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The Dealmaker

Spamton x Swatch - 16k Words - 6/? Chapters - November 2021-January 2022
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - January 12th 2022


Spamton wakes up and realizes that a part of his memories are missing and he did something really bad that he can't quite recall. However, he's now living in Castle Town and ready to embrace a fresh start when he meets a familiar face.

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Other characters are mentioned but not worth getting tagged, Spamton has abandonment issues and a fat crush on Swatch, Swatch finds Spamton in the trash and takes him home is a good trope and I want in, Post NEO fight, tags will be added as i continue, Spamton can fit so much trauma in him, Anxiety Attacks, PTSD I guess??, Nudity, But like in a ball joint doll sort of way, Touch-Starved

The Dealmaker

Chapter 5

A distant sound of water running could be heard as Spamton quietly sat on Swatch's couch.

"I'm going to wash up and change. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to knock at the door." Spamton recalled the bird's words as they had closed themselves in the bathroom for a well-deserved bath.

He nervously kicked his legs on the soft couch, feeling just the slightest bit silly in what he was wearing.

Swatch had provided him with a medium-sized shirt, which fit him like a weird dress. Swatch said it had shrunk in a washing machine accident, but due to their emotional attachment to the garment, they couldn't bring themselves to get rid of it.

"I SURVIVED QUEEN’S WILD TEACUP RIDE AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS SHIRT!" were the words plastered on it, along with a crude graphic of the Queen's face underneath them. Swatch had been apologetic over this, but Spamton simply shrugged it off. As much as he loved his old suit, he was grateful to finally be wearing something clean for once, even if it had her face on it.

However, the small black and white shorts with the strings pulled to the very extreme in order to tie around Spamton's relatively smaller waist were less than ideal and gave the puppet the appearance of wearing cartoonishly puffy pants. Swatch hadn't said anything, but Spamton could see them trying to hold out a giggle from him.

But the puppet didn't mind, Swatch always had a nice laugh, and Spamton cursed himself for memories of his past infatuation returning to him. Sure he had a crush on Swatch when he lived in the mansion, bUT WHO DIDN'T ?!

He couldn't let himself think about this, Swatch would probably want him out by tomorrow, either by talking to the dark prince to get him his own home or convince him to live with the Addisons, the latter making him nauseous to his stomach. But he also couldn't just keep on leeching off of Swatch’s goodwill like some sort of little sponge. At least not until he could pay them, they deserved as much.

Swatch was kind. Stern yet gentle eyes would look down at him with understanding and Spamton couldn't begin to comprehend why they had been so nice to him. It wasn’t like Swatch had ever gone out of their way to be malicious, but even they could have their limits.

Spamton let out a wimpy sigh and plopped himself to the side of the couch, a soft decorative pillow catching him as he stared ahead. He was so comfortable, he didn't feel like he deserved it, but yet, the warm home, the moody orange lights, the sound of the water running in the background… Spamton felt his breathing relax and his chest get lighter as he closed his eyes with a gentle breath. He was so tired…

Swatch simply rubbed their eyes as they had finished bathing, drying off their plumage while they stared at the mirror. Their small eyes looked tired and Swatch sighed as they recalled why.

They didn't realize the state Spamton was in, and helping him had seemed to help resurface some of the memories that their mind had attempted to repress. The small Addison's screams during the acid incident had been burned into their memory, and it took years of burying themselves in work just so they could repress that memory out of their mind. Were they relapsing?

Swatch felt small tears welling up in the corners of their eyes, the guilt of being unable to talk the Queen out of such a horrifying deed, of hearing months later that Spamton was still out there and Swatch not choosing to seek him out… It made their chest ache.

They told themselves it wasn't their responsibility, they hardly spoke outside of their café interactions, he was just a regular customer, a chatty one at that. And even though Swatch too had done their fair share of escorting Spamton out of the mansion when he was evicted and banned from it, the bird couldn't bring themselves to talk to him back then. Instead, their mind would simply numb itself at the sight of the Addison.

But there was no use dwelling in the past, at least now they could actually help him and perhaps make up for their inaction in the past. They shook their head and wiped their eyes, putting on their glasses and getting into more casual sleepwear. They left the bathroom to place their clothes in the laundry basket, but their eyes landed on the living room's couch.

Spamton was lying on his side, feet tucked under the large shirt as he appeared to be napping on the couch, head resting on one of the stiff decorative pillows, though the puppet did not seem to mind this and Swatch let out a sigh in relief. He had already fallen asleep on Swatch's chest when they brought him home, and now he was napping again. But yet, Swatch couldn’t judge, they imagined the garbage container wasn’t anywhere near comfortable to sleep in.

After placing their clothes in the laundry, Swatch went to fetch a warm blanket for the puppet, gently placing it over him so he wouldn't wake up. Swatch saw how Spamton seemed to nuzzle against it, letting out a quiet humming noise and they smiled.

They were planning on making them both something to eat, Spamton hadn't said anything, but Swatch could hear his stomach rumbling at times. How he still managed to fall asleep while hungry like that was a mystery for them, but Swatch decided it would be for the best to still make something in case he'd wake up later on.

They headed into the kitchen which was connected with the living room and while still keeping an eye on the puppet, they began to prepare something, cutting vegetables efficiently but quietly not to make too much noise.

They glanced at the clock on the wall, it was past midnight and Swatch grimaced, realizing they'd be certainly underperforming at work tomorrow. They never really took days off during work, and they were uncertain if they'd make the exception in order to assist their guest. Maybe they'd call a Swatchling to take over the café tomorrow, but they did hate warning others with such short notice…

Perhaps only do a morning shift while Spamton slept and then ask someone to look after the cafe for the rest of the day? Then again they didn't know the puppet's sleep schedule or how likely he was to also be an early bird. They also didn’t feel like Spamton would be too thrilled about coming to the Café with them...

Swatch’s brainstorm was interrupted as they heard the small Addison moving, but as they looked back, it was just him shifting in his sleep.

“You need to get him back.”

Spamton heard the whispering voice speak to him from the shadows.

“You have to find him.”

Was someone talking to him? The words repeated in his mind, but it was as if he couldn't process them. Spamton walked through the dark void, unable to see anything, only ever getting dark, darker and yet darker like all his dreams had been since he had started to speak with… No... That was in the past.

What was this? He couldn't see anything in front of his nose, but he heard the static in the distance and made his way to it, his legs began feeling heavier as he approached. The static ringed in his mind, increasing as he kept walking to its source. He couldn’t see anything, but he had the feeling that there was a presence in front of him, and whatever it was, it felt large and menacing.

He froze in place, fear overwhelming him as he wanted to run away as fast as he could, but his legs did not respond to him and from the corners of his eyes, he could catch the glimpse of strings, faded, glistening like the threads of a spider web, holding him in place. He felt his blood run cold and he looked back at the entity before him. Nothing but pitch black, and yet, he could almost hear a humming sound from underneath all the static, it was as if it was breathing.

Then suddenly a booming sound, like that of spotlights being turned on as two round bright lights appeared in front of him, like headlights of a car showering him in pink and yellow. Blinded by their brightness, Spamton covered his face, falling to his knees as the static overwhelmed his senses. He yelled and cried out, but the cacophony of garbage noise just drowned any sound he could muster.



The puppet suddenly gasped awake, instinctively pushing the large feathered hand away from his small body. He was panting, the static fading away before he came to his senses, looking back at the figure in front of him.

It was Swatch. They were looking at him sternly, yet he could tell how there was a hint of fear in their gaze. The puppet simply stared at them, only his quiet panting was heard as Swatch too stared at him in silence, opening their beak to speak but freezing in place. Spamton looked down at his hands, balling them into fists as the image of the dream was already fading from his mind.

“Spamton, can you hear me...?” Swatch spoke as the puppet remained in shock, looking at them, then at his surroundings as he reminded himself of where he was. He looked back at Swatch, opening his mouth to speak but for a moment, he was at a loss for words.

“...WHAT [[Happened]]?”

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