back into their protective position and curled up around the two, adjusting the messy pillow nest that had been broken up.

Their phone vibrated in their pants pocket as they checked and confirmed that a group of their most trusted Swatchlings would be coming over soon, bringing all the supplies needed to take care of a baby Swatchling and/or Addison. Swatch sighed in relief that none of them questioned their boss' odd request, and curled around Spamton as they hadn't realized just how much they were purring, either for Spamton's comfort or their own.

Spamton's breathing was even, as was the baby's, who kept his eyes closed. Swatch was in awe at how small he was, even for swatchling standards, but this was a relief, for had Spamton carried anything bigger, they couldn't help but dread what could happen.

It was a miracle that the child did not appear unhealthy, but despite Spamton's previous persistence that Swatch should just help him deliver the child and then send him back outside, the bird couldn't help but feel disgusted by the idea of doing that. This was Spamton, he was their first love and their first heartbreak, their first everything. Swatch still did not understand his fall from grace and into insanity, but they knew he was still there somewhere. And despite everything, this was the most grounded the Addison had been in a long time.

Swatch pet his hair as they were careful to give him just enough space for him to be able to move. They simply gazed at their new family, a thought that had never even crossed their mind until a day ago. How would they even break the news to others? Would they be able to help Spamton integrate back into society? Would he be a good parent? Would they be a good parent?

They seemed to be lost in their thoughts for a while, eyes still on Spamton who although seemingly asleep, still absent-mindedly caressed their baby, holding him so close as if afraid that he'd be taken away from him if he lowered his guard.

"I still d-don't kn0w wh4t to [Insert Name!] him…" Spamton spoke as quietly as his glitchy voice would allow him "Is th4t [Bad deal]…?"

"No…" Swatch murmured, looking at the resting baby and smiling tenderly "I'll try to think of something as well… You, on the other hand, should be resting…"

"Are th3y [Coming soon] ? The [Big Birds] ?" He looked concerned and Swatch nodded.

"Yes… Is that alright…? How are you feeling…?"

Spamton seemed to look thoughtful with this question, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes again "Tired… [Low Battery]..." He mumbled then looked timidly at Swatch, a shy smile on his face "BUT ALSO RELI3VED? AND… And h-happy…" He looked back at the child "Is th4t OK…?"

"Of course it is…" They spoke, carefully holding the two of them "Why wouldn't it be okay?"

"Swatch… Will... Will [We] be okay…?" He solemnly asked, knowing how much he still had to make up to them, he couldn't just show up like this and expect everything to be fine.

The bird seemed taken aback by this question, the regret on his face was so genuine and they nodded "We'll be okay… I… I still need you to explain what happened… But it doesn't have to be now… Just… eventually… Okay…?"

"Okay…" Spamton quietly responded as Swatch smiled, headbutting him carefully. "I… I [Promise] I will [Show and Tell] you everything…"

"Good… Now get some rest…" Swatch softly spoke, gently caressing the small baby as Spamton nodded.

Eventually, their doorbell rang with the arrival of the swatchlings and Swatch got up. It was going to be okay. Spamton followed them with curious yet nervous eyes and but Swatch offered him a patient smile.

He was going to be okay, they both were.

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