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The Dealmaker

Spamton x Swatch - 16k Words - 6/? Chapters - November 2021-January 2022
Status - Discontinued
Last Updated - January 12th 2022


Spamton wakes up and realizes that a part of his memories are missing and he did something really bad that he can't quite recall. However, he's now living in Castle Town and ready to embrace a fresh start when he meets a familiar face.

Spamton G. Spamton/Swatch, Other characters are mentioned but not worth getting tagged, Spamton has abandonment issues and a fat crush on Swatch, Swatch finds Spamton in the trash and takes him home is a good trope and I want in, Post NEO fight, tags will be added as i continue, Spamton can fit so much trauma in him, Anxiety Attacks, PTSD I guess??, Nudity, But like in a ball joint doll sort of way, Touch-Starved

The Dealmaker

Chapter 2

As Swatch made their way back to their home, they were lost in a daze. While their steps were elegant and almost as if carefully calculated to achieve perfection, they could hear Spamton's steps not far behind them, rushed and frantic.

"Huff. Puff. H-HEY [Slow down], B1G BIRD !" The puppet called out, causing Swatch to snap out of their trance and look back at Spamton with a surprised expression.

"Y-Yes...?" They stopped, noticing the small Addison finally catching up with them and stopping, placing his hands on his legs as he caught his breath.

"YOU KNOW I CAN'T [Keep up with these great deals!] WITH [Legs like these]!"

Swatch flushed a bit, recalling a past memory of the Addison trying to follow them in the mansion just to chat. He was already small back then, struggling to keep up with the busy butler, but it was even harder now that he was two-thirds of his original size.

"HOW [[Big]] IS THIS PLACE?" Spamton seemed to have calmed down but still appeared visibly tired.

"It is not too far now, we're almost there..." Swatch spoke, trying to remain serious as they chose their next words carefully "Would you... prefer if I were to carry you?"

The puppet simply looked flustered at them "TH4T IS NOT P?RT OF THE [[Deal]] !?" He shook his head waving his hands nervously "NO N0, I WOULD JUST [Weigh you down]!" He tried to walk ahead of them before Swatch spoke again.

"I have carried platters heavier than you, Spamton. I promise it is not an issue. If you are tired, my offer remains."

Spamton was quiet, he wanted to accept the offer but he knew he was already pushing his luck. He still didn't know what the catch was for Swatch trying to help him, but he did feel really tired. Trying to keep up the loud salesman persona became harder as he just felt himself getting more and more drowsy.

"I... I COULD [Go for a ride] ! IF YOU TELL ME WHAT THE [[CATCH]] IS."

Swatch simply sighed and approached him "The catch..." they spoke as they picked Spamton up "...Is that we'll arrive home quicker."

"HAH! HAH4H!" Spamton nervously curled his body, hugging his legs "OF COUR5E ! [Silly me] !" He got more nervous as Swatch held him with a single hand, allowing for Spamton to rest against their chest.

Swatch almost immediately regretted this choice, sensing the dumpster smell coming from the puppet, but before they could make a mental note to tell Spamton to wash up when they arrived, they noticed how he seemed to lean back and half-closed his eyes, as if drowsy.

Despite everything, Spamton tried to keep his eyes open to the best of his ability, but the warmth from Swatch's chest was so soothing, and as they kept walking, Spamton just lost himself in the warm feeling. He was always so cold, all the time, he couldn't recall the last time he had felt warmth like that.

Swatch blushed as they felt the puppet relaxing and almost burying himself in their chest. They looked down, realizing that Spamton had fallen asleep, just like that, without another word. They didn't have the heart to wake him up but felt grateful that at least he wasn't yelling his words out anymore.

Swatch soon arrived at their home, sleeping puppet in hand as they made their way inside. Spamton did not seem to notice this, and Swatch fought themselves to try and decide if they'd wake him up or not. He was still covered in leftover vines, his suit appeared stained and his hair too had seen better days. Secretly, Swatch wondered to themselves if it was just an aversion to letting Spamton make a mess out of their new couch if they let him sleep there, but they shook that intrusive thought away, tending to their guest was more important.

They gently shook the puppet awake, who grumbled quietly, rubbing his eyes "Uhmmm... Are we there yet...?" his voice was but a murmur, the lack of a glitch catching Swatch off guard.

"...Y-Yes." Swatch spoke, holding him far away from them "And you are in a desperate need for a bath."

"Hah... Classic Swatchy..." He rubbed his eyes, legs dangling as he was held up like a cat "THIS [Hotel room service] HAS [[EVERYTHING INCLUDED]]..." Spamton laughed tiredly before getting placed on the floor as Swatch left to go grab some towels.

"Yes, well, I know you are tired, but I would really prefer if you washed up before resting. I'm sure you can understand."


"W-Well, not that kind of washed-up..." Swatch looked embarrassed as Spamton seemed to continue laughing at his self-deprecating joke, his awkward laughter fading into silence as he paused, noticing Swatch disappearing into another room. Following Swatch to the bathroom, he saw how it was clean and pristine, as well as for the fact that nearly everything was Swatchling sized, even the... bathtub.

Swatch seemed to notice Spamton's growing concern in his expression, his gaze seemed distant and his posture was tense, and as Swatch placed a hand on his shoulder, he let out a yelp, looking back up at the bird with fear in his eyes.

"Is... Is something the matter...?" Swatch quietly asked, the uncharacteristic expression on the puppet concerning them.

"[[Please]] P-PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE A [Shower]."

This question was strange and Swatch just gave him a strange look "I do not... You know, if you require assistance, I can..." their voice trailed off as the puppet carved his fingers in the door frame, visibly shaking and sweating.

"T-TOO M4NY [[Warm baths]] CAN,T P0SSIBLY BE GOOD FOR YOUR [[SKIN-CARE]] !" He was shaking as Swatch couldn't understand what the issue was.

"Spamton, you have t—"

"PL3ASE PLE4SE DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THERE!" Shaking, he fell to his knees, still clinging to the door frame. "I don't want to go in, p-please, I'm s-sorry...!"

"W-What are you talking about...?" They got down on their knees, noticing how Spamtom was firmly clinging to the door, muttering to himself and shaking his head "I know the bathtub is quite large but it isn't dangerous... For your size, it can even feel like you're in a—"


Swatch froze as the realization hit them and a past memory flooded back.

It felt so long ago... They couldn't bear to watch when the Queen threw the begging Addison in the acid for his repeated trespassing attempts. Swatch didn't see it, they didn't want to see it, but they sure heard it, and those glitched cries, screams and pleas for help had haunted them for weeks ever since.

Spamtom was breathing heavily, was this why Swatch had brought him home?! To finish the job?! Tears of static were forming in his eyes, he was already broken, he didn't want this, not from them. He felt a feathered hand rubbing his back as he held on tighter to the door frame.

"P-PLEASE D0N'T [[Hurt]] M3!" He cried out "I'LL PAY MY DEBTS, I SW3- SWE4- I SWEAR,!! I JUST NEED MORE [[TIME]] !" His voice continuously seemed to glitch and Swatch just kept rubbing his back, their voice softening as they didn't expect a reaction like this.

"Spamton, this isn't Cyber City... Whatever debts you had, they've been paid for. This is a fresh start for all of us. Even for you..."

Spamton sniffed loudly, looking back at them sadly "S-SO YOU'RE [Not] THROWING ME IN THE [Acid Pool] ?"

"There is no shrinking acid in Castle Town, no. Just water for you to clean up..." They tried to grab Spamton but the puppet was still firmly holding on to the door frame.


"But... It's safe... I can even help you if something happens..." They reassured, but Spamton just shook his head and hid his face in his arms, still sniffling quietly.

Swatch sighed and got up again, turning the tap and filling the tub with warm water and preparing a bubble bath. They noticed Spamton taking glances at them from the door frame as they reached for the shampoo and conditioner bottles, but he remained unmoving.

The steam filled the air and the pleasant aroma became quite tempting to the puppet. He couldn't recall the last time he had been able to take a bath, probably since the acid incident, since staying out during cold rainy days hardly qualified as showering.

He looked at the tap, he knew it was water. Of course it was water! He could rationalize it as such, but his mind still brought him back to the feeling of almost drowning in a pool of acid and his fear did not subside.

Swatch closed the tap and approached the Addison, who looked back at them with sad small beady eyes.

"Please allow me to assist you. Your safety is my top priority..." Swatch spoke carefully, but Spamton just became flustered on top of his nerves.

"I C-CAN'T DO IT W1TH Y0U [Watching from the comfort of your home] !" He quickly spoke, getting a soft smile out of Swatch who saw his response as progress.

"Are you certain? I would not mind if you prefer to do it by yourself, but I do not wish for you to harm yourself in case you have another... episode..." They spoke worriedly, turning to grab a bench and placing it next to the large bathtub.

Spamton simply sat quietly, his gaze still firm on the bathtub but he took a deep breath. This was safe. He was safe.

So why couldn't he let go of the door frame?

Looking at him, Swatch seemed to have understood the conflict in the puppet's head as they approached him once more "What could I do to make this easier for you?"

"I d-don't know..." he seemed tense "I'M NOT GOING TO [Undress me anywhere!] IN FRONT OF [[YOU]] !"

Swatch flushed in response to this. They were used to the Swatchlings being all so playful and casual when it came to bath time that they did not even stop to consider that Spamton wouldn't share that same level of comfort.

"A-Ah. Of course, I can grant you that privacy." They reached to grab the clean towels, placing them where Spamton could reach them "Leave your clothes at the door and I will get them washed.

"W-WA1T..,!" He called out, turning to look at Swatch "WHAT WILL I BE [Changing room] INT0!?"

"Worry not. I'm sure I have some spare clothes that can fit you." Swatch bluntly spoke, receiving a confused head tilt from Spamton. "...Will you be alright?"

The Addison looked back down, he was calmer than before and slowly got up, still holding on to the door frame, he looked at the bathtub in front of him. It was both inviting and terrifying at the same time. It's just a bubble bath, he told himself. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but quickly closed it in fear that his glitch would make him say something ridiculous again. Instead, he just gave Swatch a nod, getting them to smile at him.

"Very well. I will return shortly, please do not hesitate to call if you require any assistance..."

"A-Ah.,. [[Thank you for your servi—" Spamton shook his head, slapping it before he tried to speak again "TH-TH4NK YOU! I THINK I CAN [[Handle it from here]] !"

This got Swatch to give them a concerned look, but as Spamton finally got the strength to leave the wooden frame, the bird reached to close the door, leaving it ajar. "Alright. As I said, you may leave your clothes by the door, I will return for them shortly."

"Y-YES YES, NO PEEK1NG!" He spoke, his tone visibly flustered but as he heard Swatch letting out a chuckle from the other side, Spamton couldn't help but flush. But there was no point in focusing on that now.

As the warm tub stood in front of him, he knew he had a new enemy to face.

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