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Little Shot

Spamton x Swatch - 6.6k Words - 4/? Chapters - November-December 2021
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - December 3rd 2021


Swatch stared intently. The large bright blue egg sat at the bottom of their bed, undisturbed, perfectly still, completely unmoving. They wouldn’t have acknowledged it if it weren’t for its uncharacteristically large size, which made the bird's feathers stand on edge. Why did it look like that?

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Addisons (Deltarune), Pipis, The egg equivalent of accidental pregnancy, Spamton lays eggs, Just deal with it, Parenting, They're both excited to be parents but also unprepared, Other characters might show up?, Very minor sexual jokes at the start, Fluff, Teeny bit of angst

Little Shot

Chapter 3

The following hours were nothing but a blur, in a panic, Swatch had grabbed both Spamton and the child, rushing to Castle Town's hospital. It didn't take long until they were taken in, and the newborn was taken away from them. And even when they both protested to come with, in the end, they were just forced to sit in the waiting room.

Swatch was in a state of shock, the first glimpse they had taken of their child was of her in Spamton's arms, round and curled up, but pale and breathing so weakly it was but a whisper. They never got to take in her features, pure adrenaline and instinct to protect had kicked in, and Swatch was only now returning to their senses. Spamton was beside them, hugging his knees with a similar catatonic expression, dark circles under his eyes as Swatch could see the static slowly covering his glasses.

They placed a hand on his shoulder, the Addison's expression was unchanged, but the static faded away as he very slowly turned his head to look at Swatch.

No words were spoken between the two of them, only a mutual understanding as Spamton reached to hug them, sniffling quietly.

"...My healing wasn't strong enough…"

Swatch simply closed their eyes and hugged their small partner closer. They themselves had never learned healing magic and they dreaded thinking what would have happened if they were the one caught alone "I should have never left you…"

"NO…. NO n0… Y-YOU d1DN'T D0 ANyTH1Ng [WR0NG!!!]" He shook his head, looking nervous. Swatch noted that it had been a long time since his voice had glitched like this.

"She's going to be fine…" Swatch spoke, trying to remain calm despite the anxiety in their voice. Although they were talking to Spamton, the affirmation also doubled as a mantra for themselves.


"I-I know... Me too…"

They sat there waiting quietly, and the door soon opened as out came an Ambyu-Lance, followed by a Virovirokun dressed as a nurse.

"Excuse me." The Ambyu-Lance spoke, their eyes reading through some documents. They glanced back at Swatch and Spamton raising an eyebrow at them. The two seemed confused and Spamton noticed how the doctor seemed to stare suspiciously at him. "...Are you two the... parents?"

"Y-Yes doctor." Swatch quickly responded, masking the anxiety in their voice "Is everything alright? H-How is she?" They asked, knowing Spamton would often get overwhelmed trying to get his thoughts across if he were the one to ask.

The doctor didn't respond, seeming to take some notes for a while "...Your daughter will be fine." They spoke, a wave of relief washing over the two "However," they looked up, a stern scolding look was on their face "What you have back there, is not natural."

"AnD WH-WHAT DO3S Th4T EV3N [[M-M-M3AN]] !?" Spamton almost wanted to jump out of his seat, but Swatch's firm hand held him in place.

"She looks fine on the outside, but her code is… well it's a jumbled mess! It's what the lightners refer to as "Frankenstein Programming"! I've never seen anything like it!" They threw their hands up "Parts of it were just corrupted and filled with glitches. H-How does something like that even happen?! You mixed Swatchling code with…" They squinted at Spamton, waving a hand in confusion "What are you supposed to be?"

"He's an Addison." Swatch spoke firmly, trying to contain their anger as Spamton almost seemed to be dissociating.

"A defective one! You mixed Swatchling code with a defective Addison's code?! H-How does that even—" Exasperated, they took a deep breath "Look, we managed to remove most of the corrupted data to stabilize her. But there are core parts of her code that are still filled with glitches, and messing with them could end up costing her life."

"C4N WE [[Please]] JUST C0ME SEE H3r ?!" Spamton managed to utter, but the doctor shook their head.

"Once the procedure is done, you may."

"W-Well how long is that going to take?!" Swatch stood up, towering over the small darkner who let out a sigh.

"Shortly enough. You'll be called inside when done. It's a very delicate process. To clarify, she will have a permanent glitch but she will still survive." They spoke, "I do understand the frustration, but for the safety of your child, I'm going to have to ask you to stay here."

Swatch glared quietly and sat back down in defeat, noticing Spamton wasn't doing so well, looking tense as he tried to contain his own glitches. The doctor and nurse dismissed themselves, and Swatch just stared in disbelief.

"...Unbelievable!" Swatch spoke, the outrage evident in their voice as they looked back at Spamton who remained tense when he stared at them. Swatch's expression almost immediately softened, and the puppet looked sadly.

"TH-Th3Y C4LLEd M3 [defective] [defective] ,!" His voice looped and he held the sides of his head, trying to calm himself down. "I-I'M tHE [[Top 10 Reasons Why]] sHE'S [Broken] !" Swatch was quick to try and comfort him, stress usually only made his glitch act out even more.

"You didn't know that…"

"Sh-She just hatched, a-and started [PLEASE BREATHE!] a bit strangely, I th-thought she was going to [PLEASE DON'T DIE, I CAN'T LOSE YOU!]" He wept quietly, leaning into Swatch for comfort, who teared up as well, holding him closely.

"She'll be fine, th-they're treating her as we speak… You did the best you could..." Swatch spoke softly, resting their head on top of his, feeling Spamton sniff as he nodded.

Minutes turned into hours, as the two waited in the room, Swatch tiredly rubbed their eyes as they looked down at Spamton who was resting on their lap. Were they not alone in the room, Swatch would have been more self-conscious of this public display of affection, but right now they just couldn't care less.

But Spamton wasn't really sleeping, while he did have his eyes closed, every so often, he'd open them to stare expectantly at the door. Taking glances at the clock as time went by. Strangely enough, the movement of Swatch's nervous leg bouncing managed to help Spamton's relax, the vibrating motion on his body was oddly comforting.

"SWATCH…?" He suddenly spoke, getting the bird to bounce startled as they looked back at him.


"WH-WHAT DO THINK OF… [Clip Art] ?"

Swatch's leg bouncing stopped as they looked down at Spamton, an expression of visible confusion was on their face. "...What? What are you talking about…? What do you mean "Clip Art"...?"

They felt Spamton shrug weakly, his gaze looking ahead "I… I WAS TRYING TO [Distract Myself] BY THINKING OF [[More Lists of Baby Names]]" He spoke, a weak smile appearing on his face.

Swatch simply blinked in response, looking surprised "...Why Clip Art…? Don't get me wrong, I prefer it to your other ideas, but it's not… Well… It's not exactly a name…" They let out a half-hearted laugh, but Spamton just hummed in response.

"I just thought… wELL, YOU LIKE [Arts & Crafts] AND I LIKE [Ads and sales]..." He seemed to gesture with his hands, holding them together "IF I WANTED TO [Spice Up] MY ADS, I'D USE CLIP ART..."

"Even though I have offered to make some designs for you?" Swatch smiled, nuzzling against the Addison who looked at them quietly.

"YOU KNOW I DON'T WANT TO TAKE UP YOUR TIME…" Spamton spoke and Swatch shook their head.

"Clip Art… A bit of a mouthful, is it not?" They smiled, glancing back at the clock and sighing at the lack of movement.

"SHE COULD HAVE A [Insert Nickname] LIKE…"

"Clip… Clippy… No… Clip…Ar… Clippar… " Swatch spoke to themselves, causing Spamton to look surprised.

"You're [CONSIDERING] it…?" He spoke a bit uncertain.

"Why not?" They smiled softly "How about... Clippa?"

Spamton blushed for a bit, looking down and nodding "I THINK IT COULD WORK…"

"Perhaps…" Swatch sighed, their smile loosening "I never get to see her face…"

Spamton looked up at them, his expression distraught as he heard this. His hands reached to grab the bird's face as Spamton looked thoughtful "SHE HAS A [Big White Beak]… Just like you…"

Swatch didn't move, grabbing the Addison's small hands as they took a quivering breath. They wanted to remain strong, they wanted to be a pillar of strength that could be relied on. But as Spamton got up and gently hugged their neck, his hand caressing the feathers on their head, Swatch couldn't help but quietly weep.

"L-LIKE YOU SAID…" Spamton began "SH-SHE'LL BE [Fine]... TH-THEY'RE [Treating Her]..." He spoke, a genuine tone of reassurance in his voice. He desperately wanted to believe it if it meant that Swatch would also be okay.

"I know…" They sighed, taking a deep breath "I know she will…" They repeated, rubbing their eyes as Spamton kept rubbing their neck, his small hands burying in the thick black feathers.

It had felt like an eternity when the door opened again, this time only revealing the Virovirokun nurse. She seemed a bit flustered to be interrupting them at such a tender moment and the two quickly composed themselves, looking at her expectantly "A-Ah, so sorry to interrupt! The doctor has called, p-please, come right this way, sirs!"

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