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This work has content which is NSFW in nature and features sexually explicit themes intended for readers above the age of 18.
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Satisfy Your Every Whim

Spamton x Swatch - 9.5k Words - 2/? Chapters - November-December 2021
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - December 21st 2021


Swatch receives a late call in the night. One of their valued customers is in need of assistance.

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Trans Male Character, Addison Spamton, Fluff, They/Them Pronouns for Swatch (Deltarune), Spamton before his jokerfication, Size Difference, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Oral Sex, sex buddies to lovers, Unless something tragic and terrible happens before that but who knows, Porn with crumbs of plot, Pining, Fluff and Angst, Masturbation

Satisfy Your Every Whim

Chapter 2

Spamton bit down a huffed moan as he felt himself, fingers efficiently rubbing in and out of him as he laid with his back against his bed. It had been days! For how much longer was this heat cycle going to last? He'd been ignoring the feeling all day in order to do his job, but as the night came, his body just demanded that he gave it attention.

A quiet whimper left his mouth and he closed his eyes, leaning his head back with a huff. Just a little longer, and maybe this time he could actually finish himself for once. But as he pushed his fingers into himself, he could feel himself losing the momentum and he groaned, annoyed at how impossible his body was being. It wasn't enough that his heat made him want to hump and be humped by everything, but it also made masturbation an absolute nightmare to deal with. Nothing was ever enough.

Another series of huffs left his mouth as he pushed harder, exhaustion overwhelming him as he clenched his teeth, pulling his wet fingers away and letting out an exasperated sigh of defeat as he panted, staring at his ceiling. He should really consider investing in a toy of sorts, but the fear that someone could stumble upon it while cleaning his room in the mansion always threw him off the idea. He glanced at his phone for a moment, a single thought forming on his head which he immediately scolded himself for.

No. He was NOT going to call Swatch! He couldn't, how rude would that be? Ever since that one night, Spamton swore it was a one-time thing, he shouldn't make a habit out of it. Even if this didn't stop him from offering smiles and promiscuous looks to the butler, who reciprocated with a suggestive smile, recently getting into the habit of offering him an extra macaron with his meals at the cafe and seeming more interested in his conversations than what they usually were. Spamton let out a sigh, he was definitely catching feelings for Swatch, and there was no way they would feel the same about him despite their escapade the other night, they were way out of his league, Swatch was only doing him a favour in order to help him. As a friend would. Yes, that sounded right.

Spamton turned in his bed, glancing at the phone again, he wouldn't cave in, he wouldn't call, this was just because he was in a heat cycle, once this was over he probably totally wouldn't think about Swatch or anything else ever again. But yet, Spamton had felt [Heaven], and it had overwhelmed his small body with warmth, sweat, and huffed breaths, with beautiful black feathers caressing his entire body as his hands gripped at its bac—

STOP. He was thinking about it again.

Touching himself to that thought always got him so close, but he couldn't ever finish himself and he hated how much he craved that feeling again. He didn't want to make Swatch think this was all there was to him, and of course, this was all assuming that they would say yes to returning to begin with—!


He needed a cold freezing shower, and then he'd sleep this off.

Drying off his dark hair and getting into his sleepwear, Spamton plopped himself face-first into bed, groaning in annoyance. The feeling had eased but it was no less of a nightmare. And as such, he turned away from the phone. The other swatchlings would start to feel suspicious if he made it a habit to call for Swatch to come over. Stop THINKING about it, he scolded himself. He had just cleaned himself off, he was not about to make a mess again. He was about to grab an extra pillow to place between his legs, when a knock on his door startled him, making his blood run cold.

Who could it be at this hour?! Spamton dreaded to find out, and as he looked through the peephole, his heart skipped a beat and he quickly opened the door.

"S-Swatch?!" He could feel himself begin to sweat again. The tall bird darkner was looking up and down at him with a concerned expression, holding a small white cardboard box in their hands.

"...I'm sorry, is this a bad time...?" They spoke, their smooth voice was like music to his ears, and Spamton took a moment to compose himself, attempting to smugly lean against the door frame, though he realized his outfit consisting of black boxers, white shirt that was the slightest bit too large for him and the knee-high dark grey socks wasn't his most presentable look.

"N-N0t at all! Wh-What brings you here [All alone on a late nigh— COUGH. A-Alone! At night! Wh-What brings you here, I mean!" ...Smooth.

Swatch blinked a bit embarrassed and looked down at the box on their hands "I... made you some macarons for when you'd come to the cafe today, but you... You never did. I thought I would bring them to you so they wouldn't go to waste. Is that alright?"

Spamton flushed at this revelation, he had barely left his room that day, being so caught up in his work as usual "Yes, of course! I-I'm [sorry], it's been really busy today and work is a lot a-and you know how it is..." He looked down, hands gripping the hem of his shirt.

"Are you feeling alright...?" Swatch inquired, handing the box to the small Addison who smiled embarrassedly and nodded. "You seem a bit on edge..."

"A-Ah well, I-I'm just tired, haha..." He blushed, opening the box to reveal some fluffy pink and yellow macarons and closing it to smile timidly at Swatch "Thank you..."

Swatch smiled back, a subtle blush on their cheeks "I hope you're able to get proper rest, Spamton. I miss seeing you around the cafe."

"What do you mean? It's been one day!" He laughed but got flustered when he realized this meant that Swatch had been thinking about him.

"Oh dear, has it been that long?" They laughed quietly and Spamton was smiling flustered at them, he wanted to invite them inside but would that be too blunt? It wasn't to do anything really, he just genuinely enjoyed their company. He always found them such a soothing presence...

"D-Do you... Want to come in...?" He asked, quickly trying to think of an excuse for it "T-To share the macarons, I m3an! B-Because [Sharing is caring] !"

"Are you certain?" They smiled "I made them for you, after all..."

"I know, I just... Uhm..." He held the box closer to his chest, too flustered to know what to say. Swatch seemed to notice this and kneeled down, so Spamton wouldn't have to crane his neck to look at them.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright?" Their voice softened as if whispering "Last time I saw you this much on edge was when you were... You know..."

As Swatch's voice trailed off, Spamton flushed red, using the box to hide his face "N-No, no y0u're right>! It wouldn't be [Age Appropriate] for me to invite you in like this!"

"Is it too bad...?" They worriedly asked to which Spamton looked down the hallway, worried that anyone else would come and eavesdrop on their conversation.

"...It's bearable..." He spoke quietly "B-But I'm fine, I'm just surprised to see you, is all..." He laughed with a blush, stepping back and allowing for Swatch to come in. "We can still share the macarons, you didn't have to make so many for me... Or any at all...!" He spoke timidly and Swatch smiled content.

"But you enjoy them so much... Besides, some are leftovers from the day, I promise it was not a burden to make them."

Spamton nodded and placed the box on the end of the bed, quickly rushing to try and organize his bedsheets and room to be more presentable. "[SO SORRY] for the mess! I was not expecting guests!"

Swatch chuckled and sat next to the box "You don't have to worry about that, I know this wasn't the best time for a surprise visit."

The Addison stopped his organising and looked embarrassed at Swatch, sitting beside them "I don't mind, I just don't want you to be [Gross Out] by me, hah..."

"I have seen some rancid rooms, I promise you're fine, Spamton." Swatch handed him the box.

"Heh, I suppose you'd know that better than anyone else, uh?" Spamton laughed, opening the box, he removed a yellow macaron, vanilla flavoured. Spamton smiled at it and handed the box to Swatch, inviting them to take one.

"Are you sure...?" Swatch blushed and Spamton nodded, taking a bite of the treat.

"You have a [BIGGER] stomach than me, [Treat yourself]!" He beamed and Swatch nodded, settling on the pink raspberry flavoured macaron. "These are [Excelent work!], you really outdid yourself, Swatch!"

"Thank you..." They smiled as they bit down on it "They are my speciality as you know..." They spoke, noticing how the addison seemed delighted by the flavour of the sweets, munching down on a strawberry flavoured one soon after. They couldn't help but find him so endearing, blushing as they realized how they were smiling to themselves.

"Sho ghood..." He spoke with his mouth full, getting a scolding smile from Swatch "...? What?"

"Speaking with your mouth full? Where are your manners?" They teased, getting a flustered look from the addison.

"What? Can't a [Grown Man] enjoy a [Deluxe] snack in the privacy of his room with a friend?" He boasted in his typical salesman voice, getting a timid smile from Swatch.

"Are we friends...?" They asked, getting Spamton to look flustered at them.

"Of course! I mean, why else would I invite you?" He handed them another macaron, with Swatch's hand taking hold of it, the friction of their touch made him feel ecstatic.

"Well, I do admit, I thought you wanted me to help you again with your... situation like last time, but this is also quite pleasant." They spoke with Spamton scoffing while pretending to be offended.

"Hah, what do you take me for, Swatchy? I do have [Self-Control] !"

"And yet you flinched when I touched your hand just now..." They teased and Spamton flushed red, quickly looking at the side.

"A-Ah...! You're not mad?" He was smiling awkwardly, fidgeting with his fingers.

"Uhm? Why would I be...?" They seemed surprised and Spamton's hands clung to his shirt again.

"Because of that night... I feel dumb because of how [Desperate] I was..." He was smiling as he spoke and Swatch flushed, shaking their head.

"Nonsense... I hope you enjoyed yourself..." Their gaze was tender and Spamton had a hard time trying to look away.

"I did! M-Maybe too much...? I don't even know how to repay you..."

"To pay me would imply I was doing you a service..." They placed their hand on Spanton's, causing the small addison to blush.

"O-OH NO NO I D-D1D NOT MEAN IT LIKE [THAT]..." His gaze seemed to be fixed on their hands "Now you're just trying to tease me..."

"That assumption offends me greatly..." They played ignorant as they chuckled, and noticed Spamton inching closer to them.

"I m-meant that, I... I think about you a lot, and..." he paused "I-I'm sORRY you p-probably didn't mean anything by it, I just... I just... I can't stop [Thinking About You] and what happened and..." He got nervous but Swatch's hand held his reassuringly.

"This is part of the heat cycle, is it not? I cannot blame you for something you cannot control..." They looked reassuring and Spamton nodded, certainly these feelings would fade away when the cycle was over.

"Yeah... Y-You're [Right]... I just... Okay I admit, I really missed it...!"

Swatch blushed and nuzzled their beak against the addison's hair who let out a whimper, clear enjoyment over being enabled "And there is nothing wrong with that..."

"S-Swatch..." He purred "C-Come on, if you keep doing this, I might get a bit too excited again..."

"I can stop..." Their voice suggested, pulling their beak away, but as the addison tensed and placed his hand on their shirt, gripping it with a huffed breath, they wondered how opposed he really was.

"Heaven, no... Don't..." He whimpered "I need you so badly..." He was so pathetic, feeling himself getting aroused again, he nuzzled against their warm chest. "Hah... What am I doing...?"

The bird stared lovingly, caressing the Spamton's face who leaned into their every touch like a needy cat. "I really missed you too... I was hoping you'd want to meet like this again..."

"Pervert... Taking advantage of a poor sweet addison in his [Mating Season]...!" He purred, taking hold of Swatch's warm hand to keep it on his face, leaning into the touch "You should be so ashamed..."

"Now you're just being silly, Spamton..." They chuckled, their free hand roaming down the addison's body who trembled at the feeling, quickly rubbing his legs together.

"Mmm... S-Swatch..." He felt like he was melting in place, his hand gripping at their shirt tried to get underneath it while the other tried to travel under the hem of their pants, desperate to feel the firm feathered muscles underneath his fingers again.

Swatch obliged as he crawled into their lap, but realized that the addison was putting himself in charge, breathing softly against their neck as Swatch's hand felt the smooth white skin underneath his loose shirt, the other reaching for his thigh.

"P-Please let me repay you first..." He spoke in a huffed whisper, shuffling with the butler's belt in order to unbuckle it while trying to keep himself from grinding against them.

"How so...?" They smiled with a teasing look "You're very quick to put yourself in charge, Spamton. Don't give me a reason to intervene and put you in your place."

"Oh, you'd [LOVE] that, wouldn't you...?" Spamton teased, unbuckling the belt and glancing down at their crotch, blinking in surprise, the bulge he recalled from last time was nowhere to be seen and he glanced back at Swatch "Where is...?"

"Retracted." They tried not to laugh too hard at his bewildered reaction "I thought you understood that was how it worked."

The addison simply blinked, lowering the butler's pants and boxers to reveal the mass of black feathers, and with a small reddish-pink fleshy tip poking out on their crotch.

"How does even it fit all the way in there?!" Spamton gasped, his hands feeling through the feathers, with one of his fingers delicately feeling the pink tip as Swatch seemed to hold their breath. No no, this won't do, he thought.

"What are you...?"

"Shush! I got this!" Spamton left the butler's lap, laying beside them and leaning towards their crotch. Swatch simply looked down at him with a confused expression and blushed red as Spamton observed the pink tip hidden in the black iridescent feathers. His hand slowly approached to brush the feathers away from it, circling his thumb on the tip, then on what little of the base was visible. He took a quiet breath, before approaching and wrapped his lips around it, the feeling of his wet tongue caused Swatch to tense up, caught off-guard by this.

"S-Spam...?!" They looked flustered and exasperated, getting the addison to let go and look back at them, realization hitting as he glanced down and realised what he had started to do.

"[#?$!] !" He cursed, letting go "I'm sorry, I sh-should have asked if it was [A-Okay] !"

"I-It is! Y-You just caught me by surprise! I didn't think that THAT was what you were trying to do!" The bird was visibly flustered, feathers puffed up and Spamton realized how the pink tip had grown ever so slightly.

"[&#%!] !" The censor beeps sounded again as Spamton cursed himself, looking back up at Swatch then to the side with an apologetic expression as his face flushed red. "I'm sorry! I got excited..." He muttered, causing Swatch to blush as well.

"D-Do you... want to continue...?" Spamton blushed when Swatch asked this, noticing the sheepish expression on the face. He couldn't help but find their surprise adorable, and how the tall bird darkner was so easily overwhelmed by someone like him.

Spamton nodded in response, a smile forming on his face as he lowered himself, giving Swatch a look until they nodded in approval. Closing his eyes, his grey tongue reached to lick the pink tip while his hand tried to keep the feathers away.

His lips wrapped more and more around it as it grew, at this size, it was manageable, and he slowly pulled in and out of it, hearing Swatch's huffed breaths as he did so. He let go, letting his tongue run across their length as the shaft revealed itself to him. It quickly became too much, as at full size, he could hardly fit it in his mouth anymore, sticking to savouring the tip which rewarded him with a string of precum which he licked away wholeheartedly.

Swatch watched him, huffing quietly as the small addison's lips wrapped around them and his hands slowly pumped their length. It probably wasn't the best blowjob they'd ever get, the size difference did make it a bit of a problem, but the way he so tenderly savoured them, how his tongue wrapped around and felt for every detail, it made Swatch shiver. The way Spamton seemed to be enjoying himself was so much more contagious than they had expected.

Spamtom had pulled out to catch his breath, not wasting a moment to get back on the job, but letting out a moan as he felt something reach for his rear.

"Shh... Keep going..." Swatch softly spoke, their hand lowering the addison's shorts to feel him, soaking wet as they slowly pushed a finger inside.

Spamton continued at work, savouring the tip of the cock in his mouth as he prayed for more precum to satiate him. But the feeling of Swatch's fingers inside of him made it all the harder to focus, with him eventually letting go, a string of saliva following his mouth. Despite his slacking off on the job, Swatch's hand didn't stop, and Spamton whimpered, legs trembling as he felt their fingers massaging him. He was so close, he was so damn close, but right before it became too much, Swatch pulled out as well, getting the addison to drop his head on their crotch, panting with his hand still gripping the pink shaft.


The butler smiled at the way he called their name "Hmph. Your multitasking needs work..." They teased, getting the Addison to look pitifully at them.


"Yes. So now we're even." They smirked and Spamton hid his face between their thighs, grumbling.

"You didn't even let me [Finish them] ! I wanted to [Taste the rainbow!] !" Spamton whined, getting Swatch to blush.

"Well, you're awfully bold today. But you'll have to try a little harder for that..." They raised his chin, the sultry smile never leaving their expression.

"Is that a [Challenge Accepted!] ?" He grinned.

"If you wish to see it as such." They responded, blushing as the addison placed his hands on their length again. "I-I believe your debt has been paid, Spamton... But if you wish to continue..." They purred, placing a hand on the addison's cheek and caressing it "I will not be opposed."

Spamton melted against their touch, lowering himself to continue to suck on the unattended shaft, still barely able to fit it in his mouth now that it stood at full size. Swatch breathe softly as the addison's tongue wrapped around them, opening their beak to let out a huffed breath. As their hand, reached for his rear, Spamton's hand quickly grabbed it, letting go to look back at the bird, panting and looking with an offended look.

"Hands 0ff the [Merchandise]!"

"Hn... I-Is that really what you want...?" They chuckled.

"Y-Yes, I still [Have] t-to f1nish !"

"It is too early to finish, is it not...? What is with all the rush, my little addison?" They spoke softly and Spamton flushed red with this new nickname. Usually, he'd take offense when being referenced to as "small" in any capacity, but when Swatch said it? Oh Heaven, it sent sparks throughout his entire body and made his face feel warm with heat. Maybe he liked feeling small around them.

"W-Who said anything a-about [Rush Hour] ?" Flustered, he spoke, getting a kind look from Swatch.

"You, apparently. Since you seem so eager to be done with me..." They teased, a wing caressing his face as Spamton whimpered from the touch. Holding his legs still to keep himself from getting off on the friction.

"I-I don't want you to be doing all the [[Hard Work]], Swatch..." He was smiling, stroking their member with a distracted touch, noticing the subtle ways the butler would react to his touch. They were always so composed, even when they had sex the first time, Swatch always seemed to be holding back.

"Aah... But I do not mind doing the work..." They spoke with a smile.

"Uhum... I can see why you'd like it... I like it as well..." Spamton purred as the pace with his hand quickened, getting the bird to let out a quiet moan, quickly closing their beak and glancing down at the addison, who gazed back at them. On his face was a look of mischief as he kept pumping them, his other hand greedily unbuttoning their vest and shirt.

Swatch huffed in pleasure, they almost felt bad underestimating him for his size, closing their eyes, they felt the addison go down on them again, his lips wrapping around the head of their member, as his hand rubbed them to make up for where his mouth couldn't reach.

As he did this, Spamton felt a heavy winged hand bury its fingers on his hair, grip trembling as it followed the motion of his head. "S-Spam...!" He heard them call out, the grip on his head quivered as Spamton's free hand grabbed a handful of feathers from their navel.

Hearing Swatch's moans more than made up for it, but as Spamton raised his head to catch his breath, he gasped as heavy hands pulled him away, swiftly pinning him down against the bed. Spamton was still panting, head tilted back, eyes closed and his face flushed red, feeling Swatch's large hands holding down his arms so he wouldn't escape.

He opened his eyes to find the bird looming over him, panting with their smooth feathers now dishevelled. Their expression was hard to read, but they seemed surprised, catching their breath as Spamton smiled. He did this to them. Turning his head to the side and licking his lips, he let out a heavy sigh.

"I like this new look... Wh-What happen3d, Swatch?" Spamton asked, any hint of playful innocence completely lost to his smug expression "Couldn't handle the [[2 for 1 Special]] ?"

Swatch's surprise was quickly masked as they composed themselves, furrowing their brow and looking at Spamton with a disapproving look. They looked like they wanted to say something, but no words came out and they just looked at the side with a flustered look, feathered tail wagging ever so slightly.

"A-Apologies, I... I didn't want to... Uhm..." They glanced at the addison whose smug smile shifted into an expectant one, uncrossing his legs. Spamton noticed how Swatch was still visibly aroused, but their flustered expression couldn't help but melt his heart. "I didn't want to finish so soon." They admitted, "N-Not without you..."

Any smugness left in Spamton's expression was replaced with embarrassment, with his heart beating off his chest, and his cheeks blushing red as he quickly avoided their gaze. What did he do to deserve so much consideration from them?

"S-Swatch..." he blushed, leaning back "You [Worry] too much about me..." He spoke, his arm released from Swatch's grasp as they rubbed his inner thigh "Aah... Really, I j-just wanted to mak3 you [Feel Good]... Like you did to me..."

"You succeeded... Maybe a bit too well..." They smirked, their tone was contained, but they were eager. Having slipped his undergarments earlier while Spamton was... distracted, he was soaked, and Swatch wanted to get to work. They wanted to release themselves, but not before their small partner did first.

They huffed as they approached him, and Spamton glanced up at them expectantly, he reached his hands towards their neck feathers, but as Swatch's hands firmly held his thighs, Spamton felt their large shaft grinding against his entrance as they stopped.

They simply looked down at him, their look was gentle despite their large and strong form, and Spamton wanted to melt with the loving stare they were giving him. He stared back, a pleading expression in his eyes as he placed his hands on the large beak, tilting their heads as their mouths locked in a wet kiss, Swatch blushed but easily leaned towards it, never opposed, feeling the addison melt in their grasp. They could feel his hands grabbing at their feathers, never letting go of the kiss, before it was broken by a wet moan as Spamton felt Swatch slowly thrust inside him, adjusting to their size, his wetness being all the lubricant either of them needed as they pulled him towards their body.

Swatch let out a huffed breath as they held him close, their motion wasn't like it was last time. While previously it had been gentle and careful, a slow build-up, this time, their motion was rougher, like they were trying to remain calm and collected, but there was exasperation to their movements. A rougher harder thrusting that Spamton invited whole-heartedly, moaning in pleasure as they held him firmly.

The addison's arms and legs desperately pushed and kicked the butler's shirt and pants away, grabbing at their feathers, nearly plucking them and he returned the Swatch's rough energy, feeling them pounding against him, his small body bouncing with every thrust. Even when their size was too much, Spamton couldn't get enough of it, hearing Swatch's huffs in pleasure as they did this.

He arched his back, overwhelmed by the feeling as he couldn't focus on anything else, his hands grasped at the feathers on their body, he couldn't tell whether they were from their back or their neck or anywhere else, he just needed something.

Swatch huffed as they felt this, thrusting harder and harder, as they felt themselves getting closer and closer. Spamton was barely holding on, unable to keep his moans to himself, he had to let them out. The pleasure had been building up, and as much as he didn't want it to end, he knew he wouldn't have any other choice, Swatch was a lot, they were amazing, he loved them, he...

Gripping the feathers harder, he cried out for the bird's name as he climaxed, the surprise of hearing this, causing Swatch to suddenly cum earlier than they intended. Spamton cried out as he could feel the warm thick liquid fill him up, before Swatch pulled out with a grunt, dripping on his clean white torso instead.

The bird nearly collapsed to the side, breathing heavily with Spamton still being completely out of it, lost in the overwhelming daze of his own climax. His mind had reached [HEAVEN] and he refused to come back down, closing his eyes, he panted as he tried to catch his breath.

They stayed like that for a while, Spamton eventually coming to his senses, with the pleasure fading, his entire body felt sore, but he still felt content. He glanced to look back at Swatch who was laying beside him, breathing softly and pausing when Spamton glanced back at them. There was visible worry in their expression and they seemed strangely distressed.

"H-Hey, you're back...!" They spoke, and Spamton blinked, how long had he been knocked out?! He blushed red, looking around then back at Swatch.

"What...? W-What do you m3an [Back] ?"

"Y-You weren't responding, I... I thought I had done something and accidentally hurt you..."

Spamton got nervous, he wanted to grab his bedsheets and hide underneath them and never come out. How was he supposed to tell Swatch he orgasmed so hard he knocked himself out?!

"W-Wh4t?! N-No, I... I just..." He took a few heavy breaths, trying to find the most eloquent words to describe what had happened "I LITERALLY [NUTTED] MYS3LF INTO A [Comatose State] ! IT'S A COMPL1MENT !"

This seemed to get Swatch to blush red, their feathers puffing up as they looked flustered, sitting up "I THOUGHT YOU WERE INJURED!" But this only got Spamton to cover his face, laughing in embarrassment. Swatch's expression softened and they huffed, smoothing out their head feathers with their hand.

"Hehe nooo!" He shook his head, sitting up and uncovering his face to hug his knees, flinching at how sore his legs felt "I've never felt more alive... HAH4... Ow... But I'll definitely be feeling this [Early in the morning]..." He rubbed his arm as he spoke.

Swatch sighed deeply, laying down with a blush "I'm sorry... I lost control and was more aggressive than I anticipated, I apologize..." they muttered as Spamton crawled closer to them, a giddy smile on his face.

"Don't apologize..." He blushed, looking away "It was just a bit too [Intense] for me... But amazing... B-Because you're amazing... Wow!" He cupped his cheeks with a giggle.

But Swatch simply stared quietly at him, seeming like they had a lot on their mind. They didn't oppose it when Spamton approached them to cuddle against their warm soft feathered chest, their strong arms holding the addison close to them before they took a breath and finally spoke.

"...Why did you kiss me...?"

Spamton could feel his heart drop with this question, looking up at the bird with an exasperated expression "Wh-Wh4t do you m3an?! Y0u [Start?d It] !" His voice glitched with the nerves and Swatch flushed with his response.

"Uhm... N-No, I... I was just..." They seemed at a loss for words, perhaps it was just a spur of the moment for him and they let their emotions get away from them. It was obvious that Spamton couldn't like them that way, this was just because he was having problems dealing with the nature of his body.

Despite his shy and meek appearance, Spamton was still a big shot, practically a growing celebrity in cyber city, and Swatch was just a simple butler, Spamton was way out of their league.

Had they tried to kiss him first? Their memory was fuzzy with everything that was going on. What even was their relationship at this point? They felt spamton gripping the soft feathers as he looked timidly.

"I'm sorry if I made you [Uncomfortable in your own body?]..."

"We don't have to talk about it." Swatch dismissed him, not feeling ready to tackle that topic. Spamton simply looked up at them, smiling shyly and Swatch blushed, their hands caressing the addison's cheeks who leaned towards their touch, hands burying deep in the feathered chest.

"H3h... I... I don't want to [Let go]..."

"You do seem rather fond of my chest..." Swatch teased, petting his hair with a gentle smile as Spamton flushed, resting his head against it.

"Because... Y-You're [Nice and Warm]... Hah... Ha..." His lips trembled as his smile slowly fell, and he quickly hid his face.

Swatch didn't mind this until they took notice of the ragged breaths and the wet feeling on their chest. Spamton was trembling as if trying to remain quiet but Swatch's heart dropped when they realized he had started to cry softly. He was trying to stay silent, but as Swatch passed a hand through his hair, he let out a hiccup as he sobbed, hands gripping the feathers harder as he just wanted to hide his entire face in them.

"Spamton...?" They gently asked, but he just kept his head low.

"I-I'm [Sorry]... I'm s-so sorry... I don't know w-why I'm [Cry1ng?,]...?" He spoke, choking on his tears, feeling Swatch's protective arms holding him closer.

"It's okay..." They responded, unsure of how to approach the situation "You're overwhelmed... It's okay to cry... I-I'm sorry for how rough I was with you..."

Spamton simply shook his head, trying to focus on the sensation of the feathers on his skin as he sniffed "I-It's j-just... P-Please d-don't [[Hate Me]] too..."

"What makes you think I would...?" They spoke, passing a thumb on his cheek to wipe away the tears.

"B-Because [EVERY !] who knows me does!" He sobbed and Swatch seemed at a loss for words.

"Spamton... You do realize you're insanely popular, yes...? Everyone out there loves you..."

"N-No, my f-family, they... I... I f-feel so alone [At the top!]..." He wept "I'm s-sorry...! I don't want to make you feel l-like I'm [Using] you! This is [WRONG] !"

"Shh..." Swatch passed a hand on his hair to comfort him "You're not using me... I'm here because I care for you..." They spoke, using a free hand to grab for a bed sheet, covering their bodies as they noticed how much Spamton had started to shiver.

"I-It's a lot... t-to feel this good... o-or loved... I don't deserve it... I don't deserve you..." He shook his head, feeling Swatch's hands holding his small face, pressing their foreheads together.

"Everyone is deserving of love... And to feel good..." They sighed "...I'm sorry to hear that your family has not been supportive..."

"I just wanted them to be [Proud] of me..." He whimpered as this seemed to help him calm down, still sniffing sadly "I-I'm sorry I d-don't know what came over me... You should probably [Please don't leave!], n-no I mean [Stay with me], n-NO!" He balled his hands into fists, trying to hit his head after the continuous glitches prevented him from saying what he wanted, but Swatch was quick to grab his wrists, getting him to look at them.

"Spamton... Deep breaths..." They spoke, their feathered thumbs pressing into his palms to undo the fists as they felt his small fingers curl around them. The addison's lips trembled, nodding as tears streamed down his face. "You really should see a doctor about that glitch... I worry you'll get worse..." They spoke, their eyes simply looking at his small hands, they felt so frail in their grasp.

"I-I'm sor—

"Don't. Don't apologize for any of this..." They stopped him and Spamton got quiet, still weeping. Swatch released his hands and he was quick to reach towards their neck, wrapping his arms around it as he hid his face in the feathers again.

"I take it you do not actually want me to leave..." Swatch spoke with a weak smile, rubbing circles behind his back. Spamton didn't respond, just held on tighter. "Understood." They continued.

"S-Swatch... I-If you started to [[HATE]] me... Would you [Please Tell Me!]...?"

"Uhm...? I would tell you... Though I see no reason for why I'd feel that way about you... You have been nothing but kind to me..."

"Do you really mean that...?" He quietly asked, arms still wrapped around their neck.

"Of course I do..." They preened at his hair "But you are welcome to ask me anytime you have any doubts and I will be more than happy to reassure you..."

Spamton seemed quiet for a bit as if there was something else in his mind that he had to ask, but instead he let out a sigh, his tense body relaxing. Swatch simply smiled with this, their hand burying its fingers on the addison's hair, as they gently caressed his head.

"Would you like for me to stay the night again...?" Swatch quietly asked as their partner was quick to nod his head.

"I-If you're not too busy, I-I would r3ally like that...'' He murmured timidly, an embarrassed smile appearing on his lips. "O-Only if you want to, of course...!"

Swatch blushed and smiled back, resting their head on top of his "I wouldn't mind. Would you like to clean up...? A warm shower would more than certainly help you relax..."

Spamton blushed, realizing his torso and everything else was a mess, and rubbing his entire body on Swatch's had gotten them into a mess as well "I guess so... Would you... like to join me...?" he blushed in embarrassment over his request "I don't think I can be alone with my thoughts right now...."

"Of course, Spamton..."

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