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This work has content which is NSFW in nature and features sexually explicit themes intended for readers above the age of 18.
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Satisfy Your Every Whim

Spamton x Swatch - 9.5k Words - 2/? Chapters - November-December 2021
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - December 21st 2021


Swatch receives a late call in the night. One of their valued customers is in need of assistance.

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Trans Male Character, Addison Spamton, Fluff, They/Them Pronouns for Swatch (Deltarune), Spamton before his jokerfication, Size Difference, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Oral Sex, sex buddies to lovers, Unless something tragic and terrible happens before that but who knows, Porn with crumbs of plot, Pining, Fluff and Angst, Masturbation

Satisfy Your Every Whim

Chapter 1

Swatch's steps rushed frantically throughout the mansion, they had just received a call from Spamton's room, asking for some sort of... assistance. It was late and the Addison's voice sounded weary, like he had been out of breath and was having a hard time talking. His requests were unclear, but one thing was certain. He was adamant that Swatch had to be the one to check on him, not just any average Swatchling. Swatch simply sighed at this request, with how late it was, they had finished up their chores, and while on an average day they'd ignore a call this late in the hour, the addison's tired voice whispering their name couldn't help but make their feathers stand on edge.

Their relationship was amicable, with Spamton being a frequent customer at their restaurant and often talking to Swatch, asking about their day and how they were doing, overall a beloved customer, always tipping more than what was expected of him. So for him to call the butler's line and specifically request for Swatch's presence was rather odd to say the least. Swatch soon arrived at the hall where the guest rooms were situated, and as they walked to his door, they knocked, patiently waiting for his response.

"Spamton?" They called "It's Swatch, may I come in?" They waited but hearing a low grumble from within the room, presumably coming from the salesman, made them hesitate before they decided to open the door anyway. The room had the same layout as all the other guest rooms, except for the furniture, which was adapted for smaller darkners like Spamton himself. But the walls had been painted sky blue with a yellow sun and a few stylised clouds spread through it, while most of the furniture was in black and white, with accents of pink and yellow. Before they could finish looking, Swatch heard another grumble, but shuddered when they couldn't see the small addison anywhere.

"S-Spamton...?" Swatch stepped back, wondering if they were being pranked.

"Swatch...?" The salesman's familiar voice weakly called out from the messy bed as he pulled himself from under the white bedsheets, looking tired and with his face flushed red "H-Hey, I didn't [Think] anyone was Coming..." He meekly held on to a pillow and desperately nuzzled against it, and although Swatch found this to be odd, they still kept their composure, approaching the Addison with a worried look on their face.

"What happened...? Are you feeling sick?" The butler inquired "If you needed a doctor, you could have just asked..." They spoke but Spamton shook his head, still covered in blankets despite Swatch noticing he was still wearing his work clothes.

"I'm not [[Sick]], I Was just really [embarrass3d] and you're the only one in this Mansion I can [Trust] with this..." The addison confessed, getting an odd look from Swatch who quietly approached and kneeled in front of him, but this only seemed to get Spamton more nervous as he just clung to his pillow.

"That is quite alright, I am glad that you trust me. How may I assist you?” They extended their hand towards Spamton, whose eyes widened and quickly slapped it away.

"D0N'T [Please touch me!], YOU'LL MAKE IT WORSE!" He suddenly exclaimed, getting a shocked look from Swatch who tried to hide how offended they looked when they held their hand "I-I'M [So Sorry], I d-didn't mean it! It's just really bad!”

"I cannot help you if you do not tell me what's wrong." Swatch sighed, rubbing their arm as the small addison passed a hand through his dark hair, looking nervously around him.

"I... I'm in h..." His voice trailed off as he seemed to whisper the last words, barely becoming audible, but as Swatch gave him a look of confusion, Spamton gulped nervously.

"I'm sorry but could you speak up? I did not quite catch that..." Swatch approached him again, getting Spamton even more worked up.

"H... H... [[HEAT]] !" He suddenly spoke, covering his mouth embarrassed as if he did not intend to say it like that and Swatch just looked shocked.

"Y-You're in—"

"Y-Y3S AND IT MAKES IT REALLY HARD TO FOCUS ON WORK...!" He exclaimed dismissively, clenching his pillow and nervously adjusting his glasses "I c-couldn't tell a Swatchling, you know how much they like to [Gossip]!”

"S-Spamton..." Swatch flushed red "You... You do know that that is not the type of service I provide, yes?"

"I know! I know..." He facepalmed embarrassed "I just... Wanted to [Talk] with someone... D-Distract myself, you know? Maybe it will go away...”

Swatch seemed uncertain "Does that usually work...?" They asked, but the addison's expression saddened like he didn't want to do respond to that.

"I d-don't know what [To Do]..." He mumbled sadly, gasping as he felt Swatch's hand on his own, their thumb rubbing the back of his hand.

"I can keep you company if you'd like. I am done with my chores for the night..." Swatch flushed as Spamton didn't slap their hand away a second time. They asked themself what they were doing, but as the addison laid down, timidly laying close to their hand, Swatch couldn't help but caress his face quietly.

"That feels... R3ally nice..." Spamton mumbled softly and Swatch smiled, being so used to the addison being a loud salesman figure, that to see him as a flustered mess, clinging to every crumb of physical affection he was given was rather surprising. "D-Don't worry..." He continued "I won't throw myself at you... You'd be too big for me anyway..." He let out a quiet laugh and Swatch would have looked offended if the lewd nature of the comment hadn't just landed in their mind. Was Spamton thinking of them that way? He did like to talk to them a lot, but Swatch never thought he would feel that way. But they shook their head, knowing they shouldn't think of this, they had never even considered Spamton as a viable partner, and the addison was right, Swatch was absolutely too big for him, but somehow, the thought of that still felt... titillating.

"Were you... Expecting me to do something about your... Condition?" Swatch slowly asked and Spamton flushed red.

"A-Ah, I tried to keep my [Great Expectations!] low... D-Don't worry..." He kept clinging to Swatch's hand as a pillow was neatly tucked between his legs as if to provide some relief "What was your [Catchphrase] again...? Here to satisfy your every whim? Something like that? I guess it wasn't that literal..." He laughed embarrassed and Swatch blushed.

"Well yes, it is more of a figure of speech... It mostly applies to the Queen too..." They paused, quietly glancing at the addison "But... I suppose I could... Make an exception... You are one of my most valued customers, and I would hate for this to prevent you from working and potentially jeopardize your sales..." Swatch spoke softy, getting a surprised look from Spamton who flushed red at the sound of their smooth voice.

"Aah, haha... C-Come on... I wasn't putting [Great pressure] on you, was I, Swatchy?” he seemed excited but tried not to let it show, "It's not an issue if you're not comfortable with My [r3quest]..." His voice got nervous as he tried to keep himself from rubbing himself too much on his pillow.

"I take great pride in my job, Spamton... Your satisfaction is my top priority." They spoke, raising the addison's chin to look at them, his expression filled with love in his eyes as he seemed to melt with their touch.

"S-Swatch..." He purred, a flustered smile plastered on his face "I m-mean it, I don't think I can take you..."

"Worry not... I think I may have an alternative solution..." Swatch smiled tenderly.

Spamton simply laid in his bed, despite all the furniture being small, his bed was still rather large and Swatch took notice of this. The addison's breathing was hesitant, but he did not protest when he felt Swatch's hand slowly reach for his body, squirming in delight at the bird's careful touch.

"S-Swatch... Hmm..." Spamton seemed to bite his lips, causing the bird to smile.

"Eager, are we not? I haven't even done anything yet..." They let out a soft laugh, using their free hand to caress him "Just relax, and let me know if it ever becomes too much for you..." They spoke, although smiling, there was a hint of sternness in their tone and the addison quickly nodded expectantly.

Swatch's hand felt around his torso for a bit, before slowly reaching underneath the hem of his pants, causing Spamton to turn his head to the side, his lips trembling with excitement. Swatch's fingers slowly felt around, but they were surprised to find how wet it was down there. They weren't even sure how they expected his parts to look like, but as they slowly slid two fingers into his slit and received a soft gasp from the Addison, Swatch quickly understood what they were dealing with.

Spamton's pants had been lowered, and Swatch was careful not to be too rough with him, but every time their fingers pulled in and out him, his legs would tremble and he wouldn't know what to do with his body. Swatch figured that from Spamton's smaller size, the size of their fingers was already overwhelming, and in a way, this only made Swatch feel all the more satisfied every time he would call their name.

"M-More...!" The addison cried out and Swatch smiled and pulled their hand out, reaching for an handkerchief in their pocket which they used to clean the sticky fluid off them. Spamton simply looked back at them, a confused but pleading look in his eyes.

"Are you certain you can handle more than that?" Swatch asked softly, but there was a hint of teasing in his voice and Spamton banged his fists on the bed, expression visibly flustered and desperate.

"I can! J-Just [Give It To me]!" He called out, then looked surprised when he saw Swatch reach for their belt, his eyes glistening in both fear and enthusiasm as he noticed the bulge on the butler's crotch. Their size would break him for sure but he still wanted to have them inside of him so badly, he was in a daze as his mind couldn't even make sense of things anymore.

"I do not usually allow this... But, if it will help and satisfy you, then it is a sacrifice I'm willing to make." They spoke, noticing the small addison looking at them in shock.



"P-Please take off your shirt..."

Swatch had laid down in the large bed, head resting on a pillow and their shirt open to reveal their large chest, covered in soft yet glistening black feathers. Their pants had been lowered, only leaving them in their boxers, throbbing as their bulge waited expectantly. But a new addiction to their body was Spamton who sat by their crotch, face red as he stared at Swatch's bulge, his small legs trembling in excitement.

"Spamtom, are you alright? If this is too much, do not hesitate to stop..." They placed their hands on the addison's bare legs, causing him to let out a hum in pleasure.

"I c-can do it... I want to Repay your [generosity]..." He spoke, his hands nervously reaching for their boxers, pulling them down as the butler's erection sprung up, causing Swatch to let out a quiet huff.

"Please be careful..." They spoke and the addison nodded, feeling frozen in place, the size and girth were overwhelming but not as much to the point that it would hurt him. Lowering his own boxers, he realized how much he had been dripping, and threw them aside to hover on top of the member, which slid in easily due to how wet he was. Swatch let out a deep breath, their hands gently holding the addison who began to slowly ride them, guiding his movements. Spamton bit his lips in a quiet struggle, he couldn't take in their whole size but that was okay, the wave of pleasure he felt more than made up for it.

Swatch was just breathing softly, the feeling of the small addison bouncing on their lap was a lot more overwhelming than they expected, but he was also going a bit too fast on them. Heat or not, Swatch wanted him to take his time, and not end hurting himself in his excitement. If they were going to do something like this, then Swatch too wanted to enjoy their time, was that a selfish thought? Their firm hands held Spamton's torso as if to tell him to slow down and the addison seemed to cry out with this, releasing a loud moan which reminded Swatch that this was still the very loud salesman that everyone could hear from the other side of the mansion whenever he'd boast about his business.

Spamton seemed to take notice of his own loud moan and the distressed look on Swatch's eyes, adjusting his glasses while letting out a nervous giggle. "[S-So Sorry]!"

"The point of me letting you be on top was so that you could see how much you could take. N-Not to wake up the entire mansion." Swatch looked embarrassed at the side, but their hands still rubbed the addison's back, causing him to purr as he lowered his body to rest on their chest.

"Aah... I can be as q-quiet as a Maus!" He teased, but Swatch flushed, taking a firm hold of him while smiling tenderly "P-Promise...!"

"You have one chance..." Swatch sat him down again, Spamton letting out a huff as he felt Swatch go inside him again "Don't think that being on heat excuses you of making a mess..." They purred, noticing the smile on the addison's face.

"Y-Yes sir...!" He exclaimed as he felt the bird follow his thrust movements, but Spamton knew he had to take it slow. Every time he started getting too excited, Swatch would be there to hold him with their strong hands, getting him to slow down, it was exhilarating. It had gotten to the point where Spamton just wanted to feel them grab on to his body, push him against a wall and treat him like their personal plaything until he couldn't feel his legs anymore. He wondered what Swatch would do if Spamton broke his promise, if he started to misbehave, if he started having too much fun riding them.

As he started having these thoughts, letting out his quiet huffs that turned into moans, he once again felt Swatch reach for him, and as he gave the butler a shit-eating grin, Swatch grinned back, pulling him off their lap "I think you've had enough, mister Spamton."

"Haha, I'm a [Mister] all of a sudden?” The addison giggled nervously, but realising the bird had placed him with his back on the bed, essentially reversing their positions, he got truly quiet as Swatch towered over him.

"Yes. It is my duty to serve my esteemed guests, is it not?" The butler spoke, their sultry voice making the addison melt with weakness. "It seems to me that you weren't quite satisfied with my services yet. Would you like for me to change that?"

Dizzy with lust, the addison quickly nodded "Y-You're [a Wonderful deal]... Ah HA! I mean WONDERFUL! I love you, y-you're great, Swatch!" Spamton tripped in his own words, noticing the butler nod at his words with a knowing smile. He felt Swatch hold his legs firmly and as they lowered their body, Spamton did not hesitate to reach for their chest, wrapping his arms around their body as far as they could reach, and doing the same with his legs as he felt Swatch begin to rhythmically thrust into him. While Spamton's movements had been frantic and desperate for pleasure, Swatch was slow but firm, with a concern for Spamton's comfort, but also not hesitating to go harder on the small addison.

Swatch could feel Spamton's breaths on their chest, and the way he hid his face in their feathers when the moans of pleasure couldn't help but escape his mouth, he was almost endearing like this and Swatch caressed his face, getting Spamton to look up at them, quiet moans as he smiled, burying his face on their chest as his legs tightened around their waist. "S-Swa-a-atch...!” Spamton let out, a hint of a glitch escaping his voice and the butler felt like maybe it was time for them to finish.

Spamton was having more and more of a hard time keeping his moaning to himself as he felt Swatch pounding against him, it felt wonderful and he wished it could last forever, hands clinging to the feathers on their back. Swatch had been quiet for the most part, but he could hear their soft breaths and gentle moans growing louder as they held onto his waist, thrusting harder and Spamton felt like this was it, he held on tighter to them, letting out a cry in pleasure when Swatch suddenly grunted, cumming inside of him as Spamton felt himself getting filled with their semen, overflowing off of him as his body could only handle so much of it.

And once again, they were quiet, with only their quiet breathing to be heard.

Swatch panted, feeling the addison's trembling body lose its grip on them. Spamton was panting as well, seemingly lost in the climax but still with a content smile on his face as he was sprawled in the bed. Swatch pulled out of him, realized how stuffed the addison became, and how much of a mess the two had made on the bed. Another chore to tend to, they thought, but as they got up and began to button up their shirt once again, they felt a small hand tug on their sleeve. Swatch was surprised and looked back at the addison, whose tired yet satisfied expression had shifted to one of concern.

"Y-Yes...?" Swatch asked in bewilderment, Spamton blushed and looked at them, with a pleading expression.

"...You're leaving...?" The addison asked, getting the butler to look a bit embarrassed.

"I... should return to my quarters..." They spoke and the addison's expression grew solemn as he looked down.


"Why do you ask? Is there... anything else I can assist you with?” Swatch asked, their expression concerned and Spamton just blushed red.

"N-No, I mean...! I was just wondering if you'd want to sleep here, b-but you're clearly busy and don't have time for [TLC], so n-nevermind!"

Swatch was quiet for a moment, looking surprised at how the addison was staring at them with so much longing in his face. The butler simply blushed and sat back on the bed, putting their shirt aside "Would that... Make you comfortable? I did not think you'd want me to stay..."

"O-Of course I do! ...What makes you think that?" The addison looked surprised, then blushed when Swatch laid beside him, not really responding and only seemed thoughtful. Spamton looked a bit embarrassed and shuffled closer to Swatch, nuzzling against them.

"How are you feeling, by the way?" They suddenly asked and Spamton looked up at them, thinking for a bit.


"About your heat situation, I mean..." They specified, getting an embarrassed expression from the addison.

"A-Ah, well... I can actually hear my own [Thoughts] again, hah..." He clung to their chest, blushing when he felt Swatch place their hand on his naked back.

"I'm grateful to hear that." They offered a kind smile "Hopefully you may return to your job soon enough."

Spamton smiled giddily, and nodded "Yes! Th-Thank you, Swatch..." He looked shyly "You're the best... I... I had fun..."

Swatch seemed to blush with this, looking surprised at Spamton who returned the same look, before they closed their eyes and smiled at the small addison "I also quite enjoyed myself if I may add..."

"I-I'm glad..."

The two got silent for a while, and despite the mess they had made, Swatch noticed how Spamton was drifting off while resting against them,. He looked peaceful as he was breathing softly and Swatch smiled, too nuzzling against the smaller darkner and holding his smaller body close to them. Hopefully, Spamton wouldn't struggle with his heat anymore, but if it ever were to happen again, then Swatch would make sure to visit and help him feel better.

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