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The Dealmaker

Spamton x Swatch - 16k Words - 6/? Chapters - November 2021-January 2022
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - January 12th 2022


Spamton wakes up and realizes that a part of his memories are missing and he did something really bad that he can't quite recall. However, he's now living in Castle Town and ready to embrace a fresh start when he meets a familiar face.

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Other characters are mentioned but not worth getting tagged, Spamton has abandonment issues and a fat crush on Swatch, Swatch finds Spamton in the trash and takes him home is a good trope and I want in, Post NEO fight, tags will be added as i continue, Spamton can fit so much trauma in him, Anxiety Attacks, PTSD I guess??, Nudity, But like in a ball joint doll sort of way, Touch-Starved

The Dealmaker

Chapter 6

Spamton tried to wrap his head around what had just taken place, the loud static from that dark place had faded, only leaving behind a ringing noise that played in the back of his head, slowly fading out. He was still in Swatch's living room, he was still laying on their couch, and he was still disoriented.

"Spamton, are you alright...?" Swatch's voice sounded through his mind fog “You were sleeping but then you started mumbling something about "losing" someone... I thought you had woken up, but..." They trailed off, clearly shaken themselves, but Spamton didn't seem to react much to this, only staring down and furrowing his brow in response.

"...Just a bad dream."

"Does that... happen a lot...? You were starting to shake before I woke you up..." They sighed, but the small puppet was still silent.

"...WHO DID I [[Lost and Found]]?"


"YOU S4ID I WAS [[Talking in your sleep?]] ABOUT LOSING [[SOME ]]." He looked as if through them "I DON'T... REMEMBER THAT."

Swatch looked dumbfounded, how were they supposed to answer that? Spamton was the one who had had the dream.

"Spamton, I... I don't know..." They spoke in confusion "You said something along the lines of "I lost him" but... I'm sorry, your speech just became so... garbled..." They paused, sighing "I couldn't pick up on anything else..."

Spamton simply sat quietly and slowly shook his head, his small eyes were widened but his gaze was distant. Him? Who was "Him"? He blinked again, as if coming to his senses and looked back at Swatch, waving off an arm dismissively "AH, WHO CAR3S ?! A B4D [Sweet Dreams Are Made Of ] NEVER HURT NOBODY !" He laughed as Swatch frowned, a look of pity and mild frustration that Spamton immediately recognized, causing him to flinch and look away "S-SERIOUSLY, SWATCH... IT'S F1NE."

"You never answered my question... Is this normal for you?" They spoke firmly, getting a confused look from the small Addison who tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"OF C0URSE IT IS ! EVERYONE HAS [[Night Terrors]] EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE !" He spoke but winced when Swatch's look of pity morphed into one of shock.

"Spamton, that's not..."

"N-NOT WH4T?" His expression dropped as he swallowed in dry "Wh-Why are you looking at me like [[THAT]] ?"

"That is not normal..."

Spamton was about to protest, but when Swatch firmly held his hand, he paused, focusing on how small it was against theirs as he pulled it away. "I-IT'S... It'S NORM4L... Th1S IS N-N0RMAL FOR ME... I'M [[Used to it]] !"

"How long has this been going on...?" Swatch looked stern and Spamton gave them a tired look, opening his mouth as if to speak but quickly glancing at the side.

"...I don't want to talk about it." He murmured and Swatch look pensive, they wanted to understand what was happening to him, what had happened, why his speech was fluctuating, but with how distraught the puppet looked, they figured that it was best if they drop it for now. His mental state was fragile enough as it was without them nagging him about it.

"I see... I apologize for prying..." They sighed, noticing how Spamton simply sat on the couch, hugging his knees under his shirt while avoiding their gaze. His mind seemed lost in thought, and Swatch couldn't help but worry, his silence was becoming nerve-wracking.

"...Are you hungry, Spamton...?" They tried to change the subject, smiling when they saw the way the Addison's expression perked up as he looked back at them, a blush on his face.

"O-OH! N-NO! No... YOU DON'T HAVE TO W0RRY ABOUT [[Lil Ol' Me]] ! YOU'VE DON3 [It's too much!] ALREADY !" He laughed awkwardly, rubbing his arm nervously. However, as if on cue, his small stomach decided to let out a low grumble, making him blush in embarrassment.

He saw the way Swatch was smiling at him, it wasn't exactly a smug smile, but they certainly seemed amused by the timing of the situation. "Are you certain about that?" They teased, with Spamton still hugging his knees while staring flustered at them.

He hadn't noticed it before, but there was a certain smell in the air, something that smelled absolutely delicious and he couldn't help but feel his mouth water with it. When was the last time he had had a proper meal? Perfectly salvageable leftovers that darkners would throw away only helped so much, but at least it was one thing his small body had going for him. Needing less sustenance meant more food to ration throughout the days. His stomach ached, but it was so common that he was used to it. He was used to a lot of things, he thought.

"Spamton?" Swatch asked, bringing him back from his train of thought "I promise it's no trouble for me... Do you want to eat anything...?"

The Addison simply stared quietly, he wanted to say yes so badly, but he knew he was pushing his luck, good things weren't supposed to happen to him. Not without a terrible price to pay, and this was something he had learned to accept as part of his life.

"WHAT WILL I [[Payments Owed]] YOU?"

"Spamton, you don't—"

"PLEASE, SWATCH." He seemed desperate, his small eyes fixed on the bird "I H4VE TO [Give back to the community] O-OR 3LSE...!"

"Or else what...?" Swatch looked concerned, getting the puppet to freeze and look at the side, his breathing tensing up.


As he said this, Swatch simply pondered as they stared at him, they didn't exactly understand why he was reacting like this, perhaps some Addison instinct that made him reject "free-handouts" as he put it earlier? Or maybe it was yet another piece of the puzzle that was his trauma... But either way, he seemed serious enough about it.

"If you insist, then I suppose you could... Uhm..." Swatch thought for a bit "How about you assist me in doing the dishes when we're done? Would that suffice?"

They swore they could see the way his eyes lit up with this "[[Y3S]] ! I CAN DO TH3M MYSELF ! "

"You will assist me." They repeated firmly "If I deem you capable of doing them yourself then I will reconsider."

Spamton couldn't help but find himself getting flustered with their authoritarian tone, was his face getting warm again? Snap out of it! "O-OF C0URSE, [[BOSS]] !" He stuttered nervously "ANYTH1NG ELSE I CAN [[Assistance needed]] YOU WITH ?"

Swatch smiled with this "That will not be necessary, don't worry." Swatch got up from kneeling and headed back to the kitchen, sighing in relief when their cooking wasn't ruined while left unattended after that... night terror situation. They were about to get themselves lost in thought when they heard small pattered footsteps follow them into the kitchen, stopping by the door.

Spamton was just standing there, seeming a bit fidgety but still staring expectantly at them. Swatch tried to ignore him to focus on their task for a bit, but for someone so small, the Addison still seemed to have a rather strong presence.

"Do you... need anything...?" Curiously, they turned to face him, getting the small puppet to jump startled.

"A-AH...! I W4S JUST TRY1NG TO SEE [[What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?]] !" He immediately covered his mouth when those particular words left his lips. Stupid stupid stupi—

"Ah. Just soup." Swatch smiled as if taking no notice of the glitch, or purposely ignoring it for Spamton's sake. "Is that alright? I figure it should be quite filling... I don't have much else I could offer at the moment..."

"HEAHEAHEA ! BETTER TH4N [[Stale Buns]] FROM THE TrAsh CAN !" He laughed, but Swatch grimaced in response.

"Well, I hope you won't have to resort to eating from the garbage from now on..." They seemed to have a worried smile. "Please take a seat, I'm almost done."

Despite everything, their voice was still calm and soothing, and Spamton quietly nodded, noticing a table in the kitchen and climbing a tall chair, realizing fairly quickly that this table too was Swatchling sized and he was too short for it. Swatch seemed distracted again and Spamton felt too embarrassed to go grab a pillow or anything to help him sit more comfortably. He couldn't bear to be looked at with pity again, he already felt so weak and puny all the time.

He had to kneel to be at a comfortable height but quickly found this to be inefficient when his knees began to ache.

"Oh, you don't have to sit like that..." Swatch stared back at him with a surprised look and Spamton gasped in surprise.

"HAHA, IT'S [[Everything is Fine!]] !" He looked embarrassed but Swatch wasn't convinced.

"Nonsense... Let me grab you something to boost your seat..."

Spamton gave an embarrassed grin, but before he could respond, the bird had already left back to the living room. They had turned off the stove and Spamton could hear his stomach grumble again, the food just smelled so good and he was starving...

Swatch was quick to return, two of the firm pillows from the couch in hand as they approached Spamton, who saw it as a sign to scuttle away while they placed the pillows on the chair, giving him a more comfortable height to sit on.

He quietly thanked them as they went back for the soup, serving two bowls which they gracefully carried to the table. As usual, Spamton couldn't help but watch, just like he did when he lived in the mansion. Swatch still had it, flourishes that followed their every movement, making Spamton let out a quiet dreamy sigh. Damn it, his mind wasn't going to let that old crush go, was it? Were they doing it on purpose? Did Swatch ever drop the butler mannerisms? Or was it all natural to them? He couldn't help but wonder.

"I'm sorry this is not my best work..." Swatch excused themselves "I wasn't planning on cooking anything at this hour..."

"C-COME ON, [[Tweeter Bird]], YOU REALLY DIDN'T HAVE TO GO ALL [Out of Stock]..." Spamton tried to sound relaxed, but his voice couldn't help but betray him every time.

"I invited you into my home, Spamton, I intend on being a good host..." They gave a gentle yet playful smile "Now please eat, it would be a waste to allow your food to go cold."

"O-OF C0URSE... Th-Thanks..."

The two sat in a comfortable silence, with Spamton reluctantly bringing the spoon to his mouth. Would he be pushing his luck if he ate this meal? His stomach rumbled and his mouth watered, and without another thought, he allowed himself to put the spoon in his mouth. Feeling a shiver going down his spine as his mouth exploded with warmth and flavour. He kept the spoon in his mouth, closing his eyes as he savoured the moment when he had tasted it the first time.

He missed this, he missed real food so badly, he was tired of rotten food, he was tired of mouldy trash, he was tired of garbage water and cold leftovers and—

"I know you are hungry, but the spoon is not for eating, my friend." Swatch teased as they couldn't help but notice his reaction, getting Spamton to blush embarrassed, removing the spoon out of his mouth.

"S-SORRY, IT'S JUST BEEN [[So Long]] SINCE I H4D SOMETHING THIS [[Tasty Treats!]] [TASTY] [[So TAStY !]]" He seemed delighted.

"I wouldn't doubt that..." They smiled sadly and Spamton ignored their look and he began to properly eat again, whatever leftover manners he had were just completely thrown out the window as he ate in quite a messy manner.

Swatch was only halfway done with their soup when the small Addison had finished his own bowl, seeming to loudly scrape the corners with his spoon for any leftovers until the bowl would be completely cleaned off. He was about to start licking the bowl clean off when he caught Swatch staring right at him, their expression unreadable.

The bird simply blinked in response, opening their beak as if to talk, but no words left their mouth as Spamton very slowly retracted a small red tongue, closing his mouth in embarrassment as he cleared his throat.


"Th-Thank you, I... I'm sorry." They chuckled "I do not want to assume, but... Would you perhaps want another fill?"


"Heh, you really do not have to pay me with chores, you know?" They took his bowl, getting up to refill it. "You still enjoying my cooking after all this time is quite flattering too. And you won't have to worry about starving from now on either..."

"I JUST WANT TO ENJOY IT [[While I still can]] !" He laughed dismissively, now feeling more lively as Swatch offered him another bowl. "I FEEL SO [[100% Battery]] I'M GOING TO WASH ALL YOUR FLOORS AND LEAVE THIS PLACE SPARKLY CLEAN ONCE I'M DONE ! I'M FEEL1NG [[GREATFUL]] !"

"Is it really that important for you to "pay" me back? I promise I do not mind, you seem to have been through a lot..."

"BIG SHOT AUTOS MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN [[Impostor Syndrome]], BUT SPAMTON G. SPAMTON IS AN [[HonestMan]], SWATCH ! I WILL TAKE NO SUCH [[Unpaid Labor]]." He spoke as he began to eat again.

Swatch looked thoughtful, rubbing the underside of their beak "I hope you understand why I'd be reluctant to let you go around and doing chores like that... Especially unsupervised..."


"Not for you." They shook their head as the Addison frowned, looking fidgety. "I would not mind taking you to the new color café tomorrow, and if you're so eager to work, I might give you a job on the back. There are plenty of dishes there..." They chuckled, "I'm sure the Swatchlings would appreciate an extra pair of hands... As well as a familiar face..."

As they finished saying this, they noticed the tense expression on Spamton's face as he looked at them, pushing the bowl away "A-AH! IN THAT CASE, I'LL HAVE TO PASS ! C-CAN'T [Take more than you can chew] !" He was smiling anxiously.

"Oh, please don't feel like you're not allowed to finish..." They frowned at the rejected bowl "What seems to be the problem?"

"HAH... WHAT [ISN'T] THE [PROBL3M] [PR0BLEM] ? I C-CAN'T LET OTH3RS SEE ME [[Like This]] !" He nervously fidgeted with his hands, refusing to finish his meal despite how much he wanted to. "I should have remained dead... IT'S FOR THE BEST ! WHEN I GAVE KRIS MY... M-My..." What did he give them? What did he do to them? His brain was getting foggy again, static surrounding all of those memories and he still couldn't wrap his mind around them. He felt like he was dissociating again, but as he sensed Swatch approaching him, holding his small hands to ground him, he felt his breathing steadying.

"Are you with me...?" They asked and the small puppet slowly nodded "...It was unwise of me to suggest such a thing... You're clearly not feeling well..."

"I-I'M [[Defective]] BUT NOT US3LESS, I CAN STILL [[HELP!]] ! JUST NOT... [[OUT THERE]]..."

Swatch simply stared quietly, uncertain of themselves "...I did not say you were useless... We shall stick to the original plan where you assist me with the dishes. Would that make you feel better...?"

"It... It would..." he quietly nodded.

"Only the dishes." They repeated, a smile on their face, but their tone was firm "After that, I ask that you please get some sleep... And no, I will not take any payment for allowing you a proper bed to sleep on."

"UMPH. ARE YOU SURE...?" He stared dubiously.

"Absolutely. As a reward, I will even allow you to make the bed once you wake up." They spoke with a neutral tone, but Spamton squinted at their attempt at a joke, getting a subtle smile to appear on their beak.

"SWATCH..." He pouted.

"It's a good deal." They quoted him, teasingly.

"DID YOU JUST MAKE A [[Jokes for the whole family]] ?" He wanted to sound annoyed but just started to laugh.

"Nonsense. I would never indulge in such uncouth behaviour." They spoke with obvious sarcasm, reaching for his half-full bowl "So you're not going to finish this?"

"NO !" He quickly reached for the bowl, looking embarrassed with how protective he suddenly got over it. "I-I M3AN, YES I [[WILL]] !" He paused, "HAH... Wow... [[So Sorry!]] I DON'T KNOW WHAT [CAME OVER] M3 ??"

Swatch tried to hide their surprised look, there was a lot more going on there, they thought, but at this point, they had grown to expect it. "It's quite alright. I wasn't going to steal it from you..."

Embarrassed, Spamton nodded and went back to eating, his small stomach quickly filling up.

Whatever Swatch had put in that soup had left him stuffed and he leaned back on the chair with a sluggish sigh when he was done.

"Is... everything alright?" Swatch asked, finishing their bowl.

"I DON'T THINK MY B0DY REMEMBERS WHAT H4VING A [[100% FULL]] STOMACH FEELS LIKE..." He felt satisfied if only the slightest bit nauseous. "TH4NKS, I [[Owe]] YOU..."

"It's nothing..." Swatch smiled, taking both of their bowls "Do you still wish to assist me with the dishes?"

"O-OH ! A [[TASK]] ! YES PL3ASE !" He looked excited and quickly got up from the chair to follow Swatch, but soon realized he was too short to even properly reach the balcony. He was going to protest, but before he had the chance to open his mouth, Swatch had pulled one of the chairs to allow for him to climb it.

"There you go. This should suffice, no?" Swatch asked as Spamton quickly climbed the chair, now reaching just below their neck, a vast improvement compared to how he could just barely reach their thigh.

"WHY DO YOU NEED TO HAVE TALL SIZED [Everything Must Go] ?" He jokingly asked and Swatch shook their head with a smile.

"Our homes were tailored to our needs. If you ever change your mind, perhaps you too can get a house that is... How do you say..." They hummed in thought "...Spamton-sized?"

"OH, JUST SAY [[Small]] !" He laughed as Swatch began washing the dishes, a gentle smile on their beak.

"I did not want to potentially offend you." They put the soap-filled utensils on his half of the sink. "Please rinse these, if you may."

"Pfft. Y-Y3AH I WON'T GET OFFENDED... I'M USED TO IT, ALW4YS HAVE BEEN [[The Runt of the Litter]] ! EVEN BEFORE I..." He paused and shook his head, rinsing the dishes as Swatch put them on his side "B-BEING [[BIG]] IS OVERRATED ANYWAY !"

Swatch couldn't help but chuckle "Overrated? Should I regard that as a jab at my height?"


"More often than you'd imagine..." They smiled tenderly and let out a sigh, getting a surprised look from Spamton "I miss when we'd talk like this..." they spoke, reminiscing.

Spamton couldn't help but get flustered as he rinsed the dishes "W-Wait... [[Stop the Presses!]] Y0U DO...?"

Swatch gave him an odd look, finishing the dishes on their side "Is that surprising...? I always found your banter to be rather entertaining."

"N-NO NO I MEAN..." He looked uncertain "I TH0UGHT I W4S JUST AN0THER [[Forgettable Customer]] ! AND THEN [[Rent overdue]] HAPPENED AND..."

He became silent as he was holding a soapy plate in his hands, eyes staring at the running water while he took deep breaths before shaking his head. Stop blacking out, he scolded himself.

"Are you alright...?" Swatch asked in concern "That seems to be happening a lot..."

"NOTHING'S WR0NG !" He laughed dismissively, quickly rinsing the rest of the dishes and putting them aside "THERE WE GO ! [[SEA]] ? I TOLD Y0U I COULD [[Do IT]] !"

Swatch gave him a concerned look "I knew you could... I hope this takes helps you feel better about thinking you "owe" me payment..." They dried their hands on a towel, letting out a yawn as they signalled for Spamton to do the same.

"I'LL TAKE WHAT I CAN!" The puppet quickly obliged, hopping down the chair as the bird quietly put it back in its place.

"Of course..." They nodded, cringing when they glanced at the time again "Spamton, I... I'll have to take a morning shift tomorrow, so it's best if we try and get some sleep."

Spamton looked nervous, glancing at the clock and realizing how late it was "R-RIGHT, YOU STILL HAVE WORK, I... I forgot..."

"I hope we can properly talk tomorrow when I return..." They sighed "Unfortunately I do not have a guest room, but I will let you sleep in my bed for the night. You need it more than I do..."

"What...? W0AH WO4H!" He protested, point an accusatory finger "WH-WH4T AB0UT YOU ?!" Spamton looked nervous, but Swatch simply shook their head.

"I can take the couch for tonight."


"No buts. We agreed on no more haggling with paying me for hosting you..." Swatch was quick to retort, a smile appearing on their beak as Spamton pouted while looking offended.

"THIS ISN'T ABOUT [Payment Due] ! IT'S NOT FAIR FOR YOU TO [[Trouble falling asleep?]] ON THE COUCH !" The Addison still interjected, "I'M [[Fun Sized]], I CAN SL3EP THERE JUST [F1NE] [FIN3] !"

"Are you sure about that...?" Swatch looked worried "I figured you'd be more enthusiastic about sleeping in a proper bed... The couch is rather stiff..."

"I SLEPT THERE JUST F1NE!" He crossed his arms stubbornly, getting a look of realization from Swatch.

"N-No, you... Spamton, you had a nightmare..." They looked exasperated, getting a guilty look from the Addison.


"The discomfort doesn't really help in that regard... a-and if you've been sleeping in trashcans of all places..." They shook their head "Please... I promise it is not an issue."

Spamton thought for a bit, rubbing his arm. He already felt like he was overstaying his welcome, but this? He'd be lying if he said he wasn't desperate to remember what a real bed felt like. But taking Swatch's bed like that? It just didn't feel right.

"I... I WOULDN'T FEEL [A-Okay!] LIKE TH4T! I'D FEEL SO [Guilty!] MY... uh... MY [[Night Terrors]] W0ULD GET WORS3...!" He tried to come up with an excuse but deep down he knew his own anxiety would make sure to use his dreams to torment him further.

"Oh..." Swatch seemed to understand "Well, there's a recliner chair in my room, I could sleep on it instead and if that happens, I'll be there to wake you up. Does that sound better?"

Damn it. Swatch was really dedicated to having him sleep as comfortably as possible. What a nightmare. "UHM, I DON'T KNOW HOW I'D FEEL WITH YOU [[Watching me in my sleep]]... !" He chuckled nervously and Swatch tiredly rubbed their eyes.

"I would do no such thing..." They yawned, beckoning him to their room "I just want us to get some rest... Unless you want to share the bed. I'm just not letting you take my couch."

Spamton blushed with this suggestion, but seeing Swatch's drowsy look made him think they meant nothing weird about it. It wasn't weird! It was like a sleepover! ...with someone with who he had a rather complicated history with... And an unreciprocated crush that didn't make it any easier.

Their room really wasn't anything special, it had Swatch's personal touch and accents, but also the vibe of a place that had just been moved into. A place that was recent, but slightly unfamiliar even to the one living in it. Was their house in Cyber City different? Or did they live in the mansion? Spamton couldn't help but wonder this, looking up at the bird who stared expectantly at him.

"Well...?" They asked.


"Do you want to share the bed?" They repeated and Spamton looked ahead, the large bed was fit for a Swatchling, all that space would be wasted on someone like Spamton, who felt minuscule compared to it. He could just simply sleep on the corner of the bed, Swatch wouldn't even know he was there to begin.

"...SHARE." He mumbled quietly, getting a relieved sigh from Swatch. If this would prevent them from deciding to sleep on the couch or the aforementioned recliner, then he would take it.

"That settles it then." They smiled and Spamton yelped when large winged hands suddenly held him and placed him on the bed as he felt the soft plush texture of the bedcovers underneath his feet.

Spamton was about to protest about being manheld like that, but seeing the tired look on Swatch's face as they removed their glasses made him decide to have mercy on the darkner, who had been so generous and caring of him for no reason. As the bird placed their glasses on the bedside table, Spamton froze in realization, looking at them with a blush on his cheeks.

"Swatch...?" He spoke with a surprised look, getting the bird to hum in his direction.

"Yes...?" They pulled the covers on their side "You don't have to stand on the bed like that... Make yourself comfortable."

Spamton blushed and quickly nodded, laying down and placing himself as close to the edge of the bed as comfortably possible, unable to stop looking at the bird who gave him an odd look.

"What...? Is there something on my face?" Swatch inquired and Spamton quickly shook his head, feeling himself blush he just looked to the side, burying himself in the fresh covers.

"I-I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU WITHOUT YOUR [[Iconic spectacles]]..." He spoke, unable to stop feeling completely flustered. Looking back at them, he couldn't help but get a smile on his face.

"You mean my... Glasses...? Oh." They looked surprised.

Their eyes.

They looked just like his own.

Small round beady eyes, in a warm rust brown colour... And they looked tired. Spamton wasn't sure what he expected, maybe something handsome and beautiful, like he had imagined them in his dreams, or maybe something bright and intimidating, like a raven, or sharp like the edges of their glasses and the folds of their suit.

Instead, he was met with round, tired, and patient eyes, and somehow, this clash against everything he believed in couldn't make him happier at the sight. Swatch simply got bashful with the dorky awestruck look on the Addison's face, feeling embarrassed. They straightened their back as they turned towards their nightlight. "W-Well, if you're comfortable, then I'll turn off the light. Is that alright?"

Spamton snapped out of his trance, the realization of his position was setting in as he flushed, turning so his back was facing the bird "I-IT'S FINE! GOODNIGHT AND [[SWEET DREAMS]] !" He blushed and turned his head a bit "O-Oh and... thank you... f-FOR EVERYTHING !"

Swatch smiled at this, reaching to turn off the lights "Goodnight Spamton... Do not hesitate to wake me up if something happens..."

They shut down the lights and made themselves comfortable, falling asleep not soon after when exhaustion took them.

Spamton was lying perfectly still in bed, when he heard Swatch's breathing steadying, he let out a sigh. Good. Now he could sneak back into the couch and sleep there so Swatch could have their bed all to themself. He wouldn't have to be a burden any more than he needed to.

He closed his eyes, hands grasping at the soft bed sheets. They felt so warm and comforting, and as he felt the soft fleece texture in his fingers, he allowed himself to get lost in it for just a moment, curling his body into a fetal position and burying his face on the soft covers, letting out a quiet hum in delight.

Having something that wasn't his own dirty jacket to cover himself with was a feeling he deeply missed. He was still going to sneak back to the couch, he told himself, half-closing his eyes as sleepiness was kicking in. But he just wanted to enjoy this a while longer, he could feel the warmth coming from Swatch's body, and their steady breathing reminded him that he wasn't alone.

Aside from the terrifying nightmare earlier and the occasional panic episodes, Spamton's mind had been oddly quiet. Would the static and noise come back if he allowed himself to fall back asleep? He was anxiously kneading on the soft bed sheets when Swatch turned in bed, making the entire thing creak with their size as they let out a relaxed breath.

They were closer to him now and Spamton flushed, realizing that this made his plan of sneaking out all the harder. He felt ashamed of himself for even still considering it and buried himself deeper in the covers. He was too close to Swatch and it made him flustered. Embarrassed, and in an attempt to ignore the thoughts that told him to leave, Spamton quietly inched closer to the bird who loomed over him. Not too close. He didn't want to get crushed if Swatch decided to turn in his direction, but something about the proximity made Spamton feel... safe? Steady? ...Protected?

He wasn't sure of what this feeling was, but it felt comforting. Maybe just this once, he held the covers closely, making himself comfortable and taking a last glance at Swatch before closing his eyes.

Maybe just this once, he'd allow himself to have this...


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