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This work has content which is NSFW in nature and features sexually explicit themes intended for readers above the age of 18.
If you are below that age please step away.

The Swatchling's Nest

Spamton x Swatch - 4.7k Words - January 2022


Spamton is tired of being ignored by his partner Swatch who has been growing distant from him, and as such, he decides to go and confront them.

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, FTM Spamton, They/Them Pronouns for Swatch (Deltarune), Size Difference, Mating Cycles/In Heat, pillow humping, Fluff, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, I guess???, Porn with Feelings

The Swatchling's Nest

Spamton hugged his arms nervously, a pensive expression was on his face as he walked into his and Swatch's bedroom, laying down in the cold empty bed and curling in on himself as he let out a sigh.

Swatch was still ignoring him.

He didn't know what happened, he didn't know what he did. Things were fine until all of a sudden, Swatch suddenly began to avoid him, which was hard considering they had been living in the same house for a while. They'd exchange pleasantries and the occasional greeting, but without any explanation, Swatch had started to lock themselves away in the guest bedroom, refusing to ever leave, not even for work.

Spamton felt worried and frustrated, it wasn't like Swatch to miss work even for a day. They'd often scold him for not opening up when he was upset and struggling, and yet, now here they were, doing the exact same thing. Spamton knew Swatch had a tendency to downplay their own issues, but something about this situation felt abnormal. It was the second day that Spamton was sleeping alone in their large bed, and prior to that, Swatch had slept distant from him, avoiding touching him or holding him close. He was so used to being affectionate with them, having the gentle caress of their feathers and their warm touch lulling him to sleep that Swatch's absence was just too difficult to ignore.

Spamton missed them, and he hated not knowing why they had decided to lock themselves away in that spare bedroom. They'd never respond when he tried to knock or call for them, and it only further fueled his fear that something bad was happening. Spamton clenched his fists. No. It was time for an intervention. If Swatch didn't want to talk, then Spamton wouldn't leave until he got an explanation for what was happening.

Determined, he got up and walked to that closed guest door with an annoyed expression on his face. He wanted answers, and he was going to get them whether Swatch liked it or not. He raised his hand to prepare to knock on the door but paused as fear took him.

As the dreaded looming door stared back at him, Spamton could feel his bravery slip away from him. He knew he was justified, but he still couldn't help but fear for the worst. What if it was his fault? Had he been too overbearing? Too annoying? Too clingy?

Lowering his hand, he frowned, approaching the door to try and listen to what was happening inside.

. . .

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Spamton felt himself growing tense, reaching his hand to turn the doorknob as silently as he could while he peeked inside the large room. It was pitch black, and taking a deep breath, he quietly stepped inside.

With how dark it was, the room looked indistinguishable from anything and Spamton couldn't see anything beyond his nose. He took a few slow quiet steps forward before he realized he had stepped on something soft. Fabric. Bedsheets were spread on the floor, with a few familiar black iridescent feathers lost here and there. Wait, could Swatch be molting?! Spamton frowned at the mental image, realizing it could justify them hiding away from the world. But never from him.

He stepped forward when a soft yet rough grunt caught his attention and made him freeze in place. His small grey eyes were adjusting to the darkness and he seemed to spot a shadowy figure at the end of the room. It seemed to be on its knees, surrounded by bedsheets spread on the floor and bending over something small in its grasp. Spamton froze in place. The dark mass of black feathers was undeniably Swatch, and they definitely weren't molting, if anything, the way their feathers were perked up only made the swatchling appear even larger than what they already were. But they didn't acknowledge him, almost like they hadn't even noticed he was there, and Spamton couldn't help but feel morbid curiosity when he saw them despite how much his anxiety grew.

They were breathing rather heavily, quick huffed breaths, dishevelled and desperate. Spamton quietly approached them, holding in his own breath as he tried to understand what they were doing.

He approached them from behind, and upon further inspection, his face flushed when he realized what they were actually doing.

Swatch was naked, and they were bending over a small white pillow, thrusting into it, and quietly moaning as they did. Swatch had always been careful with him when it came to sex, but as Spamton watched, too frozen to say anything, he knew there was something off.

Something about the way Swatch gripped that pillow, it almost felt primal, unrestrained, feral. He couldn't help but wonder if their motion would break the seams of that poor pillow, which just so happened to be roughly about the same size as him.

He watched their hands grip and push it harder onto them, if Swatch had claws, they'd be ripping his ba— th-the pillow's back! That's what he was going to say. It was rough, merciless, and made him swallow in dry. Was this arousing him? Spamton opened his mouth as if to speak, he knew he was interrupting, maybe he should wait until they were done? He certainly wasn't opposed to watching.

But it didn't feel right, and as such, he nervously opened his mouth, and for once, his glitch cooperated with him, allowing him to sound small and quiet "...Swatch? " He wasn't scared, certainly confused, and admittedly intimidated, but he wasn't going to be scared of Swatch. He trusted them.

"?!” The bird let out a caw in surprise, immediately looking back at him as fear and recognition flashed in their eyes, holding the pillow closer as if that did any good in hiding the shameless act they were indulging in "Wh-What are y—  GET OUT."

Spamton stood his ground, balling his hands into fists as he knew he was definitely shaking. Swatch had never yelled at him like that, but he was upset, he was confused, and a part of him was even offended that Swatch would rather pick a Spamton-sized pillow over the Spamton-sized Spamton right in front of them.

"WHAT THE [?@#$], SWATCH ?!" Were the only words that managed to leave his mouth. And the bird quickly turned their head to avoid looking at him, panting.

"P-Please, I need you to leave!"

They had been doing that a lot lately, just ignoring him and avoiding looking at him for long. Spamton passed a hand on his cheek, was there something wrong with him? No. Swatch had always reminded him of the importance of communicating his problems. And right now, Spamton was faced with a stubborn swatchling who thought they could hide away in a nest of blankets.

"I WANT Y0U [Need You] TO T3LL ME [[What's going on?!]] !" He put his foot down, looking as serious as he could.

"I p-promise I'll explain, but right now I can't. Please, I'm begging you to leave." The bird muttered desperately and Spamton instead walked to them, standing in front of them and reaching with his arms to grab their beak to make them look right at him.

"I'VE BEEN W4ITING FOR A [Please Explain!] FOR LONG EN0UGH ! I THINK Y0U [Owe] M3 !"

Swatch's expression didn't match their feral posture, they were breathing heavily and looked terrified, their amber eyes landing on the puppet whose gaze softened when he realized this.

"Please don't do this, I d-don't want to hurt you…" They gripped the pillow harder and Spamton couldn't help but steal a glance at it.

"PLE4SE T3LL ME [[What's wrong?]] ! I W4NT TO [[How can I help?]] !"

Swatch closed their eyes "I d-don't think—"

"T3LL ME. ...Please. Y-YOU KN0W YOU C4N [[Trust me]] !"

With this, Spamton felt Swatch gently headbutting him, asking for comfort, making Spamton blush as he hugged their face, burying his hands on their neck feathers.

"I'M STILL M4D AT Y0U…" Spamton spoke with a sigh "DON'T THINK THAT B3ING [So cute] AND ASKING FOR P3TS S4VES YOU FROM THIS ! I'V3 BEEN [[Worried Sick]] !"

"I know… " Swatch spoke sadly, pulling away from him "Please sit down, a-away from me, if you can." They pointed with their beak at a particular mass of blankets shaped like a small nest, and Spamton followed.

He sat down, the small pile of blankets almost perfectly adjusted for someone of his own size. What was all this for? He stared at the large swatchling expectantly, who grabbed some more sheets of the floor, hiding their naked body as they let out a sigh. They looked down as if ashamed, and refused to look back at Spamton who was growing restless.

". . ."


The bird seemed to recoil with this comment, remaining quiet before they took a deep breath and finally spoke “I’m sorry I did not tell you earlier… I-It was so sudden, I couldn’t trust myself! I still can’t…” They admitted, their tone was honest, yet filled with regret.

Spamton frowned in worry “YOU ALW4YS TOLD ME THAT I [Could tell you anything]... THAT I DIDN’T HAV3 TO [Hide] OR [Recoil] OR BE [[What are you so scared of?]] ALL THE TIME...” He mumbled, “WHY C4N’T I DO THE [[Same for you]] ?”

“I… I was ashamed." They paused, taking a deep breath "The truth is that…” They spoke, keeping their head low "I’m in heat…" Their hands gripped at the bedsheets and Spamton’s eyes widened as he heard this.

“...What? ...Y0U’RE IN [[MATING SEASON]] AND YOU THOUGHT YOU C0ULDN’T T3LL ME" Spamton frowned, approaching them exasperated, getting them to turn their head away, still refusing to look at him. “SWATCH! S3RIOUSLY?! [[ME??]] !?

“I-It’s not that I didn’t want to! But… They’re not like yours…” They looked at their hands, clenching them into fists “I feel myself becoming aggressive… u-unrestrained… I can’t control myself! Whenever I look at you, I feel this urge and…” They turned away from him, hugging their arms tightly "I don’t want to end up doing something I might regret…"

“SWATCH…” Spamton looked saddened by this reaction and kept slowly approaching them.

“Please leave… I’m sorry you had to see me like this…” They muttered in shame.

Swatch… ” His voice softened as he got next to them, his hand gently landing on the bird’s arm.

Spamton, please…

SWATCH.” He suddenly spoke, getting in front of the bird and demanding them to look at him. He looked stern and determined, and Swatch knew he wasn’t going to back down so easily. “...HOW CAN I HELP?” They knew exactly what he meant with this.

"Wh-What?!” The bird tensed up "No, Spamton, we can't. I know how much you can take! A-And like this, I… I might lose control… and… and…" They were anxious as they spoke, but Spamton was looking firm yet reassuring at them, placing his small hands on Swatch's which were tense and trembling.


“I can’t… I-I’m not myself, i-if I lose control, then I’ll hurt you…! I know I will!” They looked back at the small Addison, the urge to pin him down was growing and they dreaded the thoughts that came to mind about what they wanted to do to him “I can’t risk that.

“WELL I’M NOT G0ING TO HAVE YOU RUINING ANY MORE OF [[OUR]] PILLOWS !” Spamton scoffed, “I’LL TIE Y0U DOWN 4ND [[Go Ham]] UNTIL YOU FEEL [[Satisfaction Guaranteed]] !”

This seemed to get Swatch to scoff back, the mere ridiculousness of that idea seemed to catch them off-guard and almost made them want to laugh despite their nerves “I’m sorry… You? Tying me down?”

“D0N’T SASS ME, TWITTER!” Spamton accused, pointing a finger at them “DO YOU KN0W HOW M4NY [Long nights] I’VE HAD TO [[Sleep Tight]] BY MYS3LF !?”

“Spamton, I—”

“TOO [?@#$] MANY, SWATCH !” He approached the bird, tilting his head to give them a kiss, stunning them in the process. He pulled back, glaring “I LOVE YOU. LOTS. N0W [[Sit still]], I WILL [[BRB]] !”

Swatch simply sat in place, still draped in a blanket as they watched the small Addison run off to their room. It had taken all their willpower not to jump out at him throughout that whole interaction. His plan to tie them down was more than sure to backfire, especially with how unhinged Swatch felt.


"Remind me again of why you had to use my belts for this?" Swatch let out a huffed breath, keeping their eyes closed not to stare at Spamton who held their arms.

"[One.] WE DON'T HAVE ANY R0PE ! [Two.] MY BELTS ARE TOO SM4LL !" Spamton was quick to respond, wrapping a large black belt around Swatch's wrist, tying them to the bed, and buckling it just to be safe.

Swatch wiggled their wrist for a bit, trying not to focus on the puppet's touch or his proximity to them. Spamton was getting to their other hand and Swatch realized that their wrists were getting tied surprisingly tight. The restricted moment made them nervous, and as they felt two small hands reach under their beak, they opened their eyes to see Spamton who gave them a grin.


Swatch sighed and moved their arms, freezing when they realized they couldn't move them. They expected to be able to fight off the restraints with ease, to give Spamton an "I told you so" look, and to isolate themselves once again. But instead, they had underestimated him, and the puppet knew this.

"I… I can't move…" Swatch muttered.

"TH4T'S THE P0INT !" Spamton held his hands proudly but upon noticing the nervous look on Swatch's face, his expression dropped "I-IS THAT OKAY…?" His voice got quiet and Swatch nodded slowly.

"Yes... I c-can't hurt you like this… B-But please don't take too long…" They spoke as Spamton sat on their lap, placing his hands on their chest and laying his body over them, nuzzling against their neck feathers.

"I MISS3D Y0U…" Spamton spoke lovingly as he discarded his shorts, pulling his shirt away so they'd both be nude.

"I'm sorry…" Swatch breathe quietly, their face flushed red.

"DON'T BE ! YOU'RE ABOUT TO M4KE IT UP ME [[Coming Soon!]]..." He teased, reaching for the bedsheet used to cover them while he tied them down. They were still aroused, and that damn pillow was still there. Spamton blushed, was he seriously getting jealous of an inanimate object?

Swatch watched as he grabbed the pillow and gave them a look "Umph." He pouted "WHAT DO3S IT HAVE THAT I D0N'T?"

"W-Well, I'm not concerned about hurting it… Hah…" They gave him a strained smile "But please put that away, it's filthy."

"OH, WITH [Pleasure!] !" He said, throwing the pillow aside and looking back at Swatch, sitting back so their erection would be in front of his crotch. He wrapped his hand around it, stroking it while looking with a thoughtful smile "T3LL ME, SWATCHY. WHEN YOU SAID… [[Don't take too long]]... WHAT [ DID ] YOU HAVE [[In Mind]]?”

Swatch gave him an uncertain look, a quiet huff leaving their beak as they spoke "Th-The sooner you get it done with, the better..."

"IS THAT SO?” Spamton smirked, letting go of the shaft and laying down, grinding his wet crotch against them, breathing gently "F-FUNNY YOU'D SAY THAT…"

Swatch so badly wanted to grab the small Addison, huffing as they felt his wet slit rub against them. "S-Spam…!”

"I SEEM TO R3CALL SOMEONE TAKING THEIR SWEET [$!@#] TIME WHEN I WAS THE ONE IN [[Mating Season]]..." The small puppet kept slowly grinding against them, squeezing them between his body and their own torso "Uhm~ D-DO YOU [[Remember?]] THAT?"

He could hear another moan coming from the bird, as they tilted their head back with a smile "Y-Yes but… Aah… Th-This is different…!"

Spamton kept at the motion, watching the way they moaned was a delight to him. He sat back up, only a single finger landing on their cock, which throbbed slightly "IS IT?" He laughed "YOU SEEM AS [DESPERATE] AS I WAS."

"Hah… I promise to hurry up next time you're like that…"


"I guess I just like to see you squirm…" Swatch purred and Spamton blushed red at the sudden lewd comment. It left him so unashamedly horny that he wanted to ride them for that, but no. He had to restrain himself if he wanted to keep teasing them, it wasn't every day that he had full control and he wanted to enjoy this. How far could he go?

"W3LL... TW0 CAN PLAY AT THAT [2P GAME] !" He smirked mischievously and Swatch frowned, struggling with their arms, their muscles flexing in response, a sight that Spamton couldn't help but watch.

"N-Now is really not the time!" Swatch called out desperately, but this only seemed to further fuel Spamton's need to tease them.

"IT'S OKAY, I TIED Y0U UP [Real] GOOD ! YOU'RE NOT [[Getting Off]] TH4T EASILY !” He got up, slowly allowing them to slide inside him as he let out a warm breath in pleasure "Hng… TH-THERE… Aah…" He closed his eyes and he felt them inside him "N-NOW YOU CAN ST0P BEING SUCH A CRY [[Baby Bird]] ABOUT IT!”

Swatch didn't respond, moaning as Spamton took their size in and began to slowly ride them. He purred in pleasure, noticing the way Swatch's legs trembled when he did this, talons curling in response. But yet, something was different…

Spamton had grown used to Swatch's warm hands all over his body, grabbing and touching him wherever they could. A touch that was clearly missing from the moaning bird in front of him. And as such, a smirk came to his face, because their hands also had another function, a function that Spamton could now exploit.

He had never been able to tackle Swatch's full size. It wasn't by lack of trying, but the bird's overprotectiveness over Spamton's small body made sure he never tried to take more than he could chew, which often resulted in their hands grabbing him before Spamton became too daring. Yes, he was small, yes Swatch was too big for him, but so what?!

Spamton stopped the motion, getting a surprised look from Swatch who looked uncertain of what his grinning expression meant. But as Spamton lowered himself, he moaned as he could swear he saw stars when he took in their full size.

"A-Ah…! S-SPAM…!" Swatch let out a moan with this, causing the Addison to smirk. He wasn't used to their full size, but Swatch's expression was absolutely worth it. Even if they struggled with their arms to try and release themselves, likely to scold Spamton from doing the one thing they were too scared to do, he didn't regret anything.

"Aah… I-I TOLD YOU I COULD... Aah… [Take you for a ride], B-BUT YOU NEVER LISTENED !" He grinned, looking giddy, moaning in pleasure.

"Y-You'll… hnn... H-Hurt… Yourself…!” They managed to speak between moans, but Spamton could tell the way this made the difference for them, they didn't want to admit that they were enjoying it.

"Aah…" He moaned in pleasure "THEN [WHY] DO3S IT FEEL [[So Good!]] [[Amazing!]] ?" He didn't want to admit that it was a little bit too much for him, but he felt greedy and wasn't about to let Swatch know he couldn't do it.

"F… Fuck… Hng… Spamton, p-please…" Their face was flushed red, Swatch had never been too vocal during sex, but Spamton couldn't help but enjoy the fact that he was the one doing this to them. Maybe this was what Swatch meant by enjoying watching him squirm. The view from the other side was certainly worth it.

They were moaning, huffs leaving their beak as their arms struggled to leave their restraints. But with a whimper, Spamton had to stop himself, pulling himself out and falling back as he tried catching his breath. If he kept going like that, he'd be finishing before Swatch could.

"Ngh… W-WHY DID YOU STOP?!” Swatch cried out, desperation in their voice.

"[[Happy Breaktime]]..." Spamton purred softly, noticing the way Swatch struggled with the restraints again as he gave them a smile.

"I N-NEVER DID THAT TO YOU!” Swatch protested "I need you! Is that what you want to hear?!”

Spamton nodded, still staring at them expectantly "I WANT TO H3AR YOU [[Tell me]] WHAT YOU'D DO… IF THOS3 [[Safety Belts]] WEREN'T THERE." He sat back up, fingers trailing along their navel.

If Swatch had any teeth, they'd be clenching them right now "Oh, you don't want to know…" They muttered, their voice sounding threatening yet laced with lust.

"HOW AB0UT YOU T3LL ME ANYW4Y…?" He purred, playing with the feathers that grew at the base of their shaft.

Swatch was struggling harder with their arms "I… I would wipe that grin off your face…" They groaned.

"AND?" The Addison quietly watched with a smile, his hand reaching down as he pleasured himself, breathing softly.

The bird grunted, exasperated over the way Spamton was neglecting them while touching himself "I'll make you wish you never walked through that door…"

"Hnngh… Y3S…" He moaned as he felt himself. "WHAT ELSE? WHAT ELSE?" He bit his lips expectantly.

"AND I... WOULD MAKE YOU WISH THAT I HAD REPLACED YOU WITH A PILLOW!" They launched forward, clenching their fists which caused the strained belts to suddenly snap away. Not expecting this, they landed on top of him, panting heavily. Spamton was panting as well, looking shocked and face flushed red as he looked up at them.

Swatch was staring down at him, lust and confusion clouding their mind, they still had that threatening stare on their face, causing Spamton's face to morph into a smug grin.

"WHAT ELSE, [[Big Bird]]?"

Swatch didn't respond, when Spamton pulled their face for a wet kiss, they kissed him back and immediately got to work. Spamton felt the familiar hands forcefully grab his thighs and he relished in the feeling, gasping as Swatch allowed themselves in without as much of a warning. But fortunately, he was all warmed up for them.

"Gah!" He cried out with a smile "C-C0ME ON, SWATCHY… DON'T [Hold Back] !"

"I t-tried to warn you…" They breathed and grabbed Spamton who moaned with their touch.


"Aah… B-But you didn't LISTEN…" They pinned his back against the wall, allowing themselves to thrust against him. Spamton was moaning in pleasure, tearing up as they allowed their full size inside of him, pounding him senseless. The bird moaned in pleasure, feeling Spamton's hands desperately clawing at their back, plucking feathers with the strength of their grip.

"M-MORE…!" Were the only words that managed to escape the moaning Addison's mouth. He was a wet sweaty mess, teary-eyed, feeling their girth inside of him, he couldn't help but curl his legs, trying his best to wrap them around Swatch's waist.

The bird pulled him back, laying back down as their hands held the Addison's small torso, pushing him down on their shaft like he was no more than a doll to them. Spamton tried his best to stay in the moment, biting his lips with a smile as he allowed Swatch to take full control of him.


"Nhgh… F-Fuck…" Swatch cursed, feeling the tight Addison on them, who moaned in pleasure with their touch. They felt themselves getting close, raising their head to let out a moan, pushing Spamton deeper, who gripped the feathers on their thighs.

They laid him down on his back, holding his legs open as they pounded against him. Swatch held his waist firmer, pounding harder than they ever could, they felt their shaft quiver as they went harder and harder, pleasure building as they noticed the smile on Spamton's face as he tilted his head back. He was moaning out in pleasure, letting out a cry as Swatch could feel him tightening around them, cumming before Swatch had a chance to.

With this, they gripped him harder, they were close, so close, his wetness helping with the motion as they let out a loud groan, feeling themselves finishing inside their small partner who let out a cry of pleasure as he arched his back, legs shaking.

"S-SWAaAaAah…!" Their name was lost in his cry as Spamton's face was flushed red and dazed. Swatch just panted heavily, relief washing over them as they had finally released the pressure that had been weighing them for days. They let themselves fall, feeling two small arms attempting to wrap themselves around their neck as they heard their partner's panting.

They stayed like that for a while, Swatch finally allowing themselves to relax as their breathing slowly steadied itself, but the same couldn't be said for Spamton. His breathing had calmed down but he still sounded like he was struggling and Swatch opened their eyes.

"Spamton…? A-Are you okay…?”

" Y-Y0u're [[CRUSHING]] me… Hah…" The puppet's voice sounded from under them, hands still holding their neck.

"Wh–?! W-Why didn't you say anything?!" Swatch lifted themselves to find Spamton looking back at them, he had a goofy smile and a lovestruck look on his face.

"I WAS [Comfortable]..." He teased with a tired laugh, beckoning Swatch to come back. The bird was silent, lying beside him but having a worried expression on their face. They held him close to them, their hands gently massaging the Addison's thighs, which would surely be in pain a few hours from now.

"You idiot… You could have gotten really hurt…" They spoke softly, but Spamton was just glad to feel their touch again.

"I'm [[TOUGH]], y-you know that…" He chuckled, then gave Swatch a worried look "...ARE YOU FEELING BETTER?"

Swatch looked thoughtful, wordlessly resting their head on his hair "...I hope so…"

"WHAT KIND OF [[Answer]] IS THAT ?!" He laughed, scratching their neck feathers which got the bird to laugh gently "THAT'S NOT AN ANSWER ! THAT'S NOTHING !"

"Haha… Fine, yes I'm feeling better…" They sighed in relief then let out a groan "Ugh… I'm sorry I hid this from you… I feel awful, I shouldn't have grabbed you like that…"

Spamton gave them a baffled look, blushing red "SWATCH, YOU'RE [[Killing]] ME !" He laughed "GRAB ME GRAB ME MORE ! I'M [[Begging]] YOU ! THAT WAS SO [[FUN]] !" He looked giddy with himself getting Swatch to blush as they appeared bashful, turning their head away.

"I already know you're going to be complaining about being in pain tomorrow…" They teased, getting the Addison to grin in response.


Swatch gave him a scolding look "There isn't supposed to pain!"

"SWATCH! THE 0NLY [[OW! PAIN!]] I'M IN IS NOT HAVING YOU [[Sleep tight]] NEXT TO ME !" He laughed and nuzzled against their chest "Are you going to make me sleep [[All Alone]] again?" He looked up at them, his tone was playful but there was a hint of worry in his voice.

Swatch looked thoughtful for a bit, giving him a smile and scooping their small mate as they carried him down from the empty bed and to the soft nest of blankets that they had made.

"H-HUH?" Spamton held on to them as the bird laid down with him in their arms. "A-ARE WE SLEEPING [[ON THE FLOOR]] TONIGHT?"

"Try the nest at least once…" They gently headbutted him with a loving smile "I think you'll find it quite enjoyable…"

Spamton couldn't help but smile with their gesture as the two laid down on the aforementioned "nest", although he wasn't sure if he'd find the floor to be as comfortable as a bed, there were enough soft blankets curled up together that made it so there was hardly any difference. Spamton made himself comfortable in the blankets, gasping as he felt Swatch pulling him closer against their chest, essentially spooning him.

"Is this okay?" Swatch asked as Spamton felt them purring against his back, making the Addison relax in their arms.

"Uhum…" He smiled, resting his head on their arms as Swatch curled around him.

"I love you, Spamton…" They spoke softly, resting their head on top of his, getting the small Addison to flush red.

"I-I love y0u too…" He curled into a fetal position with a bashful smile on his face "G-Goodnight…"

"Goodnight Spamton…" Swatch smiled as the two of them closed their eyes, eventually falling asleep.

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