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Little Shot

Spamton x Swatch - 6.6k Words - 4/? Chapters - November-December 2021
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - December 3rd 2021


Swatch stared intently. The large bright blue egg sat at the bottom of their bed, undisturbed, perfectly still, completely unmoving. They wouldn’t have acknowledged it if it weren’t for its uncharacteristically large size, which made the bird's feathers stand on edge. Why did it look like that?

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Addisons (Deltarune), Pipis, The egg equivalent of accidental pregnancy, Spamton lays eggs, Just deal with it, Parenting, They're both excited to be parents but also unprepared, Other characters might show up?, Very minor sexual jokes at the start, Fluff, Teeny bit of angst

Little Shot

Chapter 1

Swatch stared intently. The large bright blue egg sat at the bottom of their bed, undisturbed, perfectly still, completely unmoving. They wouldn't have acknowledged it if it weren't for its uncharacteristically large size, which made the bird's feathers stand on edge. Why did it look like that? They kept staring at it as if fearing that it would do something if they even dared to look away from it.

They sighed and glanced back at Spamton, who laid next to them, sleeping soundly and completely clueless as to the situation they were in. Swatch had gotten used to waking up to the bottom of the bed filled with those strange blue eggs. "Pipis " as Spamton would often correct them, which he had the terrible habit of... Spawning in his sleep. Apparently, they were magic, and would usually explode into miniatures of Spamton himself, which would run around for a bit, talking about sales, before vanishing in a cloud of magic.

Swatch wouldn't mind the pipis so much if the things didn't pop like fireworks when they exploded in the early hours of the night. But at the same time, the two had been living and sleeping together for so long, at some point Swatch had learned to sleep through the eggsplosions. Spamton certainly seemed as oblivious to them as he always was, but Swatch's eyes just landed on the abnormally large egg once again. The pipis were exactly that. Eggs. They were shaped like eggs, they functioned like eggs, and most importantly, they were the size of eggs. All the smaller pipis of that day had hatched and done their usual routine, all except for the larger one, which stood there, taunting Swatch who braced themselves for when the thing would finally explode in its mocking fanfare. How was Spamton able to even lay that in his sleep?

Swatch glanced back at the sleeping puppet who snored quietly, it was early morning, on a day off no less. Swatch felt bad waking him up this early, but they just couldn't get the large egg out of their mind. Everything about Spamton was strange, but this...? Swatch couldn't help but fear for a potential health issue, or maybe even a glitch or a virus, even if their small partner was no stranger to either of those.

"Spamton... Wake up..." They leaned closer to the puppet, gently shaking his shoulder. Spamton quietly whined in response, turning to Swatch and burying his face in their feathered chest.

"JUST [5 more minutes]..." His voice sounded muffled and Swatch sighed, passing a hand through his hair.

"Are you feeling alright? There's an egg on the bed. A large one."

"THEY'RE [Pipis™]... [Limited Edition Available now!]..." He groggily continued and Swatch chuckled, realizing that it was better to let him come to his senses first. They preened at his hair with their beak, knowing fully well how much Spamton would often protest against this. "Uhnm... Swatch..."

"You may rest shortly... But could you please explain the..." They cleared their throat "Large pipis that is on our bed."

Lazily, Spamton removed his face from Swatch's chest, letting out a sneeze after some feathers got on his nose. He rubbed his eyes and Swatch directed his gaze to underneath the bedsheets, where the large egg laid under Spamton's legs. He simply blinked in surprise, his hands reaching to grab it as he looked surprised.

"WOAH... THIS IS THE [[Top 10 Largest Eggs]] I HAVE EVER MADE..." He rubbed it a bit with a proud look on his face.

"You've never made any as big as that... Is it... Normal?" Swatch asked with a concerned look but Spamton just tilted his head to the side, furrowing his brow as he stared at it.

"PROBABLY [Not] ! IT MUST BE FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH [Mini-Me's] !" He smiled and hugged the large egg, laughing as Swatch smiled with a sigh of relief.

"Well, if you're not concerned, then I suppose there is nothing to worry about..." They spoke, laying back down again, their gaze still on Spamton who held the egg and scuttled closer to them, looking up at the bird lovingly.

"WHY DO YOU [Ask] ? Are you afraid that [[Congratulations! You are the father!]] ?" He teased, letting out a laugh, and Swatch flushed, shaking their head.

"If that were the case, then it should have happened a lot sooner, should it not?" Swatch's smile never left their beak and Spamton snorted while flustered, cuddling against them.

"Hmm... " He seemed satisfied with his face buried on their chest again as Swatch pet his head "YOU'RE [Warm]... HOLD THE [[Pipis]] SO IT... Yawn... HATCHES QUICKER..." Spamton mumbled and Swatch laughed in response.

"Of course. But if it pops, you're cleaning it up." They placed a hand on the egg that had taunted them for so long. It was just an abnormality, but somehow, Spamton's joke about Swatch being its parent couldn't help but be endearing, and their gaze softened at the sight of it. They were different monster types so it wasn't like it would ever happen, and they both had had plenty of time to test that theory in the past.

Somehow, Spamton had fallen back asleep and Swatch figured it was best if they did the same. Holding the puppet closer to them, careful not to harm the egg he held in his hands. Swatch placed their beak on top of his head, eyes closing as they too fell back into their slumber.

It had been days. Long unbearable days ever since the large egg had come into their life. Pipis wouldn't usually spend more than a few hours without hatching, but the large egg did not relent and Swatch had grown to become more and more concerned as time went on. Spamton was desperate for it to hatch, becoming increasingly more and more obsessed with the egg, and always wanting to keep it warm and close to him.

It had gotten to the point where Spamton was neglecting his personal needs, with Swatch often interfering and offering to go on egg duty themselves. Shortly after dinner, Swatch sat in bed, egg warmly covered on their lap. They noticed that it only seemed to grow heavier as time went on, and Swatch couldn't help but entertain the idea of what could be inside. The idea that it was just another pipis egg filled with miniature Spamtons had long left their mind, and while neither of them wanted to admit it, it was hard not to acknowledge the obvious of what this was.

Swatch heard Spamton come into the room, carrying a tray with two cups of Swatch's favourite tea on it. He was visibly solemn and quiet, and after placing the tray on the bedside table, he quietly crawled into bed, staring at the egg for a bit and letting his head fall onto Swatch's arm with a sigh. Swatch seemed surprised by this, holding the small Addison closer to them.

"Why so blue...?" They asked softly, and Spamton looked back at them, shaking his head in response.

"D-DON'T [Worry] ABOUT IT..." He spoke, as quiet as his voice would allow him and Swatch nodded, placing a kiss on top of his head.

"Have you... thought of what you would like to name them?" Swatch spoke softly, getting a surprised look from Spamton.

"WH-WHAT DO Y0U M3AN...?" He seemed visibly worried.

"The egg... There is no denying it... I think there's someone inside..." They smiled tenderly but it fell when they heard a quiet sniffing coming from Spamton, which turned into gentle weeping "...what's wrong...?"

"I... I TH-THOUGHT..." He hiccupped while crying and Swatch was quick to try and comfort him.

"Shh, it's okay... Breathe first..." They passed a finger through his cheek, cleaning the tears away "What is it...?"

"I th-thought you w-were going to k-kick me out...!" He sobbed and got an incredulous look from Swatch who just held him against their chest.

"Wh-What?! No... No! I love you so much, why would I do such a thing to you...?!"

"B-BECAUSE YOU D-DIDN'T [Sign-Up for Planned Parenthoo— NO! P-PARENTING! P-PARENT..." He hugged them back, his small hands clinging to them.

"And you think I'd resort to being a deadbeat?" They chuckled gently, petting his hair as they heard Spamton let out a half-hearted laugh in response, sniffing and curling on their lap "Whether this is another one of your eggs, or something else, I'll still be here..."

Spamton nodded and took a deep breath as he felt Swatch's warm arms surrounding him. The egg in front of him remained unmoving and he looked down "I don't know what I'd [[INSERT NAME HERE]] them... If there even is anything to name..." He mumbled in uncertainty, looking back at Swatch who blinked in surprise, putting down their teacup back on the side.

"There should be time to figure that out, should it not?" They spoke and Spamton smiled genuinely before a sudden sound startled the couple.


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